Journey / Norman 1983 Pre FM Master / 2CD+1 Bonus Single DVDR

Journey / Norman 1983 Pre FM Master / 2CD+1 Bonus Single DVDR / ZION
Translated Text:

Live at Lloyd Noble Arena, Norman, Oklahoma, USA 21st July 1983 STEREO SBD(UPGRADE) * Pitch Adjusted& noiseless version Westwood One Pre-FM Recording plus Bonus DVDR “ROCK SPECIAL ’83” NTSC

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On behalf of the golden “FRONTIERS TOUR”, the large staple live album, which is said to be “the strongest and the highest in the history of JOURNEY” has revived with the quality to update the highest peak ever. It is contained in one of “the strongest and the highest”, “Norman performance on July 21, 1983”. This show is radio broadcast, it is a large standard in the classic that has produced countless sound board albums since ancient times.
Anyway, super / superb stereo soundboard tells the true price of golden age. About 2 years ago even the news that the news “The official release as ‘THE FRONTIERS TOUR’ finally flies!」 Is also a famous super-famous sound source (in fact it was a foreign-made boot leg and it was a toho content that is an incomplete version) . Many people from all over the world have been pursuing a “top board” just like that standard. Which board is the longest, Genes is the youngest … …. This work is one that puts an end to such history.
To tell the truth, “Searching for the vertex of Norman ’83” among maniacs all over the world has been thought to have settled a few years ago. The conclusion is “pre-FM transcription LP dropping”. It is a sound source that has been delivered at our gift CDR. It is its quality and many, it is a sound with a different dimension from the existing air check, there is neither degradation of Gene nor radio noise, it is tolerate even aged deterioration due to an unused analog board, literally the ultimate 1 It was a book.
However, the desire of maniac still has not finished yet. It was not “JOURNEY itself in 1983”, though it had accurately delivered “the broadcast itself of 1983” to such an extent that it could not be done anymore. The cause is pitch and noise. This pitch problem is not “well understood if you listen” level. The semitone was also misaligned. Of course, anyone will notice it if the whole story is going crazy, but it is not so troubling. What is incomprehensible, only four songs in the middle of the show, “No More Lies”, “Back Talk”, “Edge Of The Blade” and one final song “Keep On Runnin ‘” were semitones high. Furthermore, the nuances of the sound quality of these four songs are different from others, and the momentary noise called “puff” was also misunderstood. This is speculation flowing between mania, probably because these four songs have replaced the broadcasting station with other performances in some circumstances. In particular, this Norman performance is a three day continuous performance of “July 19”, “July 20”, “July 21” at the same venue, and it is said that these four songs are recordings for two other days There is.

It totally preliminarily took longer, but it is this work which thoroughly corrected those drawbacks. Align 4 songs that are half notes high just, carefully removing noise one by one. At the same time, (?) Scratches and noises of analog raising that remained very slightly in other songs are also beautiful cleanly removed, realizing a beautiful “ringing” without scratches. Instead of “1983 broadcasting”, it reproduced exactly “the 1983 performance” itself.
What a wonderful thing of the historical supernumeric recording that has been revived in this way! Anyway, it is a great heyday during the heyday “FRONTIERS TOUR”. “INFINITY” “Wheel In The Sky” “Lights”, “DEPARTURE” “Line Of Fire” “Any Way You Want It”, SCHON & HAMMER “No More Lies” such as famous songs are delicious The overwhelming thing is the large board that seven songs from each of the 10 songs of the famous boards “ESCAPE” and “FRONTIERS”. Of course, there was also a complete reproduction of the world ‘s first performance in this year’ s performance, but the flow which tends to be strangely in such “planning” is also quite natural in this work (after all, it can not burn out if “Separate Ways” is middle stage) You know. We cut down what we are going to seek for perfection as a “show”, and then the luxury which has chosen the super masterpieces luxuriously on it seems to shine.
And the overwhelming live itself is more than such a set list. Anyway, it bursts on the stage as it is with the band’s potential of five people who created the superstar “ESCAPE” “FRONTIERS”. Young passion 34 years ago and flashing super nameless as it is. Originally it is an intensely clever band, but there is no bad husband because the momentum of “You are sweeping the whole world right now! Especially Steve Perry, 34 years old, also has a lot of fat and it makes me feel the best singing voice of the rock world.

It is the decision board of the historical sound board / album which was perfectly finished, corrected even the pitch and noise which the original broadcasting station had done. Its contents are “ESCAPE” “FRONTIERS” live version, it is even worth the same as two super-name boards anymore. Absolute board of such live album. We will contain it in a press CD that will not lose its radiance forever and will deliver it to you at this weekend.

黄金の“FRONTIERS TOUR”を代表し、「JOURNEY史上、最強・最高」と謳われる大定番ライヴアルバムが史上最高峰を更新するクオリティで蘇りました。その“最強・最高”の1本に収められているのは、「1983年7月21日ノーマン公演」。このショウはラジオ放送され、古くから無数のサウンドボード・アルバムを生み出してきた定番中の大定番です。
何しろ、黄金期の真価を伝える超・極上ステレオ・サウンドボード。2年ほど前にも「遂に『THE FRONTIERS TOUR』として公式リリース!」というニュースも飛び交ったほどの超有名音源です(実際には海外製ブートレッグで、しかも不完全版というトホホな内容でした)。それほどの定番だけに、世界中のマニアが“頂点盤”を追い求めてもきました。どの盤が最長か、ジェネが最も若いのか……。本作は、そんな歴史に終止符を打つ1本なのです。
しかし、マニアの欲望はそれでもまだ終わらなかった。これ以上はあり得ないほど“1983年の放送そのもの”を正確に届けてくれてはいたものの、“1983年のJOURNEYそのもの”ではなかったのです。その原因とはピッチとノイズ。このピッチ問題は「よーく聞くと分かるかも」レベルではありません。なんと半音もズレていた。もちろん、全編が狂いまくっていたら誰でも気づくのですが、そうではないから困ったもの。なんとも不可解なことに、ショウ中盤の3曲「No More Lies」「Back Talk」「Edge Of The Blade」と、終盤の1曲「Keep On Runnin’」の計4曲だけが半音高かった。さらに、この4曲は音質のニュアンスも他と異なっており、瞬間的な“プッ”としいうノイズも紛れていたのです。これはマニア間に流れる憶測ですが、恐らくこの4曲はなんらかの事情で放送局が他公演に差し替えたのではないでしょうか。特に、このノーマン公演は同会場で「7月19日」「7月20日」「7月21日」の3日連続公演であり、この4曲は他2日間の録音ではないかと言われているのです。

こうして蘇った歴史的超名録音の、なんと素晴らしい事! 何しろ、全盛期中の大全盛期たる“FRONTIERS TOUR”。『INFINITY』の「Wheel In The Sky」「Lights」、『DEPARTURE』の「Line Of Fire」「Any Way You Want It」、SCHON & HAMMERの「No More Lies」といった名曲群も美味しいですが、それ以上に圧倒的なのが名盤『ESCAPE』『FRONTIERS』の各10曲から7曲ずつという大盤振る舞い。もちろん、今年の来日公演では世界初となる完全再現もありましたが、そうした“企画”では妙になりがちな流れも、本作では極めて自然(やっぱり「Separate Ways」が中盤だと燃え切れませんよね)。“ショウ”としての完成度を求めて削るものは削り、その上で超名曲を贅沢に選び抜いた豪華さは輝くようです。


Disc 1 (42:01)
1. DJ Intro. 2. Chain Reaction 3. Wheel In The Sky 4. Line Of Fire 5. Send Her My Love
6. Still They Ride 7. Open Arms 8. No More Lies 9. Back Talk 10. Edge Of The Blade
11. Rubicon 12. Drums Solo

Disc 2 (39:48)
1. Escape 2. Faithfully 3. Who’s Crying Now 4. Don’t Stop Believin’ 5. Stone In Love
6. Keep On Runnin’7. Lights 8. Any Way You Want It 9. Separate Ways (World’s Apart)


Steve Perry – Lead Vocals Neal Schon – Guitar, Vocals Jonathan Cain – Keyboards, Vocals
Ross Valory – Bass, Vocals Steve Smith – Drums


Journey / Rock Special 83 / 1 Bonus Single DVDR / Non Label
Translated Text:
Broadcast in Japan 1983

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The main press 2CD “NORMAN 1983: PRE-FM MASTER” was also the best radio broadcast during the “FRONTIERS” era. To that bonus, I will give you a TV special number that conveys the smell of “1983” that smells.
This work is a direct DVD made into the master that domestic recording maniacs had treasured. What is intensely above all is its quality. Coremania recorded with high end equipment of the time, master freshness which (probably) has never reproduced is overwhelming. It’s an air check at the time, so it’s a normal place to open analog feeling, but its brilliant visual beauty is beautiful even with the current sense of digital prime. Honest talk, “Who’s Crying Now” comes with noise of several seconds of zero comma, so it can not be said that “there is no white line noise”, but if you return the opposite, there is no degradation or no noise at all. Is that the laser disk? Is it a grandmaster of a broadcasting station? The dimension. A mania with sexuality in any era is amazing …… It’s quality that makes us look a little more once again.
It is already the highest “1983 JOURNEY” drawn with its visual beauty! It is not “highest” but “highest”. The program consists of three song clips “Separate Ways”, “Any Way You Want It”, “Faithfully” and interviews of members and staff are interleaved between moments while flowing 6 songs + α minutes. From the clip of “Separate Ways” pasted the keyboard on the wall, I was furiously nostalgic (again, the degree of agglutination where the beat is perfectly matched with the pace of the actress), the valuable pro shot live of the great heyday is also wonderful. And editing of the program that connects them is also fascinating. To be honest, the comments of the interview are wonderful and not a big deal (Steve Smith begins sightseeing guidance in Chicago for some reason why …) but it is exquisitely combined with the music, It creates.
Especially the great thing is “Faithfully”. In the last interview, staff members and members exhilarated loneliness of tour living and family passages. Jonathan Caine says, “Sometimes I can not see a wife for three weeks, something like” Why did not you give me a call? “” It was like being in an airplane. “” When I finally met at the hotel, I was singing I gave him a gift “, but the moving intros of” Faithfully “flows out there. That lyric says “Family members and flowers say family,” “Love with Bandman is disappointing …”. Because this work is a Japanese program, Japanese subtitles are attached to both interviews and lyrics, and its contents sticks to my chest in vivit. Moreover! This “Faithfully” clip is a proprietary version of the program. The off-stage in Japan and the setting scene of Nippon Budokan are featured, and it is preeminent to its sense. A light is lit on the octagonal ceiling of the Budokan in accordance with the excitement of the song, and the Shinkansen slides into the home with a tremorous guitar oblique. The singing voice of “You need a clown to make a smile” is riding on the figure that the members came out from there. Perhaps it is a scene that has only been seen at this moment in this program even in a long history, but it is too moving too much. The thought of the staff of broadcasting stations without the name of those days revive over time.
In addition, this work gives a smile as well as impression. The TV commercial at that time was also recorded with uncut, but this is a “1983” odor which seems to be overwhelmed anymore. People in ‘Chomechomee’ advertise mosquito repair mats, Kei Hunter’s setting mum is eating curry, it is actually a scene of “sculpture forest!?” Wow …. This ferocious era feeling · life odor. Young JOURNEY ‘s appearance and the lives of my own lives at the time are CM.
Of course, such commercials and edits are just minor stories. The music of JOURNEY of main road is wonderful, especially the live shot of 6 songs + α is valuable on top of the finest. It was chosen from three pictures “1978 Chicago”, “Welfare Pension Center of 1981” “Auckland of 1982”, and none of them are seen in the official DVD “GREATEST HITS 1978-1997” (here a bit Especially in 1978 Chicago’s “Blues Session” shocked even in a grazing feeling Neil Sean co-starred with bluesman, but its lineup is amazing.While Albert King who has a lot of rock collaboration aside, Luster Mr. Band’s Jerry · Port Noi & Pine Top · Perkins, which is an astonishing fabric, it is the lure of the guitar backed by it, what a Luther · Alison! When speaking of Luther of 1978, just before finding a way to Europe, , Luther of a large adversity era where even the club appearance can not be seen is to be seen in the pro shot … … I think that many people do not come ring a bell, but in fact this is also’s a great treasure).

Such blues man is only an aside. This work is thoroughly JOURNEY. Their appearance during the great heyday, the air of Japan that greeted it is one blown out. Only because Japanese, interesting, and pleased, approaching the chest. If there is no this work, a large masterpiece of Japan program would not have again to see the light of day. Together with the main press 2CD, please enjoy that wonderful “1983” to fully.

本編プレス2CD『NORMAN 1983: PRE-FM MASTER』は、『FRONTIERS』時代最高のラジオ放送でもありました。そのボーナスには、匂い立つ“1983年”の薫りを伝えるテレビ特番をお贈りします。
本作は、国内の録画マニアが秘蔵していたマスターをダイレクトにDVD化したもの。何よりも強烈なのは、そのクオリティ。コアマニアが当時のハイエンド機材で録画し、(恐らくは)一度も再生していないであろうマスター鮮度が圧倒的。当時のエアチェックですからアナログ感全開でも普通のところなのですが、その鮮やかな映像美はデジタル全盛の今の感覚でも見目麗しい。正直な話、「Who’s Crying Now」にゼロコンマ数秒のノイズが入るために「白線ノイズ1本ない」とは言えないものの、逆を返せばそれ以外に劣化もノイズも一切なし。それこそ、レーザーディスクか?放送局の大元マスターか?という次元。いつの時代も性根の入ったマニアは凄い……改めてまざまざと見せつけられるようなクオリティなのです。
その映像美で描かれる“1983年のJOURNEY”がもう最っ高! 「最高」ではなく「最っ高」です。番組は3曲のクリップ「Separate Ways」「Any Way You Want It」「Faithfully」と、6曲+α分のライヴを流しつつ、合間合間にメンバーやスタッフのインタビューが挟み込まれる構成。壁にキーボードを貼り付けた「Separate Ways」のクリップからして猛烈に懐かしく(改めて見ると女優の歩調とビートが完全一致する凝り具合も凄まじい)、大全盛期の貴重なプロショット・ライヴも素晴らしい。そして、それらを繋ぐ番組自体の編集までもが凝りっ凝りなのです。正直なところ、インタビューのコメントは有り体で大したことない(スティーヴ・スミスがなぜかシカゴの観光案内を始める……)のですが、それが音楽と絶妙に組合わされ、得も言われぬ感動まで生み出すのです。
特に凄いのは「Faithfully」。直前のインタビューでスタッフやメンバーがツアー生活の孤独や家族へのすれ違いを吐露。ジョナサン・ケインが「女房に3週間会えないこともあるんだ。『なんで電話くれなかったの?』『飛行機の中だったんだ』みたいな調子さ」「やっとホテルで会えた時、僕は歌をプレゼントしたんだ」と語るのですが、そこへ「Faithfully」の感動的なイントロが流れ出す。その歌詞は「流れ者に家族なんてと人は言う」「バンドマンとの恋は失望ばかりだろ」……。本作は日本の番組なので、インタビューにも歌詞にも日本語字幕が付き、その内容がビビッドに胸に突き刺さるのです。しかも! この「Faithfully」のクリップは番組の独自版。日本でのオフステージや日本武道館の設営シーンがフィーチュアされており、そのセンスまでバツグン。曲の盛り上がりに合わせて武道館の八角形の天井に灯が灯り、心震えるギターのオブリと共に新幹線がホームに滑り込む。そこから出てきたメンバーの戯けた姿に乗るのは、「笑顔をつくる道化師だって必要さ」の歌声……。恐らく、長い歴史でもこの番組のこの瞬間にしか世に出ていない光景なのでしょうが、あまりにもあまりにも感動的な仕上がり。当時の名もない放送局スタッフの想いが時代を超えて蘇るのです。
もちろん、そんなCMも編集も小ネタに過ぎない。本道のJOURNEYの音楽こそが素晴らしく、特に6曲+αのライヴショットは極上の上に貴重。「1978年シカゴ」「1981年の厚生年金会館」「1982年オークランド」の3つの映像からチョイスされており、いずれも公式DVD『GREATEST HITS 1978-1997』でも見られないものばかりです(ここでちょっと余談を挟ませてください。特に1978年シカゴの「Blues Session」は畑違い感覚でも衝撃。ニール・ショーンがブルースマンと共演するのですが、そのラインナップが凄い。ロック共演の多いアルバート・キングはさておき、後期マディ・バンドのジェリー・ポートノイ&パイントップ・パーキンスという渋い布陣。それをバックにギターをかきむしるのは、なんとルーサー・アリスン! 1978年のルーサーと言えば、欧州へ活路を見出す直前。録音はおろか、クラブ出演さえもままならない大逆境時代のルーサーがプロショットで観られようとは……。あまりピンと来ない方も多いとは思いますが、実はこれも凄いお宝なのです)。


1. Introduction 2. CM 3. Separate Ways (Promo Clip) 4. Interview (Neil Schon)
5. Don’t Stop Believin’ (Koseinenkin Kaikan, Tokyo 31st July 1981)
6. Open Arms (Day On The Green, Oakland 26th June 1982)
7. CM 8. Interview (Steve Perry) 9. Any Way You Want It (Promo Clip)
10. Interview (Neil Schon) 11. Blues Session with Neal Schon, Albert King, Luther Allison, Jerry Portnoy, Gregg Rolie, Pinetop Perkins (Chicago 1978)
12. Soundcheck / Interview (John Griswold (guitar tech.), Kevin Elson (Sound Engineer) & Steve Smith) (Budokan 1st March 1983)
13. Lights (Koseinenkin Kaikan, Tokyo 31st July 1981)
14. Interview (Kenny Mednick (Lightning Design), Ross Vallory, Jonathan Cain)
15. Faithfully (Promo Clip, Stage set up at Budokan 1983, Off stage)
16. CM 17. Lovin’, Touchin’, Squeezin’ (Koseinenkin Kaikan, Tokyo 31st July 1981)
18. Interview (Neil Schon) 19. Who’s Crying Now (Day On The Green, Oakland 26th June 1982)
20. Interview (Jonathan Cain) 21. Separate Ways (Day On The Green, Oakland 26th June 1982)


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