Journey / Budokan 2017 2nd Night / 2CD

Journey / Budokan 2017 2nd Night / 2CD / ZION
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Live at Budokan, Tokyo, Japan 7th February 2017

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“February 7, 2017: Nippon Budokan”. On this day, as long as humanity does not forget the band called JOURNEY, it will be forever handed down. This work is a record of the peak of that historical night. It is the biggest attention board, and the eyeball album in the eyeball appears in press 2CD.
Why is that a decisive overnight. You already understand (laugh). On this day, the world premiere that fully reproduced 2 famous titles “ESCAPE” “FRONTIERS” on stage. This work is a live album that completely recorded its historical night. First of all, in order to record the tonight where this monument album is released, let’s organize the top line work up to the present on a schedule.

· February 1st: Osakajo Hall “OSAKA 2017”
· February 2: Aichi Gymnasium
· February 4th: Xebio Arena Sendai “SENDAI 2017”
· February 6: Nippon Budokan “BUDOKAN 2017 1ST NIGHT”
· February 7: Nippon Budokan 【this work】

This is the 5 performances of the Japan Tour in 2017. (Except for Nagoya Performance) Vertical recording was confirmed and it became possible to see through the press album. It is JOURNEY who shook the archipelago on a two-day weekly schedule of five shows in seven days, but most of them are usually the best songs selected. It was only “February 7” to reproduce the name board. Usually, regardless of any band, the latest recordings to Japan will often be heard for the preservation of the memories of “live that I saw”. However, this work is not so, it is one that gathers the greatest attention that can not be ignored even for those who did not go even once.
Just like a historical night, recording men who remember in the arms gathered in the Budokan on this day. Recordings “I am Welcome!” Are appearing one after another. In our shop, we reported the fastest as a part of the 4 CDR “LIVE BUDOKAN 2017 (Uxbridge 641)”, and received great popularity as “It’s not only fast!” “It’s already finest.” However, the vertex is definitely the person of this work. That quality is a gem that is suitable for the crown of the apex. Evidence of audience recording is inscribed in raw cheering, but the musical note is detailed and direct in detail. It is supposed to be a spatial recording of Nippon Budokan, but it is a beautiful sound world that is suitable for calling as “a sound board”. Riku is overcome until one cutting of the guitar carved in riff, the rhythm corps is outline Vivid so that you can see the skima of one note one note. Arnell · Pineda’s vocals and shiny sparkling Jonathan Cain’s synths are recorded vividly enough to think that “This is not a line?”
On the sound side, “When is Tour No.1?”, It is where I get lost as “SENDAI 2017 (ZION – 105)” or this work … but the content can not be hesitated. Anyway, this work is a complete reproduced masterpiece of only one. That too special set list can not be tasted with any other live album. I think that there are also those who say “There is too much ahead in seeing the album reproduction …”, but since this work is not just a reproducing concert, it is wonderful. As I mentioned earlier, this day is the world’s first challenge of album reproduction. Moreover, it is scheduled until the first broadcast. The spirit put in there is different from the reproduction shoes of Sonja. On top of that, this work seems to be dismayed even by the audience recording unique “feeling” feeling. If you write like this, you might imagine a cheering cheer, but that is not the case. I fully understand the audience in this reproduction, and it is soaked for one song, one instantly and instantly drunk. The cheers gathering among the songs celebrate the bands challenging the challenge, the voices of chorusing rabbits make them feel even “pride” in the historic night. It is a live album that you can immerse your whole body in the sense of “to stand inside” though it is sound of line recording class as it has repeated.
I think that you can understand the essence of this work anymore, but once you add it for the record, this work has some fun. First, guest singer: Travis Thibodor. Mysterious support, whose key background is unknown and is not called even by member introduction · Keyboardist & singer. Of course, it’s just a mystery, so it will be passed through, but depending on the song it’s a powerful knot and a lead, and everywhere is being talked about “who is that !?!?” His turn comes like this, it is increasing in this work. In other performances I was singing “Chain Reaction”, but in the reproduction night we will show off a tremendous knot with three songs “Lay It Down”, “After The Fall” and “Frontiers” (instead “Chain Reaction” · It is version.
Another fun is “Troubled Child”. “FRONTIERS” It is a huge attention just to be the world premiere that was played for perfect reproduction, but I will be touched only at the beginning of such first live show. The band immediately interrupts and plays again from the beginning, but the tension feeling unique to the premiere spreads even in such a scene. I do not know if the broadcast scheduled at a later date will remain, but this is also the real truth of “historical overnight”.

Just a historical “reproduction night”. I do not know if they will try again in the future, but at the moment it is the one and only night. It is a masterpiece of a live album that can be experienced “plentifully” with the sound of the top seats present at the scene. There is only one in this world 100% full-length album full-length album. We will deliver it to you at hand over this weekend.


・2月1日:大阪城ホール『OSAKA 2017』
・2月4日:ゼビオアリーナ仙台『SENDAI 2017』
・2月6日:日本武道館『BUDOKAN 2017 1ST NIGHT』
・2月7日:日本武道館 【本作】

それほどの歴史的夜なだけに、この日の武道館には腕に覚えのある録音家が集結。「我こそは!」という録音が続々と登場しています。当店でも、4枚組CDR『LIVE BUDOKAN 2017(Uxbridge 641)』の一部として最速レポートし、「速いだけじゃない!」「もう極上じゃん」と大好評を頂きました。しかし、頂点は間違いなく本作の方なのです。そのクオリティは、頂点の冠に相応しい逸品。生々しい声援にオーディエンス録音の証拠が刻まれていますが、その楽音は骨太で詳細でダイレクト。日本武道館の空間録音であるはずなのですが、「まるでサウンドボード」と呼ぶに相応しい見目麗しい音世界なのです。リフで刻まれるギターの1カッティングまで克明で、リズム隊は1音1音のスキマが見えるほどに輪郭ビビッド。アーネル・ピネダのヴォーカルも、キラキラ輝くジョナサン・ケインのシンセも「これがラインじゃない?」と思ってしまうほどに鮮やかに記録されているのです。
サウンド面では「ツアーNo.1はどれか?」となると『SENDAI 2017(ZION-105)』か、本作か……と迷うところですが、内容は迷いようがない。何しろ、本作は唯一無二の名盤完全再現。その特別すぎるセットリストは、他のいかなるライヴアルバムでも味わえないもの。「アルバム再現は先が見えすぎてシラける……」という方もいらっしゃると思いますが、本作はただの再現コンサートでもないから素晴らしい。先述もしましたが、この日はアルバム再現の世界初チャレンジ。しかも、一発目にして放送まで予定されている。そこに込められた気迫は、そんじょそこらの再現ショウとはわけが違うのです。その上に来て、本作はオーディエンス録音ならではの“その場にいる”感までもがむせ返るよう。こう書くと喚き散らす声援をイメージされるかも知れませんが、そうではありません。この再現は観客も十二分に承知しており、その1曲1曲、一瞬一瞬に酔いしれながら浸りきっている。曲間で湧く喝采は挑戦に挑むバンドを讃え、サビを唱和する声は歴史的な夜に立ち会っている“誇り”さえ感じさせるほど。繰り返してきたようにライン録音級のサウンドでありながら、“その中に立つ”感覚に全身を浸せるライヴアルバムなのです。
もう本作の本質はご理解いただけたと思いますが、一応記録のために付記しますと、本作はちょっとしたお楽しみもある。まず、ゲストシンガー:トラヴィス・ティボドー。経歴不明でメンバー紹介でもコールされない謎のサポート・キーボーディスト&シンガー。もちろん、ただ謎なだけなからスルーされるわけですが、曲によっては強力なノドでリードも執り、各地で「あいつは誰だ!?!?」と話題になっているのです。そんな彼の出番が、本作では増量。他公演では「Chain Reaction」を歌っていましたが、再現ナイトでは「Lay It Down」「After The Fall」「Frontiers」の3曲で凄まじいノドを披露するのです(その代わり「Chain Reaction」はアーネル・バージョンです)。
もう1つのお楽しみは「Troubled Child」。『FRONTIERS』完全再現のために演奏された全世界初演なだけでも大注目なのですが、そんな初めての生披露だけに冒頭でトチってしまう。バンドはすぐさま中断して改めて最初から演奏し直すのですが、こんなシーンにも初演ならではの緊張感が滲む。後日予定されている放送でも残るかどうか分かりませんが、これもまた“歴史的一夜”のリアルな真実なのです。

Disc 1 (64:20)
1. New Intro (Walk on in the Dark) 2. Don’t Stop Believin’ 3. Stone in Love 4. Who’s Crying Now
5. Keep on Runnin’ 6. Still They Ride 7. Escape 8. Lay It Down 9. Dead or Alive
10. Guitar Solo 11. Mother, Father 12. Keyboard Solo 13. Open Arms 14. New Intro
15. Separate Ways (Worlds Apart)

Disc 2 (75:44)
1. Send Her My Love 2. Chain Reaction 3. After the Fall 4. Piano & MC Intro. 5. Faithfully
6. Edge of the Blade 7. Troubled Child 8. Drum Solo 9. Back Talk 10. Frontiers
11. Rubicon 12. La Raza del Sol 13. Lovin’, Touchin’, Squeezin’ 14. Band Introduction


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