Journey / Amercican Tour 83 Frontiers And Beyond / 1DVD

Journey / Amercican Tour 83 Frontiers And Beyond / 1DVD / Non Label
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Live at JFK Stadium, Philadelphia, PA. USA 4th June 1983 . Pro-shot


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Just “Journey”. The masterpiece road movie remaining in the rock image history revived with the highest peak quality ever. This work is a reprint of the official video “FRONTIERS …. AND BEYOND!” Released in 1984 from the Japanese version laser disc. “ESCAPE” “FRONTIERS” It is a masterpiece that you want to see because it is now approaching a perfect reproduction live.
In addition to the pro shot live of the big golden age, this work is a video work which also featured a tour documentary. In the past, I also got rumors of making the official DVD, but it has been neglected for more than 10 years now that it has gone out. In this work, out of the laser disks released only in Japan, we used a mint quality board that Coremania had treasured, entrusted to a specialized manufacturer overseas and made it DVD with the highest quality ever.
The biggest point of such a work is a trip sensation that will be on the road with golden age JOURNEY. In the second half, you can see the live show “June 4, 1983 JFK Stadium Performance” which became a highlight of the national tour, but the first half is occupied by tour documentary. A masterpiece that this documentary can not taste with Sonjyosho. Band members, of course, are also focused on crews, so they can experience the entire tour life that faces the show on a different land every evening.
Crews who are boarding in seven buses and three large trailers, assembling huge sets one after the other, and testing Pyro. Each one of us is proud of having a job with JOURNEY and we enjoy the rock ‘n’ roll life we ​​travel together. At one point I push a bus stuck in the snow with members, and at times I talk about life and music in the bus. Members also respect the crew, the crew is proud of the members, “I can not stop the rock ‘n’ roll, I guess it is us to do the show, so it ‘s because we are so, so whatever you want to go,” Friends who talk. You join that group.
Of course, the journey is not only fun. In a venue it was set up in the storm, trouble with the audience also occurred in one city. For example, in one show, audience throws beer bin on stage and Neil Sean gets injured. While Steve Perry is getting angry with the audience, a noisy scenery in the console room is displayed. Let’s export the conversation of that scene for a moment.

Staff A “The stage is tough! Neil is done … Beerbin is in Neal!”
Perry “Take this here with a camera, everyone is coming to the party, disgusting people go up here, please go out if you do not care! I do not know who they are but come out!”
Staff A “Perry is a cancan”
Staff B “Stage is saying that Neil will continue”
Staff A “Neil’s face full of blood … There, over there, around my ear … almost blood on the bones … ….”

In such a tense mood, Neil plays “Here To Stay” singing while shedding blood. The staff is also excited, “Wow, Neil is terrible! Please go!” And give an applause. There are many troubles and scenes left in the history of rock and roll, but there is no other picture that makes the back of the scene and makes the team feel unity. This work is an image that you can witness on the scene.
Although legendary crews known only to the industry people and staff not trying to get off work even if they fold their arms, of course the leading role is JOURNEY. Episodes where Jonathan Kane wrote “Faithfully” from tour life, plenty of Moodmaker of Steve Smith and Ross Valorie. Because it is a fan of JOURNEY, it is a picture that can be immersed in the sense of becoming “one person”.
Then, waiting for the place where I continued my journey is a big show at the JFK stadium. It is the biggest concert to the big crowd of 90,000 people. Although live playing plenty of “ESCAPE” “FRONTIERS” big hit songs can be seen with the highest quality, here again it is a bit different from ordinary live video. Along with the members’ enthusiasm, the appearance of the underworld crews moving the show is also caught. A crew to support the directing, a crew that hands instruments with sleeves on the stage, a crew sleeping on a pillow with a gum tape in the corridor and stairs. Of course, playing is the protagonist, but because it has provided us with a trip so far, famous songs can be heard with a different radiance than usual.

In our band, rock was what we looked at for albums and live shows. But the life of the musician is at the road. Everyday they clash with band members and crews, sometimes cooperate and create shows. It is a masterpiece movie that is not two and closest to that day.
That’s why Road Movie is JOURNEY of the great prime. From this work 34 years, JOURNEY will come again. It is the best to just immerse yourself in a masterpiece group without inattentiveness, but one piece that deeply emphasizes that feeling in my heart. Official work which can go out with a masterpiece along with them. That ‘s the highest peak image ever. It is a masterpiece of rock image that I want to taste because it is now. We will deliver it to you at hand over this weekend.
まさに“JOURNEY(旅路)”。ロック映像史に残る傑作ロードムービーが史上最高峰クオリティで蘇りました。本作は、1984年にリリースされたオフィシャル映像『FRONTIERS….AND BEYOND!』を日本盤レーザーディスクから復刻したもの。『ESCAPE』『FRONTIERS』完全再現ライヴも迫る今だからこそご覧頂きたい大傑作です。
7台のバスと3台の大型トレーラーに分乗し、行く先々で巨大なセットを組み上げ、パイロのテストをするクルーたち。その1人ひとりがJOURNEYと仕事することに誇りを持ち、一緒に旅するロックンロール生活を満喫している。ある時は雪の中で立ち往生したバスをメンバーと一緒に押し、ある時はバスの中で人生と音楽観を語り合う。メンバーもクルーを尊敬し、クルーはメンバーを誇りに想い、「ロックンロールはとめられないんだ。いいか、ショウをやるのは俺たちなんだ。そうだろ? だから何が何でも行くんだ」と語る仲間たち。その仲間に加われるのです。

ペリー「ここをカメラで撮ってくれよ。みんな楽しみに来ているんだ。嫌な者はここへ上がってこい。さもなきゃ出て行け! 誰だか知らないが出てこい!!」

こうした緊迫したムードの中、ニールは血を流しながら「Here To Stay」を弾き、歌う。スタッフも興奮しながら「わぉ! ニールは凄ぇ。行け!」と喝采を贈るのです。ロックンロール史には幾多のトラブル・シーンが残されていますが、その裏側まで描き出し、チームの結束を感じさせてくれる映像は他に類を見ない。本作は、その現場に立ち会える映像なのです。


1. Introduction 2. Don’t Stop Believin’ 3. Behind the Scenes #1 4. Behind the Scenes #2
5. Behind the Scenes #3 6. Behind the Scenes #4 7. Behind the Scenes #5
8. Behind the Scenes #6 9. Behind the Scenes #7 10. Behind the Scenes #8
11. Behind the Scenes #9 12. Behind the Scenes #10 13. Behind the Scenes #11
14. Behind the Scenes #12

Live at JFK Stadium, Philadelphia, PA. USA 4th June 1983

15. Chain Reaction 16. Wheel In The Sky 17. Still They Ride 18. Open Arms 19. Send Her My Love
20. Stone In Love 21. Escape 22. Separate Ways 23. After The Fall 24. Keep On Runnin’
25. Faithfully (Music Video) 26. Ending

PRO-SHOT COLOUR NTSC Approx. 109min.

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