Journey / Frontiers In Washington 1983 / 2CDR

Journey / Frontiers In Washington 1983 / 2CDR / Breakdown

Translated Text:

Live At Tacoma Dome, Tacoma, Washington August 19th 1983. Audience

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From the 83 year frontier tour which should be called the journey ‘s Golden Age, August 19 Washington – Tacoma Performance first appeared as a complete set of 2 high – quality audience recording mastery recordings!

At the center of the big hit / number from the 70’s, the tracks from the album “Frontiers”, the solo part of each member, the long intro of “After the Fall” etc. The rare attention · Live sound source! !



01. Elmo’s Theme (Opening)/02. Chain Reaction/03. Wheel In The Sky/04. Line Of Fire/05. Send Her My Love/06. Still They Ride/07. Open Arms/08. No More Lies/09. Jonathan Cain Keyboard Solo/10. Rubicon/11. Steve Smith Drum Solo/12. Escape/13. After The Fall (Long Intro)/14. After The Fall

01. Faithfully/02. Jonathan Cain Keyboard Solo/03. Who’s Crying Now/04. Don’t Stop Believin’/05. Neal Schon Guitar Solo/06. Stone In Love/07. Keep On Runnin’/08. Lights/09. Any Way You Want It/10. Separate Ways (Worlds Apart)/11. Elmo’s Theme (Closing)

Live At Tacoma Dome, Tacoma, Washington August 19th 1983

Breakdown -711A/B


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