Journey / Budokan 2013 / 2CD

Journey / Budokan 2013 / 2CD / Zion
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Live at Budokan, Tokyo, Japan 11th March 2013 STEREO SBD

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A stereo sound board album that explores the finest appearance. It is the second time for Arnell · Pineda to visit Japan, which is included in this work for their memorable 10th time. “March 11, 2013: Nippon Budokan Performance” is. They came to Japan this year and did a Japanese Budokan performance, but this work was four years ago. First of all, let’s check the position on schedule.

· March 11: Nippon Budokan 【this work】
· March 12: Grand Cube Osaka
· March 14: Hiroshima Cultural Academy HBG Hall
· March 15th: Nagoya City Auditorium
· March 17: Kanazawa Opera

Over all, five performances. This year’s Nippon Budokan was arranged at the tour finals, but it was the first day 4 years ago. This show was also broadcast on a certain satellite broadcast, but this work is special even among them. Actually, it is a master brought from the same route as SADE’s “PROMISE IN TOKYO (Wardour-194)” that super masterpiece. The sound board board which appeared from this route is the third one in this work. Clapton ‘s recently “BUDOKAN 2009 5 TH NIGHT (Tricone 159/160)” just received great popularity, but this work also arrived at the same time.
That quality can no longer be described as “transcendental”. Of course, because it is a sound board which was broadcasted in digital in recent years, Vivid & Clear & Official grade is natural. On top of that, rich “middle ring” sounds are beautiful in this work. Although it was felt strangely as a flat plate when watching on the television broadcasting, the “three-dimensional feeling and presence” is felt in “sound grain” flowing out of this work. One note of Has which is essentially only a wave of sound. It rises, it rings richly and disappears …… This series of flows is felt as a three-dimensional, “grain” of changing polka dots. And the notes with the presence of that grain can be skimmed. Each one of them collides with you and gets scattered.
Moreover, the dance of that sound occurs in all instruments. Examination of a beautiful piano, Tencho Round guitar, a rhythm that strongly supports the melody, expressive singing voice … … Well, it is “a sound that draws a spectacle” like a fireworks shining in the night sky. Although I wrote “Official grade” easily in the past, the sound so far is not so even in the official version. Officially there are sounds good or bad with Official Criteria, but this work is definitely a “famous grade” by official standards.
What is drawn with such a “transcendental” sound is the glittering golden super masterpiece superstitious Great Test Hits. In this year ‘s visit to Japan I got it at “First Day = Best Hit + Day 2 = Reproduction of a Great Board”, but this work is similar to the best set of this year. Six of 20 songs were different sets. Among them, the numbers of “ESCAPE” and “FRONTIERS” were played in a masterpiece reproduction night, but “Stay Awhile” of “EVOLUTION” “Just The Same Way” and “DEPARTURE” is only in 2013. In addition, the listener is Ernell Pineda. It is only four years ago, but four years. I am in good condition better than this year, and I will add more circles and listen to the splendid singing.

JOURNEY who showed the dreadfulness of super masterpieces rush this year too. This golden hit parade is a masterpiece of the live album that I drew with my own super super and super stereo sound board. Of course, it is natural that it is only superior to the sound board for broadcasting in recent years, but it is a vertex work that exceeds one more thin skin. “TOPPEN” That’s why I put it in a permanent preservation press 2CD.

★ That Sade – The decision board brought from the same broadcast master / route as “PROMISE IN TOKYO”, Eric Clapton “BUDOKAN 2009 5 TH NIGHT”. The main board is also recorded with equalization and re-mastering words and the highest sound quality of another dimension. Awesome sound quality! It is!

・3月11日:日本武道館  【本作】

以上、全5公演。今年の日本武道館はツアーファイナルに配されていましたが、4年前は初日でした。このショウは某衛星放送でも放送されたのですが、その中でも本作は特別。実は、あの超傑作であるSADEの『PROMISE IN TOKYO(Wardour-194)』と同じルートからもたらされたマスターなのです。このルートから登場したサウンドボード盤は本作で3本目。先日もクラプトンの『BUDOKAN 2009 5TH NIGHT(Tricone 159/160)』が大好評を賜ったばかりですが、本作も同時に到着したものなのです。
そんな“超絶”なサウンドで描かれるのは、目眩く黄金の超名曲まみれのグレイテスト・ヒッツ。今年の来日では「初日=ベストヒット+2日目=名盤再現」で湧かせてくれましたが、本作は今年のベスト・セットとも似て非なるもの。20曲中6曲が異なるセットでした。そのうち『ESCAPE』や『FRONTIERS』のナンバーは名盤再現ナイトで演奏されはしましたが、『EVOLUTION』の「Just The Same Way」や『DEPARTURE』の「Stay Awhile」は2013年なればこそです。さらに、聞き物はアーネル・ピネダ。わずか4年前ではありますが、されど4年。今年よりもグッと調子が良く、更に輪をかけて見事な歌いっぷりを聴かせてくるのです。


★あのシャーデ―「PROMISE IN TOKYO」、エリック・クラプトン「BUDOKAN 2009 5TH NIGHT」と同じ放送マスター・ルートからもたらされた決定盤。本盤もまたイコライズやリマスター云々とは別次元の最高音質で収録。驚愕の音質!!

Disc 1(51:48)
1. Pre-Show 2. Introduction 3. Separate Ways (Worlds Apart) 4. Any Way You Want It
5. Ask The Lonely 6. Who’s Cryin’ Now 7. Only The Young 8. Guitar Solo 9. Stone In Love
10. Keep On Runnin’ 11. Edge Of The Blade 12. Piano Intro. 13. Faithfully 14. Lights

Disc 2(47:51)
1. Stay Awhile 2. Keyboard Solo 3. Open Arms 4. Just The Same Way 5. Escape 6. Dead Or Alive
7. Guitar Solo 8. Wheel In The Sky 9. Don’t Stop Believin’ 10. Be Good To Yourself




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