Joni Mitchell / Live From The Vault 1968 / 1CDR

Joni Mitchell / Live From The Vault 1968 / 1CDR / Vintage Masters

Translated Text:
Live At Venue Unknown 1968. Soundboard.


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Appeared more valuable “vintage Masters” high quality sound board live that has captured the fresh voice of the debut of the 1968 Joni Mitchell!

It is a sound that has been known to collectors as the “Germany ’68” live sound source, but do not miss the splendor of its contents while live recordings unspecified OJ now and not in the record at the time.

The title of the large recommended as an excellent source of initial live Joni Mitchell!




Live At Unknown Venue 1968

01. Marcie
02. Nathan La Franeer
03. Dr. Junk
04. Roses Blue
05. The Circle Game / Little Green
06. I Don’t Know Where I Stand
07. Go Tell The Drummer Man
08. Michael From Mountains



Vintage Masters. VMCDR-453

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