Joni Mitchell / The Early Years / 2CDR

Joni Mitchell / The Early Years / 2CDR / Vintage Masters

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Live And Rare Collection1965-1970. Soundboard


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Joni Mitchell’s valuable initial sound source compilation from the 60’s to 70 years appeared from VINTAGE MASTERS!

Beginning with the 65th anniversary demonstration sound source, TV show and concert at the time, precious covers such as Neil Young and John Phillips and unreleased outtakes including young young Joni Mitchell 60’s Live & · Rare collection!

ジョニ・ミッチェルの60年代から70年にかけての貴重な初期音源コンピレーションがVINTAGE MASTERSより登場!


01. Day After Day (Early 1965 Acetate)
02. Born To Take The Highway
03. Blow Away The Morning Dew (duet with Oscar Brand)/“Let’s Sing Out” TV Program, Oct 4 / broadcast Oct 14, 1965)/04. Favorite Colour
05. Me And My Uncle/“Let’s Sing Out”, Oct 4 / broadcast Oct 21, 1965
06. Just Like Me
07. Urge For Going/“Let’s Sing Out”, Oct 24, 1966 / broadcast Nov 3, 1966
08. Blue On Blue
09. Prithee Pretty Maiden (duet with Oscar Brand)/ “Let’s Sing Out”, Oct 24 / broadcast Nov 10, 1966
10. Brandy Eyes
11. Mr Blue
12. Eastern Rain live At Second Fret, Philadelphia, November 1966
13. A Melody In Your Name Live At Second Fret, Philadelphia, 1967
14. Carnival in Kenora
15. Winter Lady Live At Second Fret, Philadelphia, March 17, 1967
16. Sugar Mountain WHAT Radio, Philadelphia, May 28, 1967

01. Play Little David, Play
02. Come To The Sunshine
03. The Wizard of Is
04. Dr. Junk, The Dentist Man “White Swan” Leicester, UK, September 1967
05. Conversation (Includes unrecorded lyrics) Off The Record – Early Unrecorded Rarities 1965
06. Ballerina Valerie
07. Go Tell The Drummer Man
08. The London Bridge Song Live At Second Fret, October 12, 1967
09. The Gift Of The Magi
10. The Way It Is “Club 47” Cambridge, MA, January 1968
11. Get Together Live In Edwardsville, IL, July 17, 1969
12. Looking Out For Love Live At Troubador, Los Angeles, November 30, 1969
13. Hunter Outtake from the “Blue” album
14. All I Want (Includes unrecorded lyrics) “BBC In Concert”, London, October 9, 1970

Vintage Masters. VMCDR-498A/B

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