Jon Anderson / Lynn 2019 / 2CDR

Jon Anderson / Lynn 2019 / 2CDR / Amity

Live At Lynn Auditorium, LYnn, MA, USA 29th March 2019

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The date this has been published to date. The summer schedule has increased more than the other day, and it is finally getting serious. The phosphorus performance of this work was the concert which hits the first day of such a tour.
This work that recorded the first two shows and the first day show is an extremely refined blow off rare value. Anyway the overwhelming one is the on-core. It must be an audience recording that inhaled a real enthusiasm, but the distance between the essential performance sounds and singing voices can not be felt at all, and there is a feeling of tightness in jealousy. It’s a direct feeling that doesn’t seem to be transmitted through space very much, and that seems to be a direct connection sound board or IEMs. That should be it. This work is not a normal position or recording house. At first it is position, but this work is recording on the first floor close stage. It is also reasonable that there is no distance. Of course, the closeness of the stage is not always a good sound, but it is the arm of the recording house that can be made a special seat. In fact, it is a master that “Tapehead 2” has a high publicity called “Tapehead 2”. The recent prog series and amazing recordings have been published continuously, and the CD edition of “GARDEN ROCKS 2019” the other day was the work of this person.
Moreover, it is wonderful to the balance. If the bass is an attack sound, a vibe, and a super-clear drum, both a powerful one-synth and a single sound of a synth and a guitar, the tambourine is super-excellent. While the big band of nine people formation is horribly beautifully separated, John’s singing voice still does not give the leading role. Even though I think it’s not a vocal IEMs, it’s well-rounded over the whole. And while receiving the very thick playing sound from the front, from the back you can feel a real enthusiasm, a three-dimensional effect.
The sound is drawn with a new band re-written YES music and solo masterpieces. The scale was felt in “GARDEN ROCKS 2019”, but this time it is a full show and it is greatly expanded. This is the first report, so let’s organize the distribution of sets here.

【YES repertoire】
・ Owner of a Lonely Heart, Yours is No Disgrace, I’ve Seen All Good People, America, Starship Trooper / Solid Space, Roundabout
・ First appearance: Sweet Dreams

【Other Classics】
・ First appearance: Ocean Song, Flight of the Moorglade, To the Runner, State of Independence (JON & VANGELIS)

【Solo new song】
・ Ramalama, Makes Me Happy, WDMCF
・ First appearance: First Born Leaders, 1000 Hands (Come Up)

… and is like this. “First appearance” is a song that could not be heard in “GARDEN ROCKS 2019” (does not mean the premiere of the solo name). “OLIAS OF SUNHILLOW” number and JON & VANGELIS are all from this work, and “1000 HANDS: CHAPTER ONE” also increases. Yes, “Sweet Dreams” also appeared.
And the arrangement is great again. Unlike the YES and YES Featuring ARW, the ensemble is full of various instruments using violin, trombone, saxophone and flute. Not only new songs, but also YES numbers are sometimes brilliant, sometimes humorous, and sometimes magnificent. Of course, there is a strong rock band at its core, and it is not just sweet and sloppy. You can see the appearance that you have not yet mastered only the premiere (Yours is No Disgrace is pretty stupid), but it is a rich show that will look forward to future evolution.

The latest solo tour, featuring the new work “1000 HANDS: CHAPTER ONE”, which has been featured, as well as the classics magnificently taking advantage of solo. It is a great masterpiece of a live album where you can experience its premiere with strangely on excellent sound. YES Featuring ARW also wanted to hear in this sound … and the best of the best items that would make you want to go away. Please enjoy the full show with “GARDEN ROCKS 2019” much more than this.

2つとない初日ショウを記録した本作は、希少価値を吹っ飛ばす極上品。とにかく圧倒的なのはオンな芯。リアルな熱狂も吸い込んだオーディエンス録音には違いないのですが、肝心要の演奏音と歌声には距離がまるで感じられず、凄まじいまでの密着感。とても空間を伝わっているとは思えないダイレクト感で、それこそ卓直結サウンドボードかIEMsかのよう。それもそのはず。本作はポジションも録音家も普通じゃない。まずポジションですが、本作は1階のステージ間近席での録音。距離がないのも道理なのです。もちろん、ステージ間近が必ずしも良い音とは限らないわけですが、それを特等席にできるのが録音家の腕。実は、現代の名手との呼び声も高い「Tapehead2」が公表したマスターなのです。最近のプログレ系で驚異的な録音を連発しており、先日の『GARDEN ROCKS 2019』のCD編もこの人物の作品でした。
そのサウンドで描かれるのは、新たなバンドで描き直されたYESミュージックとソロの名曲群。『GARDEN ROCKS 2019』でも鱗片は感じられましたが、今回はフルショウとあって大幅拡大。第一報ですので、ここでセットの配分を整理してみましょう。

・Owner of a Lonely Heart、Yours is No Disgrace、I’ve Seen All Good People、America、Starship Trooper/Solid Space、Roundabout
・初登場:Sweet Dreams

・初登場:Ocean Song、Flight of the Moorglade、To the Runner、State of Independence(JON & VANGELIS)

・Ramalama、Makes Me Happy、WDMCF
・初登場:First Born Leaders、1000 Hands (Come Up)

……と、このようになっています。「初登場」とは『GARDEN ROCKS 2019』では聴けなかった曲(ソロ名義の初演という意味ではありません)。『OLIAS OF SUNHILLOW』ナンバーやJON & VANGELISはすべて本作からですし、『1000 HANDS: CHAPTER ONE』も増量。YESの「Sweet Dreams」もお目見えしました。
そして、アレンジがまた素晴らしい。YESやYES Featuring ARWとは違ってヴァイオリンやトロンボーン、サックス、フルートといった多彩な楽器を駆使したアンサンブルは豪華絢爛。新曲だけでなく、YESナンバーも時に華麗に、時にユーモラスに、そして時に壮大に甦っている。もちろん、その核には力強いロック・バンドが据えられ、単に甘ったるくなっているわけではない。流石に初演だけにまだこなれていない様子も見られます(Yours is No Disgraceは結構ヤバいです)が、それさえ今後の進化が楽しみになる芳醇なショウなのです。

注目の新作『1000 HANDS: CHAPTER ONE』を大盤振る舞いしつつ、ソロの利点を活かしてクラシックスも壮大に塗り替えた最新ソロツアー。その初演を異様なほどオンな絶品サウンドで体験できるライヴアルバムの大傑作です。YES Featuring ARWもこのサウンドで聴きたかった……と思わず無い物ねだりしたくなる極上の銘品。『GARDEN ROCKS 2019』を遙かに超えるフルショウ、どうぞ本作でたっぷりとお楽しみください。

Disc 1 (42:38)
1. Ocean Song 2. Owner of a Lonely Heart 3. Yours is No Disgrace 4. Ramalama
5. State of Independence 6. Makes Me Happy 7. I’ve Seen All Good People
8. WDMCF (Where Does Music Come From)

Disc 2(52:51)
1. Flight of the Moorglade 2. Sweet Dreams 3. To the Runner 4. First Born Leaders
5. America 6. 1000 Hands (Come Up) 7. Starship Trooper/Solid Space
8. Roundabout

Jon Anderson – Vocals, percussion Michael Franklin – Keyboards Tim Franklin – Bass
Tommy Calton – Guitar Rayford Griffin – Drums Steady Joseph – Percussion
Jocelyn Hsu – Violin Joe Cosas – Keyboards, trombone
Billy Meethers – Saxophones, flute

Amity 540

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