Johnny Winter / Paris Olympia 1987 / 2CDR

Johnny Winter / Paris Olympia 1987 / 2CDR / Uxbridge
Live at Olympia, Paris, France 9th February 1987

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Two heroes, Johnny Winter and Dr. John, are now dead. Introducing the latest excavation live album that tells the co-starring tour where both males overlapped the sound.
This work was recorded in “February 9, 1987 Paris performance”. The show also unearthed an incomplete FM soundboard last year, but this one is different. It’s a complete recording and an audience recording with superb sound. Speaking of Johnny and Doctor’s co-starring tour, the official video “LIVE IN SWEDEN 1987” and the radio broadcast of the Bremen performance are also famous, but in fact they are all from the same European Tour. Let’s check each other’s positions from the schedule at that time.

・ January 21: Helsinki performance
・ January 22: Stockholm performance ← * Official video
・ January 23-25 ​​(3 performances)
・ January 27: Bremen performance ← * FM broadcast
・ January 28-February 7 (5 performances)
・ February 9: Paris performance ← ★ This work ★
・ February 10 + 12 (2 performances)

Above, all 14 performances. In addition to this, there were about 45 performances in 1987, all of which are in North America. The Paris performance of this work is the 12th performance at the end of such a European tour. It was a concert about 3 weeks after “LIVE IN SWEDEN 1987”.
This work recorded at such a show is truly superb. The core, which has no dust such as a sense of distance, approaches in front of you, and the details are super clear. Especially surprising is the base. Each note of the attack is clear to the nuance, and the sound is so loud that the waveform of the vibe comes to mind. It’s not an oversized mix, but the contours and fine details are clear. Of course, it’s only surprising because bass tends to be a weakness, and the guitar, drums, vocals and keyboards are all well-proportioned. Furthermore, each sound is beautifully separated, and even if they overlap, they never mix, and the stability and luster are tremendous. As a matter of fact, the person who recorded it is proud to say, “I recorded it in the front row in front of Johnny!”, So there is no doubt that it is an audience. However, even if you know it in your head, it is a terrible sound that you can not help thinking “Isn’t this the full length version of the FM sound board?”
The show drawn with such a transcendental sound is very different from “LIVE IN SWEDEN 1987”. As mentioned above, the FM sound board has appeared earlier in this show, so let’s organize the set while comparing.

・ SECOND WINTER: Highway 61 Revisited / Johnny B Goode
・ CAPTURED LIVE !: Bony Moronie / It’s All Over Now
・ GUITAR SLINGER: Don’t Take Advantage Of Me (★)
・ SERIOUS BUSINESS: Sound The Bell (★)
・ THIRD DEGREE: Third Degree / Mojo Boogie (★)
・ Others: Succotash (★) / I Walk on Guilded Splinters (◆) / Sick And Tired (◆) / Let The Good Times Roll (◆) / Those Lonely, Lonely Nights
* Note: “★” marks are songs that were cut on FM broadcasts. The “◆” mark is a co-starring song with Dr. John.

… And it looks like this. The FM sound board was the size that fits on one CD, but this work was not broadcast The opening parts “Succotash” “Sound The Bell” “Don’t Take Advantage Of Me” and “Mojo Boogie” were increased and 1 hour 47 minutes full kale. Moreover, the set is very different from “LIVE IN SWEDEN 1987”, and only “Sound The Bell”, “Don’t Take Advantage Of Me” and “Mojo Boogie” mentioned above are covered. Everything else is a valuable co-star tour with a different repertoire.
Although this tour became a hot topic with the participation of doctors, not all songs are co-starred. The first part (= DISC 1) is a trio-organized regular concert, and the doctor appears in the second part (= the first three songs of DISC 2). I also sing in the main in “I Walk on Guilded Splinters” and “Let The Good Times Roll”.
Johnny Winter and Dr. John have developed into a co-star tour by participating in the Grammy Award-winning “THIRD DEGREE” as a guest. It’s a masterpiece of a live album where you can experience the precious tour where a million dollar guitarist from Texas and a heavyweight from New Orleans shared the stage. It’s a superb sound that doesn’t seem like an audience, and it’s a two-disc set that is far more authentic than the half-finished FM broadcast. Please enjoy it to your heart’s content.


そんな本作が記録されたのは「1987年2月9日パリ公演」。このショウは昨年、不完全なFMサウンドボードも発掘されましたが、本作はそれとは異なる。完全収録にして超極上サウンドのオーディエンス録音なのです。また、ジョニーとドクターの共演ツアーと言えば、公式映像『LIVE IN SWEDEN 1987』やブレーメン公演のラジオ放送も有名ですが、実はすべて同じ欧州ツアーのもの。ここで当時のスケジュールからお互いのポジションを確かめてみましょう。

・1月22日:ストックホルム公演 ←※公式映像
・1月27日:ブレーメン公演 ←※FM放送
・2月9日:パリ公演 ←★本作★

以上、全14公演。この他にも1987年には45公演ほど行っておりますが、それらはすべて北米。本作のパリ公演はそんな欧州ツアーでも終盤12公演目。『LIVE IN SWEDEN 1987』の約3週間後となるコンサートでした。
そんな超絶サウンドで描かれるのは、『LIVE IN SWEDEN 1987』とも大きく異なるショウ。前述の通り、このショウは先にFMサウンドボードが登場してもいますので、比較しながらセットを整理してみましょう。

・SECOND WINTER:Highway 61 Revisited/Johnny B Goode
・CAPTURED LIVE!:Bony Moronie/It’s All Over Now
・GUITAR SLINGER:Don’t Take Advantage Of Me(★)
・THIRD DEGREE:Third Degree/Mojo Boogie(★)
・その他:Succotash(★)/I Walk on Guilded Splinters(◆)/Sick And Tired(◆)/Let The Good Times Roll(◆)/Those Lonely, Lonely Nights

……と、このようになっています。FMサウンドボードはCD1枚に収まるサイズでしたが、本作は放送されなかった開演パート「Succotash」「Sound The Bell」「Don’t Take Advantage Of Me」や「Mojo Boogie」が増量され、1時間47分のフルケール。しかも、『LIVE IN SWEDEN 1987』ともセットが大きく異なっており、被っているのは前述した「Sound The Bell」「Don’t Take Advantage Of Me」「Mojo Boogie」だけ。他はすべて異なるレパートリーで貴重な共演ツアーを楽しめるのです。
また、このツアーはドクターの参加で話題になったものの、全曲で共演しているわけではありません。第一部(=DISC 1)はトリオ編成で通常コンサートを行い、第二部(=DISC 2の冒頭3曲)でドクターが登場。「I Walk on Guilded Splinters」「Let The Good Times Roll」ではメインで歌ってもいます。
グラミー賞も獲得した『THIRD DEGREE』にゲスト参加したことで共演ツアーにまで発展したジョニー・ウィンターとドクター・ジョン。テキサスの100万ドルギタリストとニューオーリンズの重鎮がステージを分け合った貴重なツアーを極上体験できるライヴアルバムの大傑作です。とてもオーディエンスとは思えない超極上サウンドで、中途半端だったFM放送よりも遙かに本格的な2枚組。どうぞ、心ゆくまで存分にお楽しみください。

Disc 1(70:01)
1. Intro
2. Succotash
3. Sound The Bell
4. Don’t Take Advantage Of Me
5. Third Degree
6. Bonie Moronie
7. Mojo Boogie
8. Highway 61 Revisited

Disc 2(37:01)
1. MC
2. Walking On Gilded Splinters
3. Sick And Tired
4. Come On (Let The Good Times Roll)
5. Those Lonely, Lonely Nights
6. Johnny B Goode
7. It’s All Over Now

Johnny Winter – vocals, guitars
Tom Compton – drums
Jon Paris – bass, harmonica
Dr John – piano, vocals

Uxbridge 1245

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