Johnny Winter / San Diego 1974 / 2CD

Johnny Winter / San Diego 1974 / 2CD / Zion

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Live at Sports Arena, San Diego, CA. USA 30th March 1974 STEREO SBD


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Live album was fully recorded the true value of “100 million dollars guitarist” in superb stereo sound board is appearance. Of its identity is the full sound board recording of the “March 30, 1974 San Diego show.”
Speaking at the time of Johnny, recovery from serious drug addiction, became a resurrection declared “STILL ALIVE AND WELL”, time that was a string of masterpieces as “SAINTS & SINNERS”. The following year of the tour, but is not enjoy even name live operation of the official “CAPTURED ALIVE!”, Kano name board is LP1 sheets size. The has continued response to the feeling of “a more Johnny!” Is, was the San Diego show. This live is the name sound source that has created many of its outstanding from ancient times been broadcast in King biscuits ,,. While a time close to the 1975 record “CAPTURED ALIVE!”, Has been loved by fans in the fact that listen to completely different masterpieces group. However, the famous broadcast also there is only six songs, it the end of the day full show panoramic view did not lead to savor the sound board.
This work is to dispel such a Hagayu of. I full sound board of the San Diego show has been excavated in recent years, but it’s the live album that was polished in the latest and meticulous mastering. In fact, the sound of this work is genuine official class. But had continued to be said that the former King Bisukitto broadcasting “is comparable to” CAPTURED ALIVE! ‘ “, The sound board you think that the broadcast version of the original master, still vivid. Of course, the difference is the dimension from the numerous air check of, sounds Johnny Guitar immersive feeling like rammed plug directly into the ear, to roar. While proud of the more vivid direct feeling, also different as a crude whiff of Rokurippanashi. Although the roar hot rock ‘n’ roll and blues of what Johnny as a protagonist, an ensemble of each instrument is also a brilliant, I have been mixed in a superb balance.
In addition, since it is the only ultra-high-quality sound board, it was aimed at mastering also “ultimate”. Of course, one of such brilliant of guitar-kind is ringing in the brain, the naturalness while intact, adjust the balance and sound pressure. In addition the largest of is the pitch. In fact, this excavation is not being spread to is a revolutionary therefore around the world, they are altogether pitch shift. And from the original excavation, but I was shifted near semitone, it corrected to perfectly normal pitch in this work, exactly reprinted site sound. Exactly “full-scale” CAPTURED ALIVE! “” I live album of Kano as listen.
The point here Nanoha, part of the “Kano as”. The original broadcast version is also is why it was popular for a different song to listen to the “CAPTURED ALIVE!”, This work was further increased the number of songs is still “CAPTURED ALIVE!” The songs that do not listen to a lot. Taking specifically increasing songs four songs of “Bony Maronie”, “Rollin ‘Cross the Country,” “Be Careful With A Fool / It’s My Own Fault”, “It’s All Over Now”. Even the entire this work of mapped twice as “CAPTURED ALIVE!” Is only “It’s All Over Now”. First half to listen carefully at the numbers from the latest installment of the time “SAINTS & SINNERS”, the second half of the heavy labor to follow up the standard of the Rolling Stones and Chuck Berry. The contrast is also brilliant, I enjoy the dynamic show in the full body.

Broadcast of the tradition that has been loved by the dimension of “the next official board”. And to the full version, it is a super masterpiece of stereo sound board to update the all-time high. Revived in “STILL ALIVE AND WELL”, of the middle go ran up to “CAPTURED ALIVE!” Great performance. Praised “100 million dollars guitarist”, one of authentic blues / rock ‘n’ roll to the Muddy Waters tighten said to the “son of my in-law” was jammed just does spill. This weekend, we will deliver to you your hand.


当時のジョニーと言えば、深刻なドラッグ中毒から立ち直り、復活宣言となった『STILL ALIVE AND WELL』、『SAINTS & SINNERS』と傑作を連発していた時期。翌年のツアーはオフィシャルの名ライヴ作『CAPTURED ALIVE!』でも楽しめるわけですが、かの名盤はLP1枚サイズ。「もっとジョニーを!」の気持ちに応え続けてきたのが、サンディエゴ公演だった。このライヴはキング・ビスケットでも放送され、、古くから幾多の既発を生み出してきた名音源。1975年録音の『CAPTURED ALIVE!』に近い時期でありながら、まったく違う名曲群を聴けるという事でファンに愛され続けてきました。しかし、その有名放送も6曲しかなく、結局のところフルショウ全景をサウンドボードで味わうには至らなかったのです。
そんな歯がゆさを晴らすのが本作。近年になってサンディエゴ公演のフル・サウンドボードが発掘されたのですが、それを最新・細心マスタリングで磨き上げたライヴアルバムなのです。実際、本作のサウンドは正真正銘のオフィシャル級。かつてのキング・ビスキット放送も「『CAPTURED ALIVE!』に匹敵する」と言われ続けていましたが、その放送版の元マスターと思われるサウンドボードは、さらに鮮やか。もちろん、幾多のエアチェックとは次元が違い、耳にプラグを直接つっこんだような没入感でジョニーのギターが鳴り、咆哮する。それだけ鮮やかなダイレクト感を誇りながら、録りっぱなしの粗っぽさとも違う。ジョニーの熱いロックンロール&ブルースこそが主役として轟くものの、各楽器のアンサンブルも鮮烈で、見事なバランスでミックスされているのです。
また、それだけの超・高音質サウンドボードですから、マスタリングも“究極”を目指しました。もちろん、ギター現物が脳内で鳴っているかのような鮮烈さ、自然さはそのままにしつつ、バランスと音圧を調整。さらに一番大きいのはピッチです。実のところ、この発掘は画期的であるがゆえに世界中に拡散されているわけですが、それらはことごとくピッチがズレている。元発掘からして半音近くズレていたのですが、本作では完璧に正常なピッチに修正し、現場サウンドを正確に復刻。まさに「フルスケールの『CAPTURED ALIVE!』」かのように聴けるライヴアルバムなのです。
ここでポイントなのは、“かのように”の部分。元々の放送版も『CAPTURED ALIVE!』とは違う曲が聴けることで人気だったわけですが、さらに曲数が増えた本作はやっぱり『CAPTURED ALIVE!』では聴けない曲がたっぷり。具体的に増えた曲を挙げると「Bony Maronie」「Rollin’ Cross the Country」「Be Careful With A Fool/ It’s My Own Fault」「It’s All Over Now」の4曲。本作全体でも『CAPTURED ALIVE!』とダブっているのは「It’s All Over Now」だけ。当時の最新作『SAINTS & SINNERS』からのナンバーでじっくりと聴かせる前半、ローリング・ストーンズやチャック・ベリーのスタンダードを畳みかける力業の後半。そのコントラストも鮮やかに、ダイナミックなショウを完全体で味わえるのです。

“オフィシャル盤の次”の次元で愛されてきた伝統の放送。そのフルバージョンにして、史上最高を更新するステレオ・サウンドボードの超傑作です。『STILL ALIVE AND WELL』で復活し、『CAPTURED ALIVE!』まで駆け上がっていく最中の名演。「100万ドルのギタリスト」と讃えられ、マディ・ウォーターズをして「俺の義理の息子さ」とまで言わしめた本物のブルース/ロックンロールがこぼれんばかりに詰まった1本。今週末、あなたのお手元へお届けいたします。

Disc 1 (58:24)
1. The Good Love 2. Bad Luck Situation 3. Bony Maronie 4. Stone County
5. Rollin’ Cross the Country 6. Be Careful With A Fool / It’s My Own Fault

Disc 2 (36:03)
1 Silver Train 2 Jumpin’ Jack Flash 3 Johnny B. Goode 4 It’s All Over Now

Johnny Winter – guitar/lead vocals Richard Hughes – drums Randy Jo Hobbs – bass/vocals
Doug Brockie – guitar/vocals


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