John McLaughlin & Eve / Spiritual Discovery / 1CDR

John McLaughlin & Eve / Spiritual Discovery / 1CDR / Crossover

Translated Text:
Live At WKCR Radio Station recording date August 27th 1970.Soundboard


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John McLaughlin ‘s precious rare sound source collection first appeared! The first 4 songs included the album ‘Ghost of Emerald’ released in 1974 as the Mahavishnu Orchestra.

It is a rare sound source that entered the warehouse while planning the original 2 sheets.
Subsequently, the fifth track contains soundtrack sound source of the documentary movie of Sri Chinmoy, who had loved him.
Santana is also an unreleased sound source that was supposed to participate.
From the sixth track onwards, five songs from 70 years WKCR radio session are included.

It is an unusual sound source that co-starred with Yves McLaughlin who was a wife and then a performance partner at the time.

In addition, John McLaughlin was still unknown as a bonus 67 years Included BBC sound source by Mike · Car · Quartet.

Both are rare compilations that can be described as precious locus of John McLaughlin.






01. Peace
02. In The Depths of my Heart a Bluebird Sings
03. Oh My Soul My Friend
04. Unknown title (possibly John McLaughlin playing indian Vina)
1974 Unreleased Tracks from Album “Visions of the Emerald Beyond”

05. Share The Joy
Unreleased Sri Chinmoy Film soundtrack with Boston Philharmonic Orchestra conductor Michael Tilson Thomas
06. Oh My Soul My Friend
07. Peace
08. Two And One
09. Earth Bound Hearts
10. Devotion
Live At WKCR Radio Station recording date August 27th 1970
Crossover 078

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