John McLaughlin / Quartet Plays 1968 /1CDR

John McLaughlin / Quartet Plays 1968 /1CDR / Crossover

Translated Text:

Live AT Total Music 68, Quasimodo, Kantstrasse, Berlin, Germany November 9th 1969.


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Crossover.065 /Soundboard

jazz virtuoso guitarist has been widely attention until the lock from fusion, precious 60s live sound source is first appearance of John Marurafurin!

Performances that have been made ​​sound board sound source in the November 9, 68 Berlin, Germany (the one theory there is also live recording sound source theory from the stage by officials but so much high-quality sound) recorded in. This time of performance by four people organized Kuarutetto is attention title of large recommendation as a record of the young John Marurafurin that was noted from time Jimi Hendrix and Miles in those precious!

1. Quartet 1
2. Quartet 2
3. Quartet 3


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