John Lennon & Yoko Ono / Double Fantasy Special / 1CDR

John Lennon & Yoko Ono / Double Fantasy Special / 1CDR / Non Label
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Broadcast on 20th November 1980


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December 8, 1980″. Music history to remind the that day it was carved, is the emergence of deep history album downright heavy. To say and also, here’s are housed is not a documentary program that was built in live recording. John Lennon was broadcast in the broadcast in about two weeks before being shot dead was the popular Japanese radio program “Sound Street” and “Double Fantasy” is featured.
In the broadcast date “November 20, 1980”, 18 days before John died. About the first 30 seconds is also the deterioration of the tape, but you can hear as it is broadcast immediately at that time. Its contents, 3 only of the “Double Fantasy” was released in days, those that familiar famous DJ is going to introduce. Although now is John that is even with the 20-century music pronoun, of course there is no should you have even imagined such tragedy to listen at this point, the usual program as an album release progress. While reading the translation of intense lyrics we will shed a song.
Maximum of points, real-time unique cut. You can criticize the “should become legend by silence as John” criticism to Bob Dylan, to become “a living legend without anything to five years of silence, what other than defeat not a thing “and says” the younger generation who do not know tHE BEATLES (send a message) is responsible. “And, jump out the impressions of also against feudal lords panel of world “Double Fantasy,” “(songs of John and Yoko) wanted to one side at a time”, even while saying that it has been respect for Yoko Ono is “love Yoko “first listen to human if you can not have about to be avoided wry smile leaks was the. So, John is told here, not the legend on the history, “living” legend. And lives the same age, it’s the world that you are I think of course that there is a future. DJ of the comments that are told in the second half of the program is not perhaps symbolizes the time of John Lennon view.
“Nuclei have expressive person, heart of the rift, Daemon (and representation), which would be how a rich man, but it I would but immutable about to change the environment. The named John Lennon In that sense the presence always anxious and to wanted was, you’re always next to the us, it makes us share what somehow like a the wound, it is one of very few artists ”

Finally, but to introduce “(Just Like) Starting Over” as “the message from John to everyone” program to exit, radio news that the last of this work told the first report of “John shot dead” also included is doing.
“One of the Beatles members of, the night of John Lennon is the 8th, afternoon today’s Japan time, the young man in front of his home in New York died by being shot in handgun. Even Yoko Ono and take the wife, where it was about to enter the home of the apartment, suddenly, was crowded shoot number bullets such as the chest ”
Followed by the desired song to warm affection and the future, news talk about indifferently obituary. The is better yet horribly announcer of tone that is not brought any emotion, “preciousness” “even it is not me giving room for sandwich at that time of sorrow” to sentimentality, such as. Would frozen even in our supposed apart of distant space-time, it is reality, such as a wall.

John Lennon became a historical greats. And real-time of love, which has been run together with him life, reality to come slams without saying whether. All of these 34 years ago, is that really happened, it is a fact that was actually present. In a moment to understand the time of impact, some reality that you can sympathize etc. no need “to wins feelings” is here. And give to all the people who love the lock, It is one of shock.


最大のポイントは、リアルタイムならではの切り口。ボブ・ディランへの批評「ジョンのように沈黙することで伝説になるべきだ」を批判したり、5年もの沈黙に対して「何もしないで生きた伝説になるのは、敗北以外の何物でもない」「THE BEATLESを知らない若い世代に(メッセージを送る)責任がある」と語る。そして、天下の大名盤「ダブル・ファンタジー」に対しても「(ジョンとヨーコの曲は)片面ずつにして欲しかった」との感想が飛び出し、オノ・ヨーコをリスペクトしていると言いながらも「愛するヨーコ」を初めて聴いた人間なら避けられようはずがない苦笑が漏れる。そう、ここで語られるジョンは、歴史上の伝説ではなく、“生きた”伝説。同じ時代を生き続け、未来があるのが当然だと思っている世界なのです。番組後半に語られるDJのコメントが当時のジョン・レノン観を象徴しているのかも知れません。



1. Introduction/DJ Talk 2. Watching The Wheels 3. DJ Talk 4. Cleanup Time 5. DJ Talk 6. Woman
7. DJ Talk 8. I’m Losing You 9. DJ Talk 10. Beautiful Boys 11. DJ Talk 12. Dear Yoko
13. DJ Talk 14. (Just Like) Starting Over

15. John Lennon Shot Dead News Report (Japanese Radio Broadcast on 9th December 1980)

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