John Lennon / Remember Love / 1CDR

John Lennon / Remember Love / 1CDR / Beatfile

New Remix And Remastered 2020. Soundboard

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The latest compilation to be delivered in 2020, the 80th anniversary of John Lennon’s birth, is newly released from BEATFILE!

Demo sound source of famous songs “Love” and “Remember” from solo album “John’s Soul” after the dissolution of Beatles, extended version of “Don’t Worry Kyoko”, “New York City” and “Run through the middle of the night” In addition, valuable session sound sources such as “I’m the Greatest” and “Good Night Vienna” provided by Ringo are recorded.

This is the latest collector’s edition of 2020, which includes the first stereo version of the sound source that was monaural so far and the sound source with improved sound quality, etc. !!




01. LOVE (Acoustic guitar / Piano – Take 31)/02. LOVE (Acoustic guitar / Piano – Take 32)/03. REMEMBER (Version 1)/04. REMEMBER (Version 2)/05. DON’T WORRY KYOKO (Extended Version)/06. NEW YORK CITY (Version 1)/07. NEW YORK CITY (Version 2)/08. I’M THE GREATEST (Version 1)/09. I’M THE GREATEST (Version 2)/10. I’M THE GREATEST (Version 3)/11. I’M THE GREATEST (Version 4)/12. WHATEVER GETS YOU THRU THE NIGHT (Rough Mix)/13. WHATEVER GETS YOU THRU THE NIGHT (Alternate Mix)/14. MOVE OVER MRS. L (Rough Mix)/15. GOODNIGHT VIENNA (Studio Outtakes)

New Remix And Remasters 2020

Beatfile. BFP-176

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