John Lennon / Imagine Stripped Down / 1CD

John Lennon / Imagine Stripped Down / 1CD / Non Label

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10 Tracks

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Although the Beatles “RUBBER SOUL (CENTERED VOCALS REMIX)” was a unique remix version of the fan production, it was a favorable reputation far exceeding the expectation because it was a finish that could clearly see the effect. Following that, we will release a new fan / mix sound source this time. The target is John Lennon’s masterpiece album “IMAGINE”. There is no one who disputes that the album title song is now the standard in the standard.
What challenged the new mix of this album was a mania calling Lord Reith. It is a famous person in the net world and I am good at breaking up the Beatles’ sound source and finishing it to the version of the recording working phase. His masterpiece is “MINUS ONE”, not only was the press board item based on this released from other labels but also in our release “COMPLETE RECORDING SESSIONS VOLUME 4” made with “MINUS ONE” Recording work stage mix was being featured extensively.
MINUS JOHN “based on John’s” IMAGINE “that he made several months after the announcement of” MINUS ONE “. It is quite easy to understand the mix he made here.

In this album, Phil Spector was also involved in producing, and gorgeous strings are added everywhere. Although there is a part that it came out, it is also a fact that there is a part that makes the era feel now now.
One of the greatest contradictions of John Lennon, the greatest contradiction, declares songs by either strings or horn sections mostly after this album, while advertising that “I like simple and straight sound” It will have continued. In the case of him he is not a one pattern but a two-pattern translation, but I added one of them with most of the songs. After the dissolution of the Beatles, Paul had received a criticism of the song’s finish and the producer by losing a partner of John, but in fact John also said that even though John also lost his pole, the ability to produce songs and albums was up to manneri Not to mention it was never wide.
After all, John himself is proud of the finish of the sharp simple simplicity of “the spirit of John” for the end of life, and acknowledges that there was a part that regret to finish more or less for other albums. It was a stripped-down version of “DOUBLE FANTASY” that was released in an official way to recognize it. This is a solid finish that excludes extra decorations, featuring core band sound and John’s singing voice. Furthermore, the splendor of each session / take recorded in the “JOHN LENNON ANTHOLOGY” box also proved it.

The aim of “MINUS JOHN” ‘s aim was also to eliminate decorations centered on strings, a concept that tried to complement the appeal of the song itself. It was a stripped-down version of so-called “IMAGINE”. So we also named the title of this press release. The difference between the mixes actually heard here is very easy to understand. It is a stuff that mainly produced Phil Spector’s produce, sense full open strings part. It is obvious if you hear “Imagine” or “Jealous Guy”. Besides, since the album itself is based on the Millennium version, the simplicity is outstanding clearness and the finest finish.
“RUBBER SOUL (CENTERED VOCALS REMIX)” is what I realized that the effect was realized only by listening with headphones, but this time it is really easy to understand the difference even by just ringing from a speaker. If it seems that the goodness, badness and moody feeling of that string are lost, John ‘s likeness stands out after all. Moreover, the finish of “Crippled Inside” which passed the part of Dobro · guitar, the finish of “Oh Yoko!” Which even Nikki Hopkins played piano part has even removed is wonderful.
Mixes of “MINUS JOHN” were given to highlight simplicity, rather than collage tracks with their own interpretations that are common in fan mixes. That is why it is appealing to listen smoothly without discomfort. Enjoy this unexpectedly finished finish, a famous board “IMAGINE” reborn into a simple state!

ビートルズ「RUBBER SOUL (CENTERED VOCALS REMIX)」はファン制作による独自のリミックス・バージョンながらも、はっきりと効果が実感できる仕上がりであったことから予想を遥かに上回る好評を博すことになりました。それを受け、今回は新たなるファン・ミックスによる音源をリリースいたします。ターゲットはジョン・レノンの名作アルバム「IMAGINE」。アルバム・タイトル曲が今やスタンダード中のスタンダードであることに異論をはさむ者はいないでしょう。
このアルバムの新たなミックスに挑戦したのはLord Reithを名乗るマニア。ネット界では有名な人物であり、ビートルズの音源を分解してレコーディング作業段階のバージョンに仕上げることを得意としています。彼の代表作が「MINUS ONE」であり、これを元にしたプレス盤アイテムが他レーベルからリリースされただけでなく、当店リリースの「COMPLETE RECORDING SESSIONS VOLUME 4」にも「MINUS ONE」で作られていたレコーディング作業段階ミックスが大々的にフィーチャーされていたものです。
そんな彼が「MINUS ONE」の発表から数か月後に作っていたのがジョンの「IMAGINE」を元にした「MINUS JOHN」。ここで彼が行ったミックスが実に分かりやすい。

結局ジョン自身はあの削ぎ落されたシンプルの極み「ジョンの魂」の仕上がりを終生誇りに思っており、他のアルバムに関しては大なり小なり仕上がりに悔いる部分があったことを認めています。それをオフィシャルな形で認めるリリースとなったのが「DOUBLE FANTASY」のストリップト・ダウン・バージョン。これは余計な飾り付けを排し、コアなバンド・サウンドとジョンの歌声をフィーチャーしたソリッドな仕上がり。さらには「JOHN LENNON ANTHOLOGY」ボックスに収録された各セッション・テイクの素晴らしさもそれを証明したのではないでしょうか。

「MINUS JOHN」のミックスが目指したのも、やはりストリングスを中心とした飾り付けを排し、楽曲そのものの魅力を引き立てようとしたコンセプト。いわば「IMAGINE」のストリップト・ダウン・バージョンということでした。そこで今回のプレスCDリリースのタイトルもそのように名付けたのです。ここで実際に聞かれるミックスの違いはとても解りやすい。主にフィル・スペクターのプロデュース・センス全開なストリングス・パートを引っこ抜いたもの。それは「Imagine」や「Jealous Guy」を聞けば一目瞭然。おまけにアルバム本体はミレニアム・バージョンをベースにしているので、シンプルさが際立ったクリアネスも極上な仕上がり。
「RUBBER SOUL (CENTERED VOCALS REMIX)」はヘッドホンで聞いてこそ、その効果が実感できるものでしたが、今回はスピーカーから鳴らしただけでも違いが本当に解りやすい。あのストリングスの良くも悪くもムーディーな感じが無くなってみれば、やっぱりジョンらしさが際立ってくる。さらにはドブロ・ギターのパートを抜いた「Crippled Inside」、ニッキー・ホプキンスの弾いたピアノ・パートすら取り払ってしまった「Oh Yoko!」の仕上がりも素晴らしい。
ファン・ミックスにありがちな、独自の解釈でトラックをコラージュしてしまうのではなく、むしろシンプルさを際立たせるべく施されたのが「MINUS JOHN」のミックス。だからこそ違和感なくすんなりと聞けてしまうのが魅力。今回も意外なほどハマれる仕上がり、シンプルな状態に生まれ変わった名盤「IMAGINE」をお楽しみください!


1. Imagine (No Strings Mix)
2. Crippled Inside (No Dobro Guitar Mix)
3. Jealous Guy (No Strings Mix)
4. It’s So Hard (No Strings Mix)
5. I Don’t Want to Be A Soldier (No Piano Mix)
6. Gimme Some Truth (Wide Mix)
7. Oh My Love (Basic Track Mix)
8. How Do You Sleep? (No Strings Mix & Without Opening SE)
9. How? (No Strings Mix)
10. Oh Yoko! (No Piano Mix)

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