Jimmy Page & The Black Crowes / Roseland Ballroom 1999 1st Night / 2CDR+1DVDR

Jimmy Page & The Black Crowes / Roseland Ballroom 1999 1st Night / 2CDR+1DVDR /Uxbridge

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Live At Roseland Ballroom, New York, NY, USA 12th October 1999.

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In collaboration with THE BLACK CROWES, which is also said to have the most Jimmy Page shines among various projects since ZEP. The finest live set that included the first day of the tour is on its way.
It is recorded in this work “New York performances on October 12, 1999”. Speaking of their stage, the official work “LIVE AT THE GREEK” comes to mind, but that hit work was produced on October 18th and 19th, 1999. The first day New York show was also a show about a week ago. And this day is the first day of New York 3rd day continuous show. Although this show is also known that the sound board has been left for a long time, this work is the highest peak version on disk 1-2, three images of the full image using the sound board on disk 3 It is a pair. Let’s introduce each disc individually.

【Disk 1-2: Owner Master of Leakage of Parties】
First of all, the best outgoing soundboard master. The recording itself is the same as what was conventionally known, but this time, the highest peak master brought from the stakeholder route at that time. It is a genuine original master who does not have any fades unlike the previous group.
It is not just that there is no editorial trace. What is more brilliant is the sound that keeps recording. That is extremely crisp and natural. Although it was able to taste the sense of direct glove of the class in the previous group, the ringing was not completely removed, and the peak was unnaturally raised strongly. On the contrary, this work clearly felt the natural sound of the master itself, plus the outline of the performance sound clear. Depth is felt in the texture, even the three-dimensional feel of the mix drifts. To be honest, the recording itself is the same as before, and the freshness of the preexisting group was never a bad thing. Because of that, this work does not come out in the area of ​​minor change, but “right now, there are pages of page and the BLACK CROWES strumming” The sensation is much higher in this work. It is Omoto master who can taste that presence abundantly.
When drawn with that sound, the show also shows different expressions. Although it is only one week before the official work “LIVE AT THE GREEK”, the performances are very similar, but again I recieved one, the vigor of one penetration penetrated overwhelmingly. It is like a studio live because there is a direct connection to the sound board table with almost no cheers, but the enthusiasm of playing is the stage where the exciting audience is on stage. The breath feeling is constantly penetrating throughout the show.
I’m also happy that there are more songs than “LIVE AT THE GREEK”. Although it was only Paige Side’s songs on the official board due to the contract, the repertory of THE BLACK CROWES was also played on the actual stage. In this work, that “No Speak No Slave” “Wiser Time” “Remedy” “Hard to Handle” can also be enjoyed with the best cut sound.

【Disk 3: Full video using sound board audio as well】
Next will appear the video footage of the same premiere show. The image was also known for a long time, and thinking that the people concerned took it, the quality was a masterpiece that became out of the standard of the audience shot. However, this work is different. It is the longest and best multicamera specification assembled by making use of various materials of the day which was produced by overseas mania.
First, impact from the beginning. The past images started from the middle of “Celebration Day”, but this work is recorded from the moment of the opening with the chitin. It is a still picture because there is no picture, but the still picture starts to move in about 1 minute (please be aware that it is not a breakdown of the player).
Moreover, flowing sound is synchronized with desk direct sound board, multi-camera editing which changes angle. Although it can not be said that it is multilateral only for shooting from the front angle, even if the main camera reflects Chris Robinson, if it becomes a guitar solo it switches to page and if it becomes singing out, the whole view changes to Chris. Furthermore, it is also the point that is the longest version longer than the soundboard of Disk 1-2. The scenes that were cut by the sound board, such as between songs, are supplemented with audience voice. You can witness the whole show in total, and it will soak. It is a video work of a pro shot feeling which can be watched forever without getting tired.

The longest and best full picture produced by overseas maniacs heartily in a live album by Omoto master who leaked from the stakeholders. It is the definitive edition which recorded the first day of the tour to commemorate with two vertex-like materials. Although it is a well-known show, this quality is the first in history. It is a large masterpiece of three upgrades that I would like you to touch on those who are new to mania who can not help pursuing, as well as those who are new to you.


ZEP以降のさまざまなプロジェクトの中で、もっともジミー・ペイジが輝いていたとも評されるTHE BLACK CROWESとの共演。そのツアー初日を収録した極上ライヴ・セットが登場です。
本作に収録されているのは「1999年10月12日ニューヨーク公演」。彼らのステージと言えば、何よりオフィシャル作品『LIVE AT THE GREEK』が浮かびますが、あのヒット作が制作されたのは1999年10月18日+19日。初日のニューヨーク公演は、その約1週間前のショウでもありました。そしてこの日はニューヨーク3日連続ショウの初日。このショウは以前からサウンドボードが残されている事でも知られていますが、本作はその最高峰版をディスク1-2に、そのサウンドボードを駆使したフル映像をディスク3に配した3枚組なのです。それでは、各ディスクをそれぞれご紹介していきましょう。

単に編集痕がないだけではありません。それ以上に鮮烈なのは、録音しっぱなしのサウンド。それはそれは極めて鮮明で、しかもナチュラル。既発群もド級の直球感は味わえたものの、鳴りが抜けきらず、ピークが不自然に強く引き上げられていました。それに対し、本作はマスターそのものの自然な鳴りがたっぷりと感じられつつ、演奏音の輪郭も鮮明。質感には奥行きが感じられ、ミックスの立体感さえも漂わせる。正直なところ、録音そのものはこれまでと同じですし、既発群の鮮度も決して悪いものではなかった。そのために本作はマイナー・チェンジの域は出ないのですが「まさしく今、すぐそこでペイジやTHE BLACK CROWESの面々がかき鳴らしている」感覚は本作の方が遙かに上。その存在感をたっぷりと味わえる大元マスターなのです。
そのサウンドで描かれると、ショウもまた違った表情を見せる。オフィシャル作品『LIVE AT THE GREEK』の1週間前だけあってパフォーマンスは酷似していますが、やはり1発録り、一気貫通の生々しさは圧倒的。歓声がほぼゼロのサウンドボード卓直結ということもあってまるでスタジオ・ライヴのようでもありますが、一方で演奏の熱気は興奮する観客を目の前にしたステージなればこそ。その呼吸感が絶え間なくショウを丸ごと貫いているのです。
さらに『LIVE AT THE GREEK』よりも曲が多いのも嬉しい。契約の関係で公式盤に収録されたのはペイジ・サイドの楽曲ばかりでしたが、実際のステージではTHE BLACK CROWESのレパートリーも演奏されていた。本作では、その「No Speak No Slave」「Wiser Time」「Remedy」「Hard to Handle」もノーカット極上サウンドで楽しめるのです。

まず、冒頭からインパクト。これまでの映像は「Celebration Day」の途中から始まっていましたが、本作はキチンと開演の瞬間から記録されている。映像が存在しないために静止画ではありますが、約1分ほどでその静止画がググッと動き出すのです(プレイヤーの故障ではありませんのでご注意ください)。


Disc 1 (60:36)
1. Celebration Day 2. Custard Pie 3. Sick Again 4. No Speak No Slave 5. Wiser Time
6. What is and What Should Never Be 7. Shake Your Money Maker 8. Ten Years Gone
9. In My Time of Dying 10. Your Time is Gonna Come

Disc 2 (52:11)
1. Remedy 2. Lemon Song 3. Sloppy Drunk 4. Oh Well 5. Shapes of Things
6. Heartbreaker 7. Hey Hey What Can I Do 8. Hard to Handle
9. Band Introductions 10. Out on the Tiles 11. Whole Lotta of Love


DVD(118:53) * Multi Camera & SBD
1. Celebration Day 2. Custard Pie 3. Sick Again 4. No Speak No Slave
5. Wiser Time 6. What is and What Should Never Be 7. Shake Your Money Maker
8. Ten Years Gone 9. In My Time of Dying 10. Your Time is Gonna Come
11. Remedy 12. Lemon Song 13. Sloppy Drunk 14. Oh Well 15. Shapes of Things
16. Heartbreaker 17. Hey Hey What Can I Do 18. Hard to Handle
19. Band Introductions 20. Out on the Tiles 21. Whole Lotta of Love

COLOUR NTSC Approx.119min.

Jimmy Page – Guitar Chris Robinson – Vocals Rich Robinson – Guitar, Vocals
Audley Freed – Guitar Sven Pipien – Bass Steve Gorman – Drums Ed Harsch – Keyboards


Uxbridge 852

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