Jimmy Page & The Black Crowes /Live At The Greek 1999 /1DVD

Jimmy Page & The Black Crowes /Live At The Greek 1999 /1DVD /Non Label

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Live At The Greek Theatre, Los Angeles, CA. USA 19Th October 1999 (synced with SBD)


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Japanese rock fans of Led Zeppelin I love, that’s why playing the guitar Jimmy Page you have wanted to watch … not help but think so. after all he is because I guitarists. to begin with ZEP reunion since 2007, denied feeling that had more and more away from the activities as a specific guitar player does not. Sometimes out a face in the event, play the guitar a little bit, we continued to such a situation. also passed exactly 20 years this year he is as a guitarist from Japan tour of rose Paige plant in Japan of stage and we will. as how 1990s of Paige musicians, or will be reminded what was working in the active as a guitarist.
starting point of activities 90s Paige as a cover Dale Paige of 93 years hindsight. “NO QUARTER” release of the plant from there, two people the world tour. 97 years with him from 1995 through 1996 album the following year spent in the production of “WALKING iNTO CLARKSDALE” it is of again Hissage the album tour. eventually the plant in this project by the withdrawal of I would come to an end in incomplete combustion Gimi, Paige of activity even in the end of the century did not stop.

it was carried out in collaboration with the black Crowes Live tour. but also missed anything is a point which had undergone a chip away specific end way from this coalescence play also discontinued in 2000 Japan tour was reflected in a natural combination for either of the fan, and the young band coalescence unusually reflected in fresh is, is what is also called the big topic when the first tour took place in 1999.
two of its by-products has been carried out in the “LIVE aT tHE GREEK” .LA Greek Theater days was live greeted also have a good reputation edited live album from, but soon to two days of complete stereo sound board recording outflow. the second day in a bonus is of very good quality also appeared to audience shot video. Greek Theatre performance of October 19, with the advent of the items that have coalesced it was classic and the reduction in the live item of Paige Crows.
1999 also said that good image quality is captured video footage from the audience in. not more than one angle, such as the current is to appear. But by reasonable size and the photographer’s fighting spirit and passion of the venue that the Greek Theater, surprisingly of quality as that time I was supposed to be of high audience shot document is left. angle that stage somewhat taken from the right-hand side is also exquisite, even while overlooking the entire stage, and yet such shooting state chase Paige is impressive enough. when it was now Although the extent of shooting is the level that she can easily in the smartphone and the iPhone camera if you like even position, is the skill that was in mono a shot of this much in 99 years there is no choice but to take my hat off.
the video is now in the eye overlooked in are those of high enough quality is also watching, with the passage of time Third Eye Productions that shall be spared that remained was released in the format DVD-R from the label. bonus to Paige Crows itself time is become as would, where you also visit to Japan this time of Paige ironically as precious passion audience shot has become a state of being buried. the shop has been reviewing this video is triggered, the is struck in stunning chemistry of the video quality is height and Paige and the Crows had been produced, is up it is determined that we should press ahead with the release by the press DVD limited.

now Come to once again see and hear them live, too also will be reflected in the fresh. Although it is in the first large amount of play is ZEP number was, in fact, “PHYSICAL GRAFFITI” is selection of music from the point that occupies a lot really interesting. Paige plant, as well, is ZEP your Buddha Luo live is the intention that you Toriageyo a song that was not to play is a clear, bonus members state that would have favored the same album can ask to.
Soredakeni impact “Custard Pie” has been played live early , still is very large impact of the lively performance. in addition, “in My Time of Dying” is different from the live version of the ZEP “PHYSICAL GRAFFITI” recording version of the points should also be noted that had been played at the original key.
as performance of this song showed, Paige Crows this also reflected in the fresh is that it try to play that went back to the original studio version, yet I would say that it is very attractive. and ZEP dissolution plant me to play that it would not want to sing in terms of volume of voice (laughs) “Your Time is Gonna Come” also Sararito after. its performance is has begun from the keyboard of Ed Hirsch, unfortunately this month There is also the timing that only his obituary has arrived, has become now I have become and also valuable playing in a different sense.
and “Rock and Roll” and the bonus ZEP number of stereotypes such as “Black Dog” it deserves the Americans joy likely song to dare to avoid also the sense that attention. I think of whether if they are them was played in the room, I might fell into a mere copy band by picking up may not. the black Crowes to avoid these two songs I think that was really clever.
that Paige was also obtained a young band, only to age further had continued to live activities much, how you are crazy play to feel good everywhere would be valuable is also the point to watch and now. This also would not want to sing plant “Lemon Song”, etc., or of such music and Paige of play wonderfully went back to like 1969 ZEP, the entire live what was the stage where there is spectacular, “up to this point it is passed through the? “And there is no doubt that to be reminded.
Is a now will be disbanded also Crows itself, I have become as the splendor and significance of collaboration at this time even more with a convincing. Cause of their dissolution one to of, the fact that although Chris Robinson there was a matter that was trying to Oikomo Steve Gorman of the drummer in substantial neck, his drumming what, was holding a big key in the live of Paige Crows There you can see well and watch this video.
obviously the play was studied Bonzo style has shown everywhere, ahead of “in My Time of Dying” of also has become a very nice performance is thanks to him. contrary to the guitar playing with such a vibrant, are you’ve been captured by the vivid image to around rich belly of Paige, but (laughs) with respect to. looks now of Paige was Mise undergone a stunning shape also to be allowed to re-confirm that, or let’s say even with the surprising utility in this video.
and you have now become version is up to the state worthy of the classic image of the collaboration feel even nostalgia is to press platen DVD. but rather than recorded in the press board, raise the level of the voice, that was further adjust the synchro with subtle voice that had shifted in a live late, and finished to a perfect condition than the Third Eye original. ! Please re-check the freshness and splendor of the performance of the collaboration of 1999 in this release, which you can enjoy much surprised

私が愛しているLed Zeppelinの日本のロックファン、そういうわけで、あなたが見たいと思っていたギターのJimmy Pageを弾くのは…助けにはならないがそう思う。結局彼は私がギタリストだからです。 2007年以来のZEP再会から始まり、特定のギタープレイヤーがそうでないような活動からますます遠ざかっている気分を否定しました。時には顔の外に出て、少しギターを弾いて、私たちはそのような状況を続けました。今年は20年ぶりに渡り、日本のローズ・ペイジ・ツアーのギタリストとして舞台に立つ予定です。 Paigeミュージシャンの1990年代の様子や、ギタリストとして活躍していたことを思い出させるものです。
活動の出発点90年代の表紙Dale Paigeとしての93年の後見人。そこから工場の “NO QUARTER”のリリース、2人の世界ツアー。 1995年から1996年にかけて97年に彼と97年に翌年には “WALKING INTO CLARKSDALE”のプロデュースに費やされ、再びアルバムツアーのヒサギです。最終的に私の撤退によってこのプロジェクトの植物は、不完全燃焼の終わりに来るだろうギミ、ページの世紀の終わりにも活動を停止しませんでした。

2つの副産物が “LIVE aT tHE GREEK”で演奏されました.Li Greek Theatreのライブではライブ・アルバムを編集したという評判がありますが、すぐに2日間の完全なステレオサウンドボードの録音アウトフローになります。ボーナスの2日目は非常に良い品質のものでもあり、観客はビデオを撮った。 10月19日のギリシャ劇場のパフォーマンスは、合体したアイテムの出現とともに古典的であり、Paige Crowsのライブアイテムが減少しました。
ビデオは今見過ごされている目の中にあります。十分な品質のものも見ていますが、時間の経過とともに残っていることになる第3のアイ・プロダクションは、レーベルからDVD-Rフォーマットでリリースされました。貴重な情熱の聴衆の銃弾が埋葬された状態になったので、Paige Crows自身の時間へのボーナスは、あなたがまた皮肉なことにPaigeのこの時期に日本を訪問するようになります。当店ではこのビデオを見直してきたが、画質の驚異的な化学的性質に打たれているのは、高画質のページとクロウズが制作されていたことであり、

もう一度見に来て、彼らが生きるのを聞いて、あまりにも新鮮に反映されます。 ZEP番号が最初の大演奏ではありましたが、実際には「PHYSICAL GRAFFITI」は本当に面白いものをたくさん占めるところからの音楽の選択です。 Paigeの植物は、同様に、ZEPあなたの仏の羅が生きているという意図は、あなたが鳥居譲ようとしていなかった曲は、同じアルバムを頼むことができるボーナスメンバーであるという明確な状態です。
ソレカケイインパクト “Custard Pie”は早くもライブ演奏されていますが、活発な演奏にはまだ非常に大きなインパクトがあります。さらに、 “死の時に” ZEPのライブバージョンとは異なる “物理的なGRAFFITI”のポイントの録音バージョンは、元の鍵で演奏されていたことにも留意する必要があります。
この曲のパフォーマンスが示すように、Paige Crowsもこれも新鮮に反映されているので、元のスタジオバージョンに戻って再生しようとしていますが、非常に魅力的です。そしてZEPの解散は、私が声の量の点で歌いたくないということを私に教えてくれます(笑)。「あなたの時間は来るつもりです。その性能はEd Hirschのキーボードから始まりました、残念ながら今月彼の死亡記事だけが到着したタイミングもあり、今私はなっていて、別の意味で貴重な遊びになっています。
と “ロックンロール”とステレオタイプのボーナスZEPの数は、 “ブラックドッグ”などアメリカ人の喜びの可能性があることを賞賛する感覚を避けるために敢えてその注目を注ぐ必要があります。私は彼らが部屋で演奏されているかどうか、私は単なるコピーバンドに落ちるかもしれないかどうかを考えていないかもしれないと思います。私はそれが本当に巧妙だったと思うこれらの2つの曲を避けるために黒の雄鶏。
若いバンドを獲得したばかりのPaigeは、年齢を重ねるにつれてさらに多くの活動を続けていましたが、どこにいても気持ちよく遊び心を見せてくれて貴重なものになるのは今も注目すべきポイントです。これは植物「レモン・ソング」などを歌いたいとは思っていなかったし、そういう音楽とページの演奏も素晴らしい1969年のZEPのように素晴らしく戻っていった。 ? “そして、思い出されることは間違いありません。
今はクロウズ自体も解散されるのですが、私は今この時代のコラボレーションの素晴らしさと意義として説得力を持っています。彼らの解散の原因は、クリス・ロビンソンはかなりの首にドラマーのオイコモ・スティーブ・ゴーマンに挑戦していた問題があったのですが、彼のドラム演奏は、Paige Crowsのライブで大きな鍵を握っていました。よく見てこのビデオを見てください。
明らかに演劇はBonzoスタイルがどこでも、 “死ぬの私の時間の中で”も示している研究された非常に素晴らしいパフォーマンスになっている彼に感謝です。そのような活気に満ちたギターとは違って、あなたはPaigeの豊かな腹の周りに鮮やかなイメージで捉えられていますか?(笑)。 Paigeが今見ているのは、それを再確認したり、このビデオの驚くべきユーティリティを使っても言おう。
そしてあなたは現在のバージョンになっているが、圧倒的なプレッシャーを感じるコラボレーションの古典的なイメージにふさわしい状態になっているのは、定盤DVDを押すことである。プレスボードに録音するのではなく、声のレベルを上げ、ライブで遅れてしまった微妙な声でシンクロをさらに調整し、Third Eyeオリジナルよりも完璧な状態に仕上げました。 !今回のリリースでは、1999年のコラボレーションの鮮度と素晴らしさを再確認してください

(118: 45)
1. Introduction 2 . Celebration Day 3. Custard Pie 4. Sick Again 5. No Speak No Slave
6. What Is And What Should Never Be 7. Hard To Handle 8. Woke Up This Morning 9. Ten Years Gone
10. In My Time Of Dying 11 . Your Time Is Gonna Come 12. Remedy 13. The Lemon Song
14. Sloppy Drunk 15. Shapes Of Things 16. Nobody’S Fault But Mine 17. Heartbreaker
18. Hey Hey What Can I Do 19. You Shook Me 20. Member Introduction 21 . Out On The Tiles
22. Whole Lotta Love

Jimmy Page – Guitar Chris Robinson – Vocals Rich Robinson – Guitar, Vocals
Audley Freed – Guitar Sven Pipien – Bass Steve Gorman – Drums Ed Harsch – Keyboards (RIP)

COLOUR NTSC Approx.119Min.

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