Jimmy Page / La Forum 1988 Mike Millard First Generation Tapes / 2CD+1Bonus CDR

Jimmy Page / La Forum 1988 Mike Millard First Generation Tapes / 2CD+1Bonus CDR / Wardour

The Forum, Inglewood, CA, USA 7th October 1988 plus Ltd Bonus CDR “OUTRIDER IN OHIO: JAPANESE RADIO BROADCAST EDITION”


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1988 album “OUTRIDER” tour, which was Jimmy Page’s only solo live until now. He himself seems to be proud of the tour and the album, even posting on Jimmy’s Facebook this month that “the tour started in September 1988.” In fact, the US tour was a great success and excitement, and it is undeniable that it is no longer looked back on in general, but it is also a time when enthusiasts appreciate it.
The great thing about this tour is that it’s a record of when Jimmy first “worried” after the dissolution of ZEP. Even at that time, it is undeniable that the activities of The Farm were during the rehabilitation period as Jimmy’s performer and artist, and ZEP reunion at Live Aid and Atlantic 40th Anniversary event may be counted in that category. ..
In that respect, the album “OUTRIDER” unfortunately demonstrates Jimmy’s outstanding producing ability, and was a hidden masterpiece in which his unique riff-centered songs and the elements of Eighties Rock at that time were well intertwined. The band guitarist tried to make a solo album … It was a wonderful rock album that was completely different from the dimension.

Jimmy’s ability to produce has been fully demonstrated in the live tour after the album was released, and instead of being a guitarist’s solo tour, Jimmy Page’s new band’s excellent live tour that appeared in 1988. It boasts a high degree of perfection as a show. Basically, it was a song selection that looked back on my career, but as for the ZEP number that is the centerpiece, I have introduced songs that the band has never played (= “Custard Pie”), etc. The composition that clearly conveys Jimmy’s motivation during his solo tour was also wonderful. And with Jason Bonham playing the drums, the ZEP number was even more convincing.
Regarding this tour, there are two major classics, a radio broadcast with “OHIO 1988” as the definitive edition, and a one-camera pro shot video in Arizona shot by MTV for news, but both are from the complete recording of the show. There was a problem that it was far from. Even so, there was a drawback that the angle was monotonous because the video in Arizona was not premised on full live recording, and shooting was stopped in some places and cuts were made. And above all, the fact that the great success of the American tour and the excitement of the audience did not come through made me feel awkward.
Rather, if you are a maniac, you ran to audience recording to experience the tremendous excitement that was on this tour. Audience albums were released from this tour in detail in the 90’s, but it is a fact that there were no items with good sound for the 1988’s. The masterpiece “PRISON BLUES” has overcome such a situation in the 21st century. This captured the pattern of the short-term British tour that took place after the US tour, but it can be said that it is a masterpiece that revealed the time when it was wrapped in a veil after the US tour with the best sound quality. Then. When that happens, enthusiasts want to hear the best audience on the US tour. Last week, JEMS revealed that Mike Millard, who loved ZEP, also recorded this tour as if to respond to such enthusiasts’ thoughts.

He recorded a show at the LA Forum, which is also at his knees. Speaking of LA forums on the “OUTRIDER” tour, do you remember that the nostalgic analog boot “THE RETURN OF THE LED GREMLIN” was released for old enthusiasts? The LP released by Ken Douglas, who is familiar with that TMOQ, has good sound quality, and above all, it was evaluated by enthusiasts as a masterpiece that captured his appearance with exceptional excitement at the LA Forum, which Jimmy loved to play.
However, there is Mike Millard. It captured the famous performance of 1988 with a quality that slightly exceeded the audience recording used for the nostalgic LP, which had a fairly high quality sound quality at that time. However, unfortunately, when the volume of the microphone was adjusted immediately after the performance of Mirrored on that day, one of the connections became unstable, and the recording continued with problems as stereo recording. Because of that, it was a sound source that was not played among traders at the time of his life, but he unearthed a tape buried by JEMS research since the beginning of this year.
When it was released, it was uploaded in an almost monaural state, making use of the intact channel with no connection trouble. This would be a restore that was possible only with current technology.

And, perhaps because of the injuries, the monaural skeletal sound also provided a realistic record of the day’s booming Jimmy and the lively forum audience. Regarding the part that was missing when adjusting the microphone at the beginning mentioned earlier, I patched the sound source used for the example “THE RETURN OF THE LED GREMLIN”, but by listening to that, the mirrored sound source was turned on. You will be reminded of the sound image.
After all, the audience on this day was enthusiastic in front of Jimmy, who was the first solo artist to come to the forum. Even so, I was delighted to see the phrases “Black Mountain Side” and “Kashmir” appearing in the instrumental “Midnight Moonlight”. I often listen to the performance. Still, it is Elai that this instrument is compactly organized without playing it on a long scale like in the ZEP era. Jimmy was looking at the 80’s.
On the other hand, I was also hit by a rare happening, and at the end of “Writes Of Winter” the electric strings were cut, so I stopped playing “Tear Down The Walls” which should be played continuously. .. Or even if Jimmy’s guitar didn’t sound after 6 minutes of “In My Time Of Dying,” which is attractive to be played with the same keys as the album version, he returned to the song without rotting. It was.
Certainly Jimmy’s play is rough and hidden, and I’m about to make a mistake in the composition of “Wasting My Time” on this day as well. However, from the literally “lack of vividness” play that had been going on since the ZEP last tour, he was playing lively, and the phrase was also lively. This is why the “OUTRIDER” tour is loved by enthusiasts. Although it is a unique monaural audience for Mirrored, it is very powerful when it is sounded from a speaker with a roaring sound. Jimmy’s appearance regained its brilliance at the LA Forum!

このツアーの素晴らしいところは、ZEPの解散後、ジミーが最初に「心配した」ときの記録だということです。その時でさえ、ジミーのパフォーマー兼アーティストとしてのリハビリ期間中にザファームの活動があったことは否定できず、ライブエイドと大西洋40周年記念イベントでのZEPの再会はそのカテゴリに数えられるかもしれません。 ..

今回のツアーでは、「OHIO 1988」を決定版とするラジオ放送と、MTVがニュースのためにアリゾナで撮影したワンカメラプロショットビデオの2つの主要なクラシックがありますが、どちらも番組の完全な録音からのものです。遠いという問題がありました。それでも、アリゾナでの動画はフルライブ収録を前提としておらず、所々で撮影が中止されカットされたため、角度が単調であるという欠点がありました。そして何よりも、アメリカンツアーの大成功と観客の興奮が伝わらなかったのが気まずかったです。
むしろ、あなたがマニアであるならば、あなたはこのツアーにあった途方もない興奮を体験するために聴衆のレコーディングに走りました。このツアーから90年代にオーディエンスアルバムが詳細にリリースされましたが、1988年代には音のいいアイテムがなかったのも事実です。名作「PRISON BLUES」は、21世紀のこのような状況を乗り越えました。これはアメリカツアーの後に行われた短期イギリスツアーの模様を捉えたものですが、アメリカツアー後にベールに包まれた時の音質が最高だった時期を明かした傑作と言えます。その後。それが起こるとき、愛好家は米国ツアーで最高の聴衆を聞きたいです。先週、JEMSは、ZEPを愛したマイクミラードもこのような熱狂的なファンの考えに対応するかのようにこのツアーを記録したことを明らかにしました。

彼はまた彼の膝にあるLAフォーラムでショーを録音しました。 「OUTRIDER」ツアーのLAフォーラムといえば、懐かしいアナログブーツ「THE RETURN OF THE LED GREMLIN」が古いファンのためにリリースされたことを覚えていますか?あのTMOQに詳しいケン・ダグラスがリリースしたLPは音質が良く、何よりもジミーが大好きだったLAフォーラムで並外れた興奮で姿を捉えた傑作として愛好家から評価された。

そして、おそらく怪我のために、モノラルの骨格音は、その日の急成長しているジミーと活気あるフォーラムの聴衆の現実的な記録も提供しました。冒頭のマイク調整時に欠けていた部分について、「THE RETURN OF THE LED GREMLIN」の例で使用している音源にパッチを当てましたが、それを聞くことでミラー音源がオンになりました。音像を思い出します。

Disc 1 (46:55)
1. Intro
2. Who’s To Blame ★ 0:23 –0 :30 / 0:39 –0 :43 Same day sound source supplement
3. Prelude
4. Over The Hills And Far Away
5. Liquid Mercury
6. Wanna Make Love
7. Band Introductions
8. Writes Of Winter
9. Tear Down The Walls
10. Emerald Eyes
11. Midnight Moonlight incl. Black Mountain Side, Kashmir

Disc 2 (78:32)
1. In My Time Of Dying
2. City Sirens
3. Drum Solo
4. Someone To Love
5. Prison Blues
6. The Chase
7. Bow Solo / Dazed And Confused
8. Wasting My Time
9. Blues Anthem
10. Custard Pie
11. Train Kept A-Rollin’12
. Stairway To Heaven

Jimmy Page –Guitar
John Miles –Vocal, Keyboards
Jason Bonham
–Drums Durban Laverde –Bass



Jimmy Page /Outrider In Ohio: Japanese Broadcast Edition /1CDR

Cleveland Public Hall, Cleveland, Ohio USA 19th October 1988 Hara Arena, Dayton, Ohio, USA 21st October 1988 STEREO SBD

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Introducing a radio album that instantly changes your room 30 years ago, which was broadcast on a national program “Rock Live Selection”. This work is a special feature that conveys the pattern of Jimmy Page’s “OUTRIDER” tour from a Japanese radio program hosted by a famous DJ, recorded by enthusiasts at the time of broadcasting and directly from the treasured cassette. It has been digitized.
The live itself uses a standard high-quality sound board, but it is wonderful that the sense of the times of real-time DJ comments overflows. After all, speaking of “OUTRIDER” in 1988, WHITESNAKE’s “Still Of The Night” and KINGDOM COME’s “Get It On” raged, and the wave of LED ZEPPELIN re-evaluation was occurring in the world. The head family Jimmy Page also co-starred in Robert Plant’s “NOW AND ZEN” and reunited at the Atlantic Records 40th Anniversary concert, and the gold signboard of “LED ZEPPELIN” began to swell and start moving. Finally, the ban on ZEPPELIN numbers was lifted in large numbers even at live performances, and it became a turning point that led to COVERDALE / PAGE and PAGE & PLANT later.
In fact, the power of the ZEP number is tremendous, and just because I fully enjoyed the feeling of “unexpected” in “DEATH WISH II” and THE FIRM, the DJ was delighted with this work as well, “No, it’s a shame, isn’t it? The dissolution of LED ZEPPELIN! ” The voice oozes the joy of “finally!”, And you can tell that the grin is not completely suppressed without even looking at the face. As the DJ confesses, the song selection is extremely arbitrary by the DJ himself. The live itself is “Who’s To Blame” “Prelude” “Over The Hills And Far Away” “October 19, 1988 Cleveland performance”, the rest two days later “October 21 Dayton performance”, ZEP number from there Focus on your choice. DJs will not be affected by the performance.
And John Miles, a back member, tells Jason Bonham that the DJ is “reminiscent of Robert Plant.” Although it is described as “youthful vocal” in the program, it is actually a British veteran who is older than Paul Rodgers and has a good career. However, the tension of the voice was certainly youthful, and although I did not feel it so much in the studio work, I was surprised to sing the ZEP number a little like a mimicry (David Coverdale screaming with a cracked voice) It’s much more natural).

The big chorus “… and she’s buying a stairway to heaven” also concludes with a moving instrumental version of “Stairway to Heaven”. Now that I know what happened, when I listen to it, the overall atmosphere is like the introduction to PAGE & PLANT, or a slightly lighter “zinc airship.” It is a piece that scents what the reproduction that the head family worked on in the ZEPPELIN re-evaluation whirlwind that occurred in the latter half of 1980, and how the fans and media at that time accepted it. It’s more than just a live album with a high-quality sound board, it’s a time machine album that breathes in the air of the times and makes the room into the 80’s. Please take this opportunity to enjoy Jimmy Page’s first step in facing the “Legend of ZEPPELIN” head-on.

ライブ自体はスタンダードな高音質サウンドボードを使用していますが、リアルタイムDJコメントの時代感が溢れているのは素晴らしいです。結局、1988年の「OUTRIDER」といえば、WHITESNAKEの「Still Of The Night」とKINGDOM COMEの「Get It On」が激怒し、LED ZEPPELINの再評価の波が世界で起こっていました。本家のジミーペイジは、ロバートプラントの「NOW AND ZEN」にも共演し、Atlantic Recordsの40周年記念コンサートで再会し、「LED ZEPPELIN」の金の看板がふくらみ、動き始めました。最後に、ZEPPELIN番号の禁止がライブパフォーマンスでも大幅に解除され、それがカバーカバー/ページとページ&プラントにつながったターニングポイントになりました。
実はZEPナンバーの威力はすごいし、「DEATH WISH II」やTHE FIRMで「意外」という感覚を存分に堪能したからといって、DJはこの作品も嬉しかったです「いいえ、残念です。 、LED ZEPPELINの解散!「声が「ついに!」 DJが告白するように、曲の選択はDJ自身によって非常に恣意的です。ライブ自体は「Who’s To Blame」「Prelude」「Over The Hills And Far Away」「1988年10月19日クリーブランド公演」、2日後の残りは「10月21日デイトン公演」、そこからZEP番号でお好みにフォーカス。 DJはパフォーマンスの影響を受けません。
そして、バックメンバーのジョンマイルズは、DJが「ロバートプラントを連想させる」とジェイソンボーナムに伝えます。プログラムでは「若々しいボーカル」と表現されているが、実はポール・ロジャースより年上でキャリアのあるイギリスのベテラン。ただ、声の張りは確かに若々しく、スタジオ作業ではあまり感じなかったのですが、ZEP番号をちょっと似せて歌ったのにはビックリしました(David Coverdaleがひびの入った声で叫んでいます)ナチュラル)。

大合唱「……そして、彼女は天国への階段を買っている」も、「天国への階段」の感動的なインストルメンタルバージョンで終わります。何が起こったのかわかったので、聴いてみると、全体的な雰囲気はPAGE&PLANTの紹介、または少し軽い「亜鉛飛行船」のようなものです。 1980年後半に発生したゼッペリン再評価旋風の中で本家が手掛けた再現と、当時のファンやメディアがそれを受け入れた香りがする作品です。高品質のサウンドボードを備えた単なるライブアルバムではなく、時代の空気を吹き込み、部屋を80年代にしたタイムマシンアルバムです。この機会に、ジミーペイジの「伝説のゼッペリン」を正面から見た最初のステップをお楽しみください。

1. DJ Intro
Tonight, I would like to introduce you to that “Jimmy Page on Stage”!

When I listen to this live, that John Miles is a pretty youthful nori that is reminiscent of Robert Plant, and it’s pretty good!

After the dissolution of Led Zeppelin, he has been active in making solo album soundtracks, bands called farms, and solos called outriders, but considering his achievements, after all No one can deny that Led Zeppelin is the biggest one. So I chose the songs subjectively, but I thought I would mainly listen to Zeppelin songs. I think this is not just for me, but for everyone.

2. Who’s To Blame
3. Prelude
4. Over The Hills And Far Away
5. In My Time Of Dying
6. DJ Talks This is an

exciting performance.
No, it ’s good. When I listen to Over The Hills and In My Time Of Dying in succession, I feel that Zeppelin is really disappointing, and that it will be disbanded.
Jimmy Page was, in a sense, a foresightful realization of the current rock scene, or a great guitarist who established a riff-based musical style rather than playing phrases quickly. I think this was a great achievement to predict the rock scene of the 80’s and 90’s.
Around that time, Zeppelin itself had a clear concept, but it’s been a little swaying as a solo … I’m dissatisfied with that, but I wonder if it will do it well in the meantime. I will.

7. Wasting My Time
8. Custard Pie incl. Black Dog
9. Train Kept A Rollin
’10 Stairway To Heaven
11. DJ Outro

No, that unusual way of receiving that Stairway To Heaven when it starts, what kind of thing I felt that there was a difference in the reaction between the solo and the Zeppelin number, which made it clear that this concert was based on the needs. (Lol)
Jimmy Page is currently in the process of resting as a creative artist, and his solo and band projects since Zeppelin haven’t worked out very well.
The current guitar play was also wonderful, reminiscent of Zeppelin’s active days, and since he was originally a musician with high potential, I wonder if he will do a big job again in the next project. I feel like that.


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