Jimmy Page & The Black Crowes/ Soundcheck At The Greek 1999 / 1DVDR

Jimmy Page & The Black Crowes/ Soundcheck At The Greek 1999 / 1DVDR / Non label

Greek Theatre Los Angeles CA USA 18th & 19th October 1989. NTSC

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Co-starring with THE BLACK CROWES, which had a peculiar brilliance in “Jimmy Page in the 90’s”. This work was shot on “October 18, 1999,” which was the basis of the official edition “LIVE AT THE GREEK.” Sunday, 19th Greek Theater “. It is a pattern of the sound check performed on site prior to the actual performance, and the first day “October 18” is recorded for about 13 minutes, and the second day “October 19” is recorded for about 19 and a half minutes. It is a handy camera image by the staff, but the quality is exceptional. There is no deterioration or dubbing marks on the screen that seems to have been digitized directly from the master, and the color is glossy. Although it is different from the so-called professional shot, it is a dimension that can be fully accepted as a document video even if it is official. The first day to appear is “October 18th”. The scene of playing “The Lemon Song” on a sepia screen is almost a professional shot of a one-turtle. Page and Chris Robinson are captured from behind the drum kit, and Page’s zoom is plentiful. You can witness Page playing the guitar seriously and comfortably as the audience heads to the venue where they are not alone. The following “Custard Pie”, “Jam # 1”, and “Jam # 2” are made by covering the frame-by-frame video with audio, probably because there is no seamless video master. It’s a shame that the movement is jerky, but you can witness a valuable sight in full color here. And the voice covered is also wonderful. I think it was a recording of the camera microphone at the scene, but since I was present on the stage, the direct feeling was fully opened. From the phrase that you flip a little to the conversational voice of the meeting, it is clearly recorded, and even if there is no scene, it is a superb recording that returns to the feeling of the scene. Even though it’s a sound check, you can fully enjoy Page’s guitar, which you can play hot. And even more wonderful is the second day “October 18”. There is no frame advance here, and a full-color image that moves smoothly (sepia from the middle of “You Shook Me”). Shooting starts from the back of the drum kit, but you can freely go back and forth between the stages and attend the sound check from various angles. Page laughs when he talks to the staff while strumming the Stratocaster. Audrey Fried holding a Les Paul and Page confirming the timing. It is a valuable image that you can clearly witness not only the facial expression but also the moving hands. Jimmy Page’s appearance carefully checking for the stage of his official live album “LIVE AT THE GREEK”. This is a valuable video collection where you can attend the sound check and experience the same scene next to Page. The Greek Theater, Los Angeles 18th October 1999

“90年代のジミー・ペイジ”でも特異な輝きを放っていたTHE BLACK CROWESとの共演。本作が撮影されたのは、公式盤『LIVE AT THE GREEK』の元になった「1999年10月18日・19日グリーク・シアター」。本番に先立って現場で行われたサウンドチェックの模様で、初日「10月18日」を約13分、2日目「10月19日」を約19分半収録しています。スタッフによるハンディ・カメラの映像ですが、そのクオリティは特級。マスターからダイレクトにデジタル化したと思われる画面には劣化もダビング痕も一切なく、発色も艶やか。いわゆるプロショットとは違うものの、ドキュメント映像としてオフィシャルでも十二分に通用する次元です。
まず登場するのは、初日「10月18日」。セピア色の画面で「The Lemon Song」を演奏する光景は、ほとんどワンカメのプロショット。ドラムキットの後ろからペイジやクリス・ロビンソンの姿を捉えており、ペイジのズームもたっぷり。観客が独りもいない会場に向かい、マジメに、そして気持ち良さそうにギターを鳴らすペイジの姿を目の当たりにできます。続く「Custard Pie」「Jam #1」「Jam #2」はシームレスな動画マスターがないのか、コマ送り映像に音声が被さったつくり。カクカクした動きは残念ですが、こちらはフルカラーで貴重な光景を目撃できます。そして、被せられた音声がまた素晴らしい。現場のカメラマイクの録音だと思いますが、ステージに同席しているだけあってダイレクト感全開。ちょっとつま弾くフレーズから打ち合わせの会話声まで鮮明に記録されており、たとえ光景がなかったとしても現場感にむせ返る極上録音。サウンドチェックだというのに思いの外、熱く弾き込むペイジのギターがたっぷりと堪能できます。
そして、さらに素晴らしいのが2日目「10月18日」分。こちらにはコマ送りはなく、滑らかに動くフルカラー映像(「You Shook Me」の途中からセピア)。やはりドラムキット後方から撮影が始まりますが、自由にステージを行き来し、さまざまなアングルでサウンドチェックに同席できます。ストラトキャスターをかき鳴らしながらスタッフと話し込んでは爆笑するペイジ。レスポールを握るオウドリー・フリードとタイミングを確認するペイジ。その表情はもちろん、よく動く手先までハッキリと目撃できる貴重映像です。

公式ライヴアルバム『LIVE AT THE GREEK』のステージに向け、入念に確認していくジミー・ペイジの姿。そのサウンドチェックに同席し、ペイジの隣で同じ光景を体験できる貴重な映像集です。

The Greek Theatre, Los Angeles 18th October 1999

1. The Lemon Song
2. Custard Pie
3. Jam #1
4. Jam #2

The Greek Theatre, Los Angeles 19th October 1999

5. Jam #3
6. Jam #4
7. You Shook Me
8. Jam #5

NTSC Colour Approx. 32min.

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