Jimmy Page / Ohio 1988 / 1CD

Jimmy Page / Ohio 1988 / 1CD / Wardour
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Public Hall, Cleveland, Ohio, USA 19th October 1988 & Hara Arena, Dayton, Ohio, USA 21st October 1988. STEREO SBD

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The solo career of each member after ZEP dissolution is apt to be overlooked something, but as for Paige, there will be no time when the solo album “OUTRIDER” of 1988 is overlooked. Unlike the soundtrack of the movie that he released after ZEP dissolution, or unlike The Farm, Paige made it as a single rock album in solo and it is the only thing that is up to now.
Naturally, at the beginning of the release there was also involvement of the ally plant and so on, but a big topic was invoked, but contrary to the topicality that ZEP reunion at the Atlantic Record event happened right after the release of the album There is a disadvantage that the contents ended without being evaluated properly. In fact it was a famous rock compilation compiled like the 80’s while being pushed out to the front as a talent as a songwriter of Paige and a clear as a guitar player.
Regarding this album and the tour after the release, Paige himself seems to have a feeling, and when visiting our shop, it is not a standard Arizona, but what he sees the images of Nassau · Coliseum of the audience · shot and New Haven . Actually, as the rock act in the 1980s I heard the performance of first-class products and it was clear that I feel proud of this tour and band as Page.

After releasing “OUTRIDER”, it was John Miles of vocal that became key person in the tour spent the second half of 1988. ZEP mania who compares it with the plant has been subject to criticism somewhat, but I am surprised to hear it now. Is not he the owner of a wonderful voice? Unique personality is not as strong as Paul · Rogers at the time of the farm, yet it is a charm as a vocalist totally different from the plant. It is now familiar with the point that it combines the 80’s pop-like popularity and the quartz as a shooter. Paige himself also has only acclaimed that he is “a wonderful voice owner” when releasing “OUTRIDER”.
The radio sound source “Westwood One Superstars Rock Concert Series” that delivered his singing voice, the charm of the tour band, and the appearance of Paige who tried to scream more than anything but with excellent sound quality. Though it was the best stereo sound board recording, in the past it has also produced well-known titles such as “EMERALD EYES” and “MIDNIGHT MOONLIGHT”, but the “OUTRIDER” tour overlooked over the last ten years From the item that can be easily got disappeared from.

So this time we are familiar on the net Joe · Maloney in the air check sound source which was owned recently Also on the net recently “KRW & CO” familiarized on the basis of the carefully transferred version CD converted. I finally caught the vibrant playing with the highest sound quality with the finish like Radio sound source and clearness less than Page. There is almost no equalization like past items or scratch / noise etc of the broadcasting disk which is scattered almost, and it is finished in the limited press CD title suitable for calling as a new decision version.
A really wonderful performance is stuffed throughout the whole story, but it seems to have worked out that it was an excerpt from the two performances in Ohio state in the middle of the tour. Besides, John Miles is awesome to sing “Over The Hills And Far Away” with a melody of album version. I ended up live with Instrumental ‘s Stairway To Heaven every evening, but since that time I took up a big topic, but playing “In My Time Of Dying” with the same key as the album version of “PHYSICAL GRAFFITI” The point which is also very rare and good feeling.
From the time of the Atlantic Record event, Jason Bonham ‘s wise play which was also acting with Paige as a drummer is transmitted. Unlike now a certain kind of status has been established as “Bonzo’s Son”, its vibrant drumming stands out.
And the attraction as compact lock number of “Emerald Eyes” recorded in “OUTRIDER”, moreover, “Tear Down The Walls” played with plenty of excitement more than the original farm, and surprisingly playing page and Miles’ spectacular chemical reactions are recorded with the highest sound quality. Please reconfirm the charm of “OUTRIDER” tour by all means forgotten in this release. And for people who want to listen to all of the shows, we recommend “PRISON BLUES” which included our performance of London release (superb audience recording).


彼の歌声やツアーバンドの魅力、そして何よりも弾きまくってみせたペイジの様子をダイジェストながらも素晴らしい音質で伝えてくれたのがラジオ音源「Westwood One Superstars Rock Concert Series」。最高のステレオ・サウンドボード録音ということから過去にも「EMERALD EYES」や「MIDNIGHT MOONLIGHT」といった有名タイトルを生み出してはきたものの、ここ十年以上に渡って「OUTRIDER」ツアーが見過ごされてしまったことから、手軽にゲットできるアイテムが姿を消してしまいました。

全編に渡って本当に素晴らしい演奏が詰め込まれていますが、これはツアー中盤で行われたオハイオ州での二公演からの抜粋というというのも功を奏したのでしょう。おまけにジョン・マイルズは「Over The Hills And Far Away」をアルバム・バージョンのメロディで軽々と歌い上げてみせるのが凄い。ライブを毎晩インストゥルメンタルの「Stairway To Heaven」で締めくくっていたことは当時から大きな話題を呼びましたが、「In My Time Of Dying」を「PHYSICAL GRAFFITI」のアルバム・バージョンと同じキーで演奏している点も非常にレアでしかもいい感じの演奏。
そして「OUTRIDER」に収録された「Emerald Eyes」のコンパクトにまとまったロックナンバーとしての魅力、さらにオリジナルのファーム以上に躍動感たっぷりに演奏された「Tear Down The Walls」など、驚くほど弾きまくるペイジとマイルズの見事な化学反応が最高の音質で記録されています。是非とも今回のリリースで忘れ去られた「OUTRIDER」ツアーの魅力を再認識してください。そしてショーのすべてを聴きたくなった方には当店リリースのロンドン公演(極上オーディエンス録音)を収録した「PRISON BLUES」をおすすめします。

Live at Public Hall Cleveland, Ohio, USA 19th October 1988

1. Who’s To Blame 2. Prelude 3. Over The Hills And Far Away 4. Writes Of Winter
5. Tear Down The Walls 6. Emerald Eyes 7. Midnight Moonlight

Live at Live at Hara Arena, Dayton, Ohio, USA 21st October 1988

8. In My Time Of Dying 9. Prison Blues 10. Wasting My Time 11. Custard Pie with Black Dog
12. Train Kept A Rollin’ 13. Stairway To Heaven 14. Outro

Jimmy Page – Guitar John Miles – Vocal, Keyboards Jason Bonham – Drums Durban Laverde – Bass

Westwood One Superstars Rock Concert Series: FM Broadcast


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