Jimi Hendrix / Silver Blue To Bloody Red / 2CDR

Jimi Hendrix / Silver Blue To Bloody Red / 2CDR / Gypsy Eye Project

Translated text:
Studio Outtakes And Remix Collection. Soundboard



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New compilation summarizes the remix sound of unreleased outtakes and Jimi Hendrix first appearance!

You can enjoy as a compilation maniac summarizes the rare tracks from 67 to 70 and has become a content that has been re-edited anew by following official compilation album of the 2013 release “People Hell and Angels”.

Outtakes of “Are You Experienced” also included the sound source of the stage before the Monterey bonus. The title of the recommended as a collectible item of latest edit!





01. 1983… (A Merman I Should Turn To Be)
02. Bold As Love I
03. Castles Made Of Sand
04. Wait Until Tomorrow
05. Electric Ladyland
06. Long Hot Summer Night
07. Izabella I
08. Izabella II
09. Villanova Junction
10. Drifter’s Escape I
11. Drifting
12. Freedom
13. Hey Baby I (New Rising Sun)
14. Straight Ahead
15. Izabella III

01. Hey Joe I
02. Hey Joe II
03. Foxey Lady
04. Are You Experienced
05. I Don’t Live Today
06. Fire
07. You Got Me Floating
08. Spanish Castle Magic
09. Hear My train I
10. Tax Free
11. Bold As Love II
12. Hey Baby II (New Rising Sun)
13. Drifter’s Escape II
14. White Nigger
15. Hear My Train II
16. Hey Baby / Villanova Junction
17. Freedom
18. Post Show (Monterey Pop Festival June 18th 1967)
19. Are You Experienced (Outtake)

Gypsy Eye Project . GEP-271A/B

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