Jimi Hendrix / French TV Archives 1967-1972 / 1DVDR

Jimi Hendrix / French TV Archives 1967-1972 / 1DVDR / VJam

Translated Text:

Baton Rough (1967-05-21) Gaumont Cinema, Ipswich, UK 1957-04-01. Pro-Shot


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Precious TV live and promo video of Jimi Hendrix has been recorded “French TV Archives 1967-1972” stock as NTSC version DVD from the original PAL master!

Famous live video like you but is familiar is the video that was left at the time of the French TV broadcaster had been around in part by poor image quality in rare thing many past at the time, here is a master-class quality in the UK and the US it is recorded in quality.

Fan is a must-see of the Collector’s item that said that the valuable video recording has become the now!




01. Purple Haze
02. Wild Thing/Bouton Rouge (1967-05-21) Gaumont Cinema, Ipswich, UK 1967-04-01
03. Hey Joe (broadcast 1967-05-24 Tilt Magazine)
04. Stone Free (broadcast 1967-08-04 Tilt Magazine)
05. Wild Thing (broadcast 1967-08-13 Music Hall de France)/Theatre d’Issy les Moulineaux, Paris 1967-05-11
06. Hey Joe
07. Burning Of The Midnight Lamp/Dim Dam Dom Varis, Paris 1967-10-10
08. The Wind Cries Mary
09. Burning Of The Midnight Lamp Le Nouveau Dimanche, Montparnasse, Paris 1967-10-11
10. The Wind Cries Mary
11. Burning Of The Midnight Lamp
Discorama, Paris 1967-10-12
12. Burning Of The Midnight Lamp Un Portrait de Marie Lafort, Paris 1967-10-21
13. Earth Blues-A L’affiche du Monde (1970-05-21) Band Of Gypsys, Fillmore East, New York City 1969-12-31
14. Stone Free A L’affiche du Monde (1970-08-20) Atlanta Pop Festival, Middle Georgia Raceway, Byron, GA 1970-07-04
15. The Wind Cries Mary 1970-09-18 JT 20H
16. Intro & Interview
17. Dolly Dagger
18. Message To Love Pop Deux (1970-10-10) Isle Of Wight Festival, East Afton Farm, Isle of Wight 1970-08-30
19. Foxy Lady Vivre au Present 1972-06-29

VJam. VJR – 341

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