Jimi Hendrix / Fillmore East 1969 1st Show Audience Recording / 1CDR

Jimi Hendrix / Fillmore East 1969 1st Show Audience Recording / 1CDR / Non Label
Fillmore East, New York City, NY, USA, 31st December 1969.

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Of the shows at Fillmore East that the Band of Gypsys performed four times in two days, only the first show on December 31, 1969, which is the band’s first stage, had no songs already released in the past It was done in the set list of “attack”. Not only is Jimi’s new band unveiling, it is a set list with a very unusual composition in his career.
In this way, the very historic stage in his live history is now also official “MACHINE GUN: LIVE AT THE FILLMORE EAST 12/31/1969 (FIRST SHOW)” was released, perfect stereo sound board recording Came to be heard at.
Until then, the show was famous for its spilled soundboard recordings, but in the first three songs it had the disadvantage that Jimi’s vocals tended to be off. Therefore, the audience recording which captured the same show that became an invaluable document for mania. It was proved that Jimi’s voice was well heard in the opening three songs at the venue on the day. In addition, the sense of presence of the audience watching the new band of Jimi in front of the new band that was not transmitted from the sound board was naturally captured.

However, with the appearance of a powerful official called “MACHINE GUN”, these underground sound sources have been swept away beautifully. Although it can not be helped, the problem is that the audience recording that has been left as a “document from the audience” is not available on the net or among traders, and the situation becomes equivalent to the existence being destroyed. That’s
It is no wonder that the official has been decisive, but it is too sad that this valuable audience document will be buried. Therefore, it is this audience recording that was offered as a gift by the researcher of Jimi by all means. Of course, the quality is far less than that of the official sound board, but it is still very easy to hear as a 1969 monaural audience recording.
That’s why there was a track record of “POWER OF SOUL” press CD items being released in the past, but this time using a copy of the first generation, and adjusting the pitch, and finished in an upper version that can not be compared with that. .

Certainly, in the opening “Power Of Soul”, the point where the performance started, there was a late sound drop after the taper was turned and the volume was adjusted, and furthermore, the point where the sound break occurred just before Jimi began to sing is It’s a common drawback of vintage audiences. However, after that, recording continues in a very stable state, and unlike the official, before Jimi and the band are introduced at the opening, he plays an “In From The Storm” -like riff after he appears on the stage Even if the scene that can be seen is captured, it will be valuable enough.
And since it was a stage consisting only of virtually all new songs, it was clear that the live was finished without reaching the end of the show without the enthusiasm, even if the audience was at the end of the show. It will be transmitted. After that, Jimi himself, or Buddy Miles, it is unthinkable whether it is Bill Graham’s proposal or not, but it seems that it is inevitable that the experience numbers have been introduced in the remaining three stages.
Of course, the content of such content is valuable, but the audience recording of the band of Gypsys, which has been overlooked literally, is recorded in the best state, and the high quality finish that I can not think as a gift item is surely a mania I’m proud that I’m satisfied.

★ Great sound quality. It is one piece of recommendation.

このように彼のライブ史の中においても非常に歴史的なステージも今やオフィシャル「MACHINE GUN: LIVE AT THE FILLMORE EAST 12/31/1969 (FIRST SHOW)」がリリースされ、完璧なステレオ・サウンドボード録音にて聞かれるようになりました。

ところが「MACHINE GUN」という強力なオフィシャルが登場してしまったことにより、これらアンダーグラウンド音源は見事に一掃されてしまいました。それは仕方ないにしても、問題は「客席からのドキュメント」としての価値が残されていたオーディエンス録音がネット上やトレーダー間にも出回らなくなってしまい、存在が抹殺されたに等しい状況となってしまったことでしょう。
それだけに「POWER OF SOUL」というプレスCDアイテムが過去にリリースされた実績がありましたが、今回はファースト・ジェネレーションのコピーを使用、なおかつピッチもアジャストしてそれとは比べ物にならないアッパー版へと仕上がっています。

確かにオープニングの「Power Of Soul」では演奏が始まったところでテーパーが慌ててボリュームを調整したが故の音落ちがあり、さらにはジミが歌い始める直前での音切れが生じてしまっている点はいかにもビンテージ・オーディエンスにありがちな欠点。ところが以降は非常に安定した状態で録音が続きますし、オフィシャルと違ってオープニングでジミとバンドが紹介される前の、彼がステージに現れて後の「In From The Storm」的なリフを鳴らしてみせる場面が捉えられているだけでも十分に貴重でしょう。


1. Intro 2. Power Of Soul 3. Lover Man 4. Hear My Train 5. Changes 6. Izabella
7. Machine Gun 8. Stop 9. Ezy Ryder 10. Bleeding Heart 11. Earth Blues
12. Burning Desire

Jimi Hendrix – guitar, vocals Buddy Miles – drums, vocals
Billy Cox – bass, backing vocals

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