Jimi Hendrix Experience / Fillmore East 1968 2nd Show / 1CD

Jimi Hendrix Experience / Fillmore East 1968 2nd Show / 1CD / Non Label
Fillmore East, New York City, NY, USA 10th May 1968(2nd Show)

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Jimi Hendrix’s rare sound source release, which began with the late-year Hawaiian live, has recently continued with releases that captured the 1967 lively stage with an incredible sound quality audience recording. And this time is the appearance of the live sound source of 1968 which can be said to be the best for Jimi and Experience.
It was Jimi who won the popularity in the home country starting with appearance to the Montare pop festival of the previous year, but the live activity in the country of 1967 is finished only during the summer, and thereafter it is as it is until then It was centered on live activities in the United Kingdom. It seems surprising given the popular explosion at Montare, but by 1968 it was back in the United States from February
Live activity resumes in earnest. That resulted in a rich live sound source left throughout the year.
Moreover, the branch on the east coast of Fillmore Auditorium in San Francisco, which had appeared in the previous year (the sound source at that time was not excavated), and Jimi was on May 10 at the theater named Fillmore East I am doing a gig. It’s Philmore East, a place that is deeply related to him, but this is the first time he has appeared there.

The stage was shown twice for the day, but the audience recording is the second show. The soundboard-like close feeling like Stockholm 1967, which has been released so far, is not so much, but the balance between Jimi’s vocals and performance is very good, and it is thought that this is another recording of 1968 The quality is amazing and easy to hear. There was a track record that was released in the past because of that much audience recording, and items such as “ONE NIGHT STAND” and its copy “CITY TO THE STICKS‘ 68 “existed.
However, they are sloppy cassettes that the basic pitch has gone wrong, and the final thing is the poor thing that fake cheers are covered in order to conceal the cut that has been generated between songs. It was a sound source with excellent performance and sound quality anyway, so there was no excuse for the previous processing being too bad.

Among the traders, in the ATM, which is Jimi’s huge source network, naturally there is a version without such small pieces, and it has been regarded as the best among mania in recent years. Based on this, there is also a version on the fan site where the hiss noise, which is the dilemma of this sound source, has been completely deleted last year. However, there was only the thing which held down hiss, and it was a finish that the feeling of equalizing was undeniable.
However, for this release, a first-generation master who was circulating only among core traders that were completely different from them was provided by the world authority on Hendrix research. Therefore, it is natural that sound quality is better than any previous version. More than that, it is worth noting that the finale “Wild Thing” where recording was interrupted in less than a minute with the past sound source is recorded here for more than 3 minutes. Still, there is no change in that it is incomplete recording, but the difference of this recording time is too large.
And to the state appropriate for release in the limited press CD, reduce hiss in the category where the sound quality does not change as the final stuffing. Furthermore, the pitch is also adjusted.

As such, the sound quality is good and the incandescence of the performance is a sound source that has been well-received among enthusiasts from a long time ago, but Jimi here is really in excellent condition. At the time, he was in the midst of producing a two-disc album “ELECTRIC LADY LAND”, which was a great masterpiece, and it was a time when Jimi was riding. As if the momentum was transferred on the stage as it is, it kicks it down comfortably.
That is remarkable “Red House”. There are many photos left on this day, but Jimi, who switched to a black Les Paul in this song, starts playing sounds in the first half with careful face-to-face sounds, but it keeps rolling like raging from the middle. It was a play that lasted for 15 minutes, but it does not make you feel any length at all, it is a wonderful thing.
Unlike the previous year, who stayed in the category of studio recordings and just played solos, it became popular that improvisation could be included to a large extent, and all songs began to be stretched, but Jimi’s early singles Even the symbolic “Hey Joe” has introduced live arrangements to the intro. In addition, the solo of Jimi who played with this song is a masterpiece by rolling up like a demon again.

By the way, on this day, the amp complains of a malfunction as soon as the show starts, and you can hear the noise from the amp “Gee” as it sounds. Still, Jimi tried to continue working until “Foxy Lady” without decaying, and the amplifier was exchanged using the guitar exchange time in “Red House”.
Even so, Jimi on this day is plenty of room, and I think if I try to play the intro of Chuck Berry “Brown Eyed Handsome Man” even during such troubles, “Sunshine Of Your Love”, a regular stage repertoire and a cream that later turns into Let me play it lightly, somehow no matter how light it is. In addition, the place where the cover song is decided to be good with Bob Dylan’s “Can You Please Crawl Out Your Window” is a perfect place (a masterpiece of ending of ending is also a masterpiece). It is a wonderful live that is packed with the momentum only in the first half of 1968. It is also a great sound source known for its past items, but the final version of 1968 Fillmore, which will wipe them out, is finally here!


この日は都合二回のステージが披露されたのですが、オーディエンス録音が残されているのはセカンドショー。これまでリリースされてきた1967年ストックホルムのようなサウンドボード的クローズ感はそれほどでもないのですが、その分ジミのボーカルと演奏のバランスが非常に良く、これもまた1968年の録音ということを考えれば驚くほど聞きやすいクオリティが絶品。それほどのオーディエンス録音ということから過去にリリースされた実績があり、「ONE NIGHT STAND」とそのコピー盤「CITY TO THE STICKS ‘68」といったアイテムが存在していました。

しかし今回のリリースに当たっては、それらとまったく違うコア・トレーダー間のみに流通していたファーストジェネレーション・マスターがヘンドリックス研究の世界的権威から提供されました。よって過去のどのバージョンよりも音質が良いのは当たり前。それ以上に特筆すべきは、過去の音源で一分にも満たない状態で録音が途切れていたフィナーレ「Wild Thing」がこちらは3分以上も収録しているということ。それでもまだ不完全収録であることに変わりはないのですが、この収録時間の違いはあまりにも大きい。

このように音質が良いことから演奏の白熱ぶりも昔からマニアの間で定評のあった音源ではありますが、ここでのジミは本当に絶好調。当時は一大傑作となる二枚組アルバム「ELECTRIC LADYLAND」の制作真っ最中であり、ジミが乗りに乗っていた時期。その勢いがそのままステージでも乗り移ったかの如く、気持ちいいほどに弾き倒してくれる。
それが顕著なのが「Red House」。この日は多くの写真が残されていますが、この曲で黒いレスポールに持ち替えたジミが前半は慎重な面持ちで音を鳴らし始めるものの、途中から怒涛の如く弾きまくり。それは15分にも及ぶ演奏でしたが、長さをまったく感じさせない、それは見事なもの。
あくまでスタジオ録音の範疇に留まってソロを弾いていた前年と違い、人気を獲得したことからインプロヴィゼーションを大幅に盛り込めることになってどの曲も演奏時間が引き伸ばされ始めていますが、ジミ初期シングルの象徴である「Hey Joe」ですら、イントロにライブ・アレンジが導入されています。おまけにこの曲で弾いたジミのソロがまた鬼のような弾きまくりで圧巻。

ちなみにこの日はショーが始まってすぐにアンプが不調を訴えており、実際に「ジー」というアンプから発せられたノイズも生々しいまでに聞き取れます。それでもジミは腐ることなく「Foxy Lady」まで頑張って演奏を続けてみたもの、「Red House」でのギター交換タイムを利用してアンプが交換されたのでしょう。
それにしてもこの日のジミは余裕たっぷりで、そうしたトラブルの合間でもチャック・ベリー「Brown Eyed Handsome Man」のイントロを弾いてみたかと思えば、後にレギュラーなステージレパートリーと化すクリームの「Sunshine Of Your Love」も軽く弾いてみせたりと、何しろ軽やかな身のこなし。さらにボブ・ディランの「Can You Please Crawl Out Your Window」でカバー曲もビシッと決めてくれるところが流石(エンディングのおちゃめな終わり方も傑作)。本当に1968年上半期ならではの勢いが一枚に詰め込まれた素晴らしいライブです。過去のアイテムで知られた名音源でもありますが、それらを一掃してくれる1968フィルモアの遅すぎた決定版が遂に登場!


1. Lover Man 2. Fire 3. Foxy Lady 4. Red House 5. Hey Joe 6. Sunshine Of Your Love
7. Hear My Train A Comin’ 8. Can You Please Crawl Out Your Window?
9. Purple Haze 10. Wild Thing

Jimi Hendrix – Guitar, Vocals Noel Redding – Bass Mitch Mitchell – Drums

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