Jimi Hendrix Experience / Vienna 1969 / 1CD

Jimi Hendrix Experience / Vienna 1969 / 1CD / Non Label
Konzerthaus, Vienna, Austria 22nd January 1969

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 This week we will release a lot of live sound source of Jimi 1969 years, but of course not only legendary Woodstock but also live sound source that captures the stage with the experience will be released on a limited press CD. The first live activity this year is the European tour of January. The most famous during this period is the first show being the television and the second being the Copenhagen show on radio on January 9, but as Jimi explained in the first show, December last year It was the second day of the tour I started without rehearsing after being completely off for a month. It is true that Copenhagen is excellent in image quality and sound quality, but it is not the same as recording that captures the essence of this tour.
 It may have been a tribute that Trio has won the stardom. The sound of the tour that started without preparation as before is starting to show a breakup from around January 13 Cologne, which was officially released from Dagger Records. Jimi has been experimenting with surprising repertoires such as “Johnny B. Goode” and “All Along The Watchtower” since the tour started, but “Come On (Part 1)” was the most effective of these.
Before the release of the album “ELECTRIC LADYLAND”, which contained this song, it was shown several times on the stage, but this time after the release of the album, the audience would be delighted if they played at the opening. In addition, aggressive tunes appear on the stage, and almost every night’s show will be started from the same song in the following European dates. It can be said that this song is a repertoire that symbolizes the ’69 European Tour.

The January 22 Vienna concert to be released this time was a day that just started like that. The show was held twice, but in both times there was an astoundingly audible audience recording as in 1969. By this time, Jimi has been successful, and by putting up Marshall amps on the stage, it will make aggressive sounds burst at European concert halls (a time when there are still few arenas). As a matter of course, the audience recording is likely to be detonated, but this sound source is surprisingly captured without being buried in the back of the performance of Jimi’s song.
Items have been released in the past, thanks to this exquisite balance and powerful sound pressure. It is “STIMMEN DER WELT” by Dan De Lion who was actively releasing the audience recording of Jimi. However, it may have been released just 20 years ago from now, and I would have tried to dilute the vintage audience feeling from the trend of that time, not only to equalize with high frequency, but to effects that produced a stereo feeling The finish that is far from the naturalness that is added is even unnatural at that time.
In that respect, this release was based on the familiar version of Krw_co that uploaded the first generation copy to the net. As it is, there is only thing of low gene copy, and it is from greetings from the venue official and longer than “STIMMEN DER WELT”, recording from before Jimi appears on the stage. In addition, “Spanish Castle Magic” at the second show that has been canceled from the same album because of incomplete recording is also firmly recorded this time, and this part is the first CD in spite of incomplete recording.
And the point is the restoration of the limited press CD release. The size of the sound image and Jimi’s voice is an extraordinary level for a vintage audience in 1969, but there is no point in losing the fundamental analog vintage feeling like “STIMMEN DER WELT”. However, by adding the coarseness after the “Marshall amp increase 1969 Jimi sound” mentioned at the beginning, and the equalization which moderates the roughness peculiar to the vintage audience more moderately, it becomes an audible state with analog feeling maintained. And evolution. The pitch, which was slightly higher, is also well adjusted. Anyway, the voice of Jimi is caught large and easy-to-track recordings are easier to hear.

 And the place where the atmosphere of the performance is completely different in the show that was performed twice is a feature of Jimi. Since the opening is already started from “Come On (Part 1)”, he and the experience are at their best from the beginning, but the feeling that they are carefully spinning out one sound and one sound is unique. Furthermore, when “Hear My Train A Comin ‘” starts, the nearby German is “Voodoo Chile”! I’m crying, but unfortunately, it was actually “Hear My ~” with a similar tune. From these places, the release of “ELECTRIC LADYLAND” and the popularity of the popular explosion by the hit may not come true.
 And what is unusual is that “Red House” was not played only for this day. The possibility of being taken up in the second half of the second show without recording still could not be discarded, but it should have been played in the atmosphere of the play of the first show. Instead of being played “Stone Free” that had disappeared completely in the previous year. It is a song that symbolizes the early days of Jimi so that the live image to play the same song is left in 1967, but the version of the atmosphere full of confidence revived from the quickness at that time is wonderful. In addition “Are You Experienced” which opened the curtain of the second show is a valuable take that this is the last live performance.
 Of course, it is interesting to compare the first show to perform carefully and the second show with high voltage, as well as the day that the sound quality is particularly excellent among the well-established 1969 European Tour. In addition, because the same song is played in each show, it is easy to understand and listen. The definitive edition by the use of low generation copy of the day which can be called such a great performance is appeared in the limited press CD. After all 69 years Europe that kicks off from “Come On (Part 1)” is special!

(Remastered notes)
★ From the beginning 11 trk 0: 11 迄, because the semitone was high, it was corrected. Since it is late at random, it fixes as much as possible.

トリオがスターダムを獲得した驕りもあったのでしょう。先のように準備なしで始めたツアーのサウンドがまとまりを見せ始めるのはダガー・レコードからオフィシャルでリリースされた1月13日のケルン辺りから。ツアー開始以降「Johnny B. Goode」や「All Along The Watchtower」といった意外なレパートリーを試していたジミですが、そうした中で効果を発揮したのが「Come On (Part 1)」。
この曲を収録したアルバム「ELECTRIC LADYLAND」のリリース前にステージで数回披露されたことがありましたが、今度はアルバム・リリース後ということから、オープニングに演奏してみれば観客は大喜び。それに攻撃的な曲調がステージ映えしており、この後のヨーロッパの日程において、ほぼ毎晩のショーが同曲から始められることになります。この曲こそ69年ヨーロッパ・ツアーを象徴するレパートリーだと言えるでしょう。

この絶妙なバランスや迫力ある音圧のおかげで、過去にもアイテムがリリースされていました。それがジミのオーディエンス録音を積極的にリリースしていたダンデライオンによる「STIMMEN DER WELT」。しかしリリースされたのが今からちょうど20年前ということもあり、当時の風潮からビンテージ・オーディエンス感を薄めようとしたのでしょう、高域を上げたイコライズに留まらず、ステレオ感を演出したエフェクトまで加えられるという、ナチュラルさからかけ離れた仕上がりは当時ですら不自然さを覚えたもの。
その点、今回のリリースに当たってはおなじみKrw_coがファースト・ジェネレーション・コピーをネットにアップロードしたバージョンをベースとしました。さすがにロウジェネ・コピーだけのことはあり、会場関係者からの挨拶からして「STIMMEN DER WELT」よりも長く、ジミがステージに現れる前からの収録。それに不完全収録ということから同アルバムからオミットされていたセカンドショーでの「Spanish Castle Magic」も今回はしっかり収録しており、このパートは不完全録音ながらも初CD化となるものです。
そして肝心なのが限定プレスCDリリースに当たってのレストア。音像やジミの声の大きさなどは1969年のビンテージ・オーディエンスとしては別格なレベルなのですが、「STIMMEN DER WELT」のように根本的なアナログ・ビンテージ感をもみ消してしまっては意味がない。しかし最初に触れた「マーシャル・アンプ増量1969ジミ・サウンド」故の粗さ、それ以上にビンテージ・オーディエンス特有の粗さも程よく緩和するイコライズを加えたことによって、アナログ感を保ったままで聞きやすい状態へと進化。さらに若干高めだったピッチもしっかりアジャスト。とにかくジミの声が大きく捉えられていてとっつきやすい録音がより聞きやすくなりました。

そして二回行われたショーで演奏の雰囲気がまったく違うというのがジミの面目躍如たるところ。既にオープニングが「Come On (Part 1)」から始められた時期ですので、序盤から彼やエクスペリエンスは絶好調なのですが、それでいて一音一音をじっくりと紡ぎ出している感じが独特。しかも「Hear My Train A Comin’」が始まると近くのドイツ人が「Voodoo Chile」だ!と叫んでいますが残念、実際は似た曲調の「Hear My~」だったという。こんなところからも「ELECTRIC LADYLAND」のリリースとヒットによる人気の爆発ぶりが伺えるではありませんか。
そして何と言っても珍しいのが、この日に限って「Red House」が演奏されなかったということ。もしかしたら録音が残っていないセカンドショー後半で取り上げられた可能性も捨てきれませんが、ファーストショーのじっくりとしたプレイの雰囲気の中でこそ演奏されるべきだった。代わりに演奏されたのが前年にはすっかり姿を消していた「Stone Free」。1967年には同曲を演奏するライブ映像が残されているほど初期のジミを象徴する曲ですが、その時の性急さから生まれ変わって自信に満ち溢れた雰囲気のバージョンも素晴らしい。おまけにセカンドショーの幕を開けた「Are You Experienced」はこれが最後のライブ演奏という貴重なテイク。
マニアには定評のある1969年ヨーロッパ・ツアーの中でも特に音質に優れた一日というのはもちろん、じっくりと演奏するファーストショーとボルテージ高めなセカンドショーの対比も面白い。おまけにそれぞれのショーで同じ曲が演奏されているのだから聞き比べも解りやすく楽しめる。そんな名演と呼べる一日のロージェネレーション・コピー使用による決定版が限定プレスCDにて登場です。やはり「Come On (Part 1)」から幕を開ける69年ヨーロッパは別格!

★冒頭からから 11trk 0:11 迄は、半音近く高かったので修正。それ以降ランダムに遅いのでなるべく修正。



1st Show
1 Intro
2 Tune Up
3 Come On (part 1)
4 Hey Joe
5 Fire
6 Hear My Train A Coming
7 Spanish Castle Magic
8 Foxy Lady
9 Stone Free
10 Purple Haze

2nd Show
11 Are You Experienced ★ Last live performance
12 Fire
13 Lover Man
14 Sunshine Of Your Love
15 Spanish Castle Magic ★ First CD

Jimi Hendrix – Guitar, Vocals Noel Redding – Bass Mitch Mitchell – Drums

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