Jimi Hendrix / The Complete Woodstock 1969 / 2CD

Jimi Hendrix / The Complete Woodstock 1969 / 2CD / Non Label
Woodstock Music & Arts Fair (Woodstock Festival) & Yasgur’s Farm, Bethel, New York, USA 18th August 1969 STEREO SBD

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Most rock fans will be told “Woodstock” if they ask, “What is your favorite in Jimi Hen’s live?” A stage that concludes the end of the 1960s largest rock festival, with a group that is neither an experience nor a band of Gypsys. And above all, it is also a legendary stage that has been forever remembered by the people by the historical performances of the “US National Anthem” used in festival films. The power of the film is really huge, and it is no wonder that Jimi’s performance there appears to be a symbol of Woodstock. Gipsy Sun & Rainbows who served as the back of Jimi on this day is a band that he newly formed after experiencing Experience, but a band that ended unexpectedly for a short time also appeared in the same festival, and a lot of people I will stay in my memory.
Such a historic stage is also a long time now to realize the official release in both sound source and video, but the latter is not an item that can be called the definitive version yet. From now on, although the two-disc set released just 20 years ago also increased the number of songs, the two songs sang by Larry Lee have not been recorded, and even the part where he has played solo has been cut, and the end of the final two Most of the human percussionist sounds were extinguished.
Originally Gypsy Sun & Rainbows was the group of the only big band in Jimi’s band history, organized in large numbers, unlike the three-piece experience. However, Jimi’s Woodstock items that have been released so far have been mixed out of the sidemen’s performance modestly and above all, “Fire” and so on, it’s all about the experience … I want to poke in A condition that
A new version will not be released in 2009, 40 years after the festival is held? I was expecting, but it ended with only reoccurrence of remastering the 1999 edition.

However, the release of the 38-piece archive set was announced this year at the 50th anniversary of Woodstock, and such a anniversary year. Appropriate for this super-class volume, the entire stage of artists such as Joe Cocker, The Who and CSN & Y has been revealed for the first time. Then, the stage of Jimi is finally … The track list that everyone expected was a track that clearly expressed the diversion of the 1999 edition or something. According to what is reported, it is the situation that only the sound source of Jimi uses the release from them. Mania from all over the world is discouraged by the result too disappointing that the opportunity also ends with the diversion of the existing version.
However, in the underground world, there is a rough mix sound source that has almost completely recorded Jimi’s stages for some time. It was the work of Eddie Kramer after the end of the festival, and it seems to have been made as a reference for Jimi. This rough mix flowed out in the 1980s and spread on the LP “LORD OF THE STRINGS”. So it was the first time that Jimi’s stage in Woodstock was revealed, and it was also known that Larry Lee had been the lead vocalist for two songs. However, only this new song “Message To Love (Universe)” that cuts the sound source and the opening has been cut, resulting in misunderstanding that the first song opened the curtain with “Hear My Train A Comin” for a while. It has become.
The long-standing misconceptions have been corrected by a compilation CD called “500.000 HALOS”, which was released 20 years ago. Therefore, not only was “Message To Love” excavated for the first time, but it was revealed that it was a performance at the opening from tuning etc. This was the outflow of the rough mix (which was not used after all) that Alan Douglas, who got his sound out of Jimi after his death, made it at the time of the release of the 1994 Woodstock CD.

Jimi’s Woodstock has been revealed the truth of the stage by these rough mixes, but especially the full-length version of the rough rally by Kramer, the sound source is distributed in the form of considerable dubbing, and pitch deviations and hiss are annoying. I had a problem. Still, CDs have been released because of the valuableness of the sound source, but because it was only items that were recorded while leaving such problems in vain, it did not leave the area for mania to the end.
Finally in the 21st century, the low generation version of Kramer rough mix is ​​distributed among the traders, and in response to that, Jimi’s sound source circle “ATM” is released in 2007 “WOODSTOCK-NOTHING BUT PRIMARY RHYTHM THINGS … “. Although the upper version does not reach the official range, it is still easier to hear than the previous version, and the upper version made Jimi’s mania a great deal. However, it is not only that, regarding the problem that “Message To Love” which is the biggest defect of Kramer sound source is not recorded, it is not diverted from the official 1999 version but adopted Douglas rough mix excavated in “500.000 HALOS”. The thing that has kept the sound quality strangeness to a minimum.
On top of that, the “NOTHING BUT” made by patching further missing parts carefully from the 1999 edition etc. is wonderful, and receives an evaluation as a masterpiece that supplements the official in both the mix side and the content side. It is described as “the best title of ATM” in professional magazines.
Originally, the ATM series was built on the assumption of a share on the Internet, and “NOTHING BUT …” was also easily obtained at least for several years from 2007. However, since most of the performances at Woodstock were released in the 1999 version, they became stuck in the so-called “official content” on the Internet, and have recently been turned into difficult-to-acquire net items. The However, this time I received an original file from a Jimi researcher, and applied only the minimum equalization while based on “NOTHING BUT …”. By that time the title was highly complete.

After all the rough mix is ​​overwhelmingly overwhelming that the original sound of Gypsy Sun & Rainbows is transmitted. For example, during the performance of “Red House”, one string of Jimi’s strat was cut off, and there was a scene where Lee played a solo on the spot there, and it was cut by both the sound source and the video. If you listen to this release, you’re tempted to forgive me that you have cut the most important part. I also know that Lee’s “Mastermind” was played, as well as earning time to change Jimi’s strings. The singing voice that he plays in the song and Gypsy Woman cover of the same song is excellent. While Jimi is playing the latest rock sound, it is also very interesting that Lee sings a normal R & B in front of a large audience of Woodstock.
The fact that Larry sang two songs at Woodstock is now a known fact even if not a mania, but now that the possibility of official release has been turned into blisters, you will be reminded of the valuableness that is heard here again . “Mastermind” itself was a studio take, and I saw the eyes of the day in the “WEST COAST SEATTLE BOY” box, but the live version at a major regular event is still only heard with this sound source!
Also, in the second half of “Spanish Castle Magic”, the scene where the rally solo to the percussion team played an active part was also completely modified in the official, but this was the original performance. Even though the official “Lover Man” featured a lot of scenes where Lee played solo, but this is a live that is unique to the big band configuration that Jimi and Lee share the solo in most of the songs on the actual stage A realistic scene that is transmitted only because the sound source.
And all members other than Mitch Mitchell are concerned about the situation that the big stage is the first experience, and Jimi’s play which has given the command to the band while playing solo as much as himself is still a famous performance of a generation. There are not many enthusiasts who feel that it is more suitable than the 1999 version and the current remaster of the 1999 edition and the current remaster of which the analog tick sound quality came out strongly above all.
Finally, as a bonus track, “Message To Love” contains only one existing Woodstock audience recording. It is a sound source that has been known among traders, but this is the first time it has been recorded in an item, and it seems to be overwhelmingly more people to be heard for the first time in the first place. Before the start of the performance, the taper’s own comments are heard and “it was recorded from the stage sleeve” and there is only a testimony that the big sound of the sound of Jimi’s guitar will be a noteworthy precious source. 50 years from Woodstock, this release is a stereo soundboard album that can be called a true document! Dedicated to all rock fans, not just Jimi Mania.

★ It is a piece that remains in history, as with Zeppelin “LIVE IN JAPAN 1971” last week. (Sound quality is official grade stereo line recording. First complete version.)


しかしアンダーグラウンド界では以前からジミのステージをほぼ完全収録したラフミックス音源が存在します。それはフェスティバルの終了後にエディ・クレイマーが手掛けたもので、ジミへの参考用として作られたものだと思われます。このラフミックスは1980年代になって流出し、LP「LORD OF THE STRINGS」で広まりました。そこで初めてウッドストックでのジミのステージの全貌が明らかとなり、ラリー・リーが二曲でリード・ボーカルを務めていたことも知られるようになったのです。ところがこの音源、オープニングを飾った新曲「Message To Love (Universe)」だけがカットされており、そのせいでしばらくは一曲目が「Hear My Train A Comin」で幕を開けたという誤解を生む結果となってしまいした。
長きに渡った誤解を正してくれたのは今から20年前にリリースされた「500.000 HALOS」というコンピものCD。そこで初めて「Message To Love」が発掘されただけでなく、演奏前のチューニングなどからオープニングでの演奏ということが判明しました。これはジミの没後、彼の音源を牛耳ったアラン・ダグラスが1994年版ウッドストックCDのリリース時に作ったラフミックス(結局使われず)が流出したものだったのです。

ようやく21世紀を迎えてトレーダー間にクレイマー・ラフミックスのロウジェネバージョンが流通、それを受けてジミの音源サークル「ATM」が2007年に公開したのが「WOODSTOCK – NOTHING BUT PRIMARY RHYTHM THINGS …」。さすがにオフィシャルの域には及ばないものの、それでも従来のバージョンとは比べ物にならないほど聞きやすくなったアッパー版はジミのマニアを大いに喜ばせました。しかしそれだけではありません、クレイマー音源最大の欠点である「Message To Love」未収録という問題に関しては1999年版オフィシャルから流用するのではなく、先の「500.000 HALOS」で発掘されたダグラス・ラフミックスを採用したことで音質の違和感を最小限に留めてくれたのです。
その上でさらなる欠損部を1999年版から丁寧にパッチするなどしてまとめられた「NOTHING BUT~」の出来は素晴らしく、ミックス面と内容面の両方でオフィシャルを補う傑作との評価を受けます。専門誌においても「ATMのベスト・タイトル」と評されたほど。
元々ATMシリーズはネット上でのシェアを前提に作られており、「NOTHING BUT~」に関しても少なくとも2007年から数年ほどは簡単に入手出来たものです。ところがウッドストックでの演奏の大半が1999年版でリリース済だったことから、ネット上での所謂「オフィシャル・コンテンツ」に引っかかってしまい、最近は一転して入手困難なネット・アイテムと化してしまいました。しかし今回はジミ研究家からオリジナル・ファイルを提供していただき、「NOTHING BUT~」をベースとしながら最小限のイコライズだけ施しました。それほどまでに同タイトルは完成度が高かったのです。

やはりラフミックスの方が圧倒的にジプシー・サン・アンド・レインボーズ本来のサウンドが伝わってくるのが圧巻。例えば「Red House」の演奏中にジミのストラトの一弦が切れてしまい、そこでリーに場つなぎのソロを弾かせた場面がオフィシャルでは音源、映像の両方で巧みにカットされてしまいましたが、今回のリリースを聞けば、よりによって一番肝心なところをカットしたくれたのだと憤慨してしまいたくなるかと。ここでジミの弦を変える時間稼ぎも兼ねて、リーの「Mastermind」が演奏されたこともよく解ります。彼が同曲やインプレッションズのカバー「Gypsy Woman」で聞かせる歌声は絶品。ジミが最新鋭のロックサウンドを奏でている間、なおかつウッドストックの大観衆を前にリーが正調R&Bを歌う様は本当に面白い。
今やウッドストックでラリーが二曲歌ったという事実はマニアでなくとも知られた事実ではありますが、今回もオフィシャルリリースの可能性が水泡と化した今、改めてここで聞かれる貴重さを思い知らされます。「Mastermind」自体はスタジオテイクが晴れて「WEST COAST SEATTLE BOY」ボックスにて日の目を見ましたが、正規の大イベントでのライブバージョンは未だに本音源でしか聞かれない!
また「Spanish Castle Magic」の後半においてラリーのソロからパーカッション隊が活躍する場面もオフィシャルではことごとく改変されてしまいましたが、これが本来の演奏だったのです。そのオフィシャルでも「Lover Man」ではリーがソロを弾く場面が多くフィーチャーされていましたが、実際のステージでは大半の曲でジミとリーがソロを分け合うというビッグバンド構成ならではのライブだったことも本音源だからこそ伝わってくるリアルな場面。
最後にボーナストラックとして「Message To Love」ただ一曲だけ現存するウッドストックのオーディエンス録音を収録。トレーダー間でこそ知られていた音源ですが、アイテムに収録されるのは今回が初めてですし、そもそも初めて聞かれる方が圧倒的に多いかと思われます。演奏が始まる前にテーパー自身のコメントが聞かれ「ステージ袖から録音した」と証言するだけあって、ジミのギターの音のデカさが生々しい貴重音源も注目でしょう。ウッドストックから50年、今回のリリースこそが真実のドキュメントと呼べるステレオ・サウンドボード・アルバム!ジミ・マニアはもとより、すべてのロックファンに捧げます。

★先週のツェッペリン「LIVE IN JAPAN 1971」と同様に、歴史に残る一枚です。(音質は公式級ステレオ・ライン録音。初の完全版。)


Disc 1 (67:00)
1. Intro by Chip Monk
2. Message To Love ★
3. Hear My Train A Comin’
4. Spanish Castle Magic
5. Red House
6. Mastermind (sung by Larry Lee)★
7. Lover Man
8. Foxy Lady
9. Jam Back At The House

Disc 2 (66:31)
1. Izabella
2. Gypsy Woman / Aware Of Love (sung by Larry Lee)★
3. Fire
4. Voodoo Child (Slight Return)
5. Star Spangled Banner
6. Purple Haze / Woodstock Improvisation
7. Villanova Junction
8. Hey Joe
9. Outro by Chip Monk

Bonus Track
10. Message To Love (Audience Recording)


Jimi Hendrix – lead guitar, vocals Mitch Mitchell – drums Billy Cox – bass
Larry Lee – rhythm guitar, vocals Juma Sultan – percussion Jerry Velez – congas

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