Jethro Tull / Shinuya Kokaido 2005 / 4CDR

Jethro Tull / Shinuya Kokaido 2005 / 4CDR / Uxbridge

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Shibuya Kokaido, Tokyo, Japan 11th & 12th May 2005

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It is reprinted as a set with a super masterpiece that will be a cultural heritage of the 21st century. The cultural heritage is JETHRO TULL Miracle ‘s visit to Japan “May 11 and 12, 2005: Shibuya Kōkyoden” performance. It is its superb audience recording. At this time, all Tokyo performances are in Tokyo. In other words, it is a 4 piece set which becomes “complete of 2005” by this one work.
TULL was visiting Japan several times since my first visit to Japan in 1972, this time for the first time in 12 years since 1993. If that day was also a miracle, the recording was also a miracle. At that time, it was the original recording that came out to the world as “FOR A THOUSAND MOTHERS (May 11)” “CHEAP DAY RETURN (May 12)” from the Trial label, but maniacs all over the world to that terrible super- Noisy. Even in the professional magazine of the time “high quality of pure blue already”, “by all means two pairs, should be your treasure” “Originally titled” JETHRO TULL LIVE IN JAPAN “and should be officially released in a dignified manner” I was given a praise without words.
I think that you can imagine the super high sound quality that you can only call this as the high quality of this work alone, “Official grade audience” already, but that was not the only one. Not only was the sound of a single vertex sound, it was recording at the same venue, the same recording person, the same aircraft and the same position as the two performances. It is still rare for a master to record two consecutive performances at once, but it is very rare when it becomes “the same position”. Of course, that sense of unity also appears in the sound, the digital super-vibe feeling and the texture of analog appearance pierce the whole performance. It’s just the ultimate live set.

【Disk 1-2: First Day (Best Selection Day)】
The show spelled out with three high qualities such as “super” is also a miracle. Although the sound is unified, the show has two concepts different concepts, and the set is completely different. First appearance (May 11) is the best song concert. From the debut work “THIS WAS” to the final work “CHRISTMAS ALBUM”, and even Ian Anderson’s solo number, it is selected widely, and the history of glory will be shown in the enrichment reduction on one show.
Besides, its flow is splendid. In the first half, with the early three episodes and solo numbers, let’s taste the length of the history carefully, with “AQUALUNG” two consecutive “Cheap Day Return” “Mother Goose” in the midfield, exciting and exciting, “Songs From The Wood” “Too Old To Rock ‘n’ Roll: Too Young To Die” “Heavy Horses” Connect to the medley. After that, with “Farm on the Freeway” and “Budapest” of the 1980s in between, “AQUALUNG” triple times “Aqualung” “Wind Up” “Locomotive Breath” will heat up at once.
The performance that plays such a set is wonderful, Martin Bale is a good result, Ian has a great singing voice and flute, MC has plenty of humor in Britain. There are not many bands that lose the radiance of the former year among the career groups, but they are too precious exceptions. It uniquely describes the unique JETHRO TULL sound.

【Disk 3-4: Day 2 (AQUALUNG Day)】
On the following day 2, all the song performances of “AQUALUNG” that had been predicted beforehand. The thing to watch out here is “full reproduction” rather than “complete reproduction”. It is an ordinary concert form that makes all the albums scattered in key places and also includes other songs in between. There is a feeling of rareness if you completely reproduced to the order of songs, but it is a big right answer by actually listening. If you reproduce the album to the order of the songs, you will be able to read ahead, “Next is it is all right” and “a few more songs”. This show is not so, but the fragments of masterpieces are total, wrapping the whole show, the exciting feeling lasts till the end.
Moreover, “other than AQUALUNG” is not a thing. There are only 9 songs the same as the day before being played 21 songs. Moreover, since five of them are “AQUALUNG”, it is a very different selection. And that “Living In The Past” “Thick As A Brick” will be played as “a song different from the day before,” and unexpected “Jack-In-The-Green” will be shown.

Total 35 songs / 44 takes in 2 days. It is a live album that is drawn with the ultra-superb audience sounds all of which were said to be “official”. No, unlike the official that was polished by mix and remaster, this work is a genuine real life one. You may say that the dignity is over the official. It is exactly a cultural heritage 4-disc set. Finally, let’s shut down with the words of the specialty magazine at that time that expressed its real value splendely.
“Japan is a terrible country, so the sound source to leave is properly left, and those who did not go to the concert, even those who could not go, can recreate the excitement of the time in the room at any time.It live in this country again It is a wonderful work that is fulfilling the original mission of booting well. ”

21世紀の文化遺産となる超名盤がセットになって復刻です。その文化遺産とはJETHRO TULL奇跡の来日「2005年5月11日・12日:渋谷公会堂」公演。その極上オーディエンス録音です。この時の来日は、東京2公演がすべて。つまり、本作1本で「2005年のコンプリート」となる4枚組なのです。
1972年の初来日から何度か日本を訪れていたTULLですが、この時は1993年以来の12年ぶり。その来日も奇跡なら、録音も奇跡でした。当時、Trialレーベルから『FOR A THOUSAND MOTHERS(5月11日)』『CHEAP DAY RETURN(5月12日)』として世に出たオリジナル録音なのですが、その凄まじい超・高音質に世界中のマニアが騒然。当時の専門誌でも「もう真っ青の高音質」「ぜひとも2作ペアで、あなたのお宝とすべき」「本来ならば『JETHRO TULL LIVE IN JAPAN』とでも題して堂々とオフィシャルでリリースされるべき」等々、言葉を選ばない激賛が贈られました。

そんな「超」が3つも4つもつく高音質で綴られるショウがまた奇跡的。サウンドは統一ですが、ショウは2公演でコンセプトが異なり、セットもまったく違う。まず登場する初日(5月11日)は、ベスト選曲コンサート。デビュー作『THIS WAS』から最終作『CHRISTMAS ALBUM』、さらにはイアン・アンダーソンのソロ・ナンバーまで幅広くセレクトされ、栄光の歴史が1回のショウに濃縮還元で披露されるのです。
しかも、その流れも見事。前半は初期3作やソロ・ナンバーで歴史の長さをじっくりと味わわせつつ、中盤の『AQUALUNG』2連発「Cheap Day Return」「Mother Goose」でググッと盛り上げ、圧巻の「Songs From The Wood」「Too Old To Rock’n’Roll : Too Young To Die」「Heavy Horses」メドレーに繋げる。その後も80年代の「Farm on the Freeway」「Budapest」を挟みつつ、『AQUALUNG』3連発「Aqualung」「Wind Up」「Locomotive Breath」で一気に加熱していく……。
そんなセットを演じるパフォーマンスこそが素晴らしく、マーティン・バレは快調そのものですし、イアンは歌声もフルートも素晴らしく、MCも英国ユーモアたっぷり。キャリア組の中には往年の輝きを失ってしまうバンドも少なくないのですが、彼らはその貴重すぎる例外。個性的なJETHRO TULLサウンドをものの見事に描き出してくれるのです。

しかも、「AQUALUNG以外」もタダ物じゃない。21曲演奏される中で前日と同じ曲は9曲だけ。しかも、そのうちの5曲は『AQUALUNG』ですから、かなり違ったセレクトになっているのです。そして、その“前日と違う曲”として、あの「Living In The Past」「Thick As A Brick」が演奏され、意外な「Jack-In-The-Green」まで披露されるのです。


Live at Shibuya Kokaido, Tokyo, Japan 11th May 2005

Disc 1(60:22)
1. Intro. 2. For A Thousand Mothers 3. Nothing Is Easy 4. Beggar’s Farm 5. Eurology
6. With You There To Help Me 7. In the Grip Of Stronger Stuff 8. Hunt By Numbers
9. Weathercock 10. Bouree 11. Cheap Day Return 12. Mother Goose 13. Morris Minus

Disc 2(55:53)
1. Songs From The Wood 2. Too Old To Rock ‘n’ Roll: Too Young To Die
3. Heavy Horses/Songs from the Wood(reprise) 4. Pavane 5. Farm on the Freeway
6. Budapest 7. Aqualung 8. Wind Up 9. Locomotive Breath 10. Protect and Survive
11. Cheerio

Live at Shibuya-Kokaido, Tokyo, Japan 12th May 2005

Disc 3(52:50)
1. Intro. 2. Living In the Past 3. Cross-eyed Mary 4. Jack-in-the-Green 5. Boris Dancing
6. Thick As A Brick 7. Wond’ring Aloud 8. Up to Me 9. Bouree 10. Cheap Day Return
11. Mother Goose 12. Empty Cafe

Disc 4(55:01)
1. Slipstream 2. A New Day Yesterday 3. Hymn43 4. My God 5. Budapest 6. Aqualung
7. Wind Up 8. Locomotive Breath 9. Protect and Survive 10. Cheerio

Ian Anderson – Vocals, Flute, Acoustic Guitar Martin Barre – Guitar Johnathan Noyce – Bass
Doane Perry – Drums Andrew Giddings – Keyboards

Uxbridge 789

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