Jeff Beck / World Rock Festival Eastland Definitive Master / 1CD

Jeff Beck / World Rock Festival Eastland Definitive Master / 1CD / Wardour
Live at Korakuen Stadium, Tokyo, Japan 7th August 1975

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Jeff Beck’s solo first visit to Japan was disturbed by poor health. Omoto master of traditional full recording which recorded the last performance is new excavation. It is a permanent upgrade decision to make a major upgrade.
The last day is “August 7, 1975: Korakuen Stadium” performances. It is a historical audience recording that completely recorded the whole story. Recordings have been known for some time on this day, and we have introduced many titles from our Masterport label era. However, there was only one master who consistently recorded throughout this day. This work is the ultimate version of the “only through recording”. Direct from the actual original original cassette that had been kept by the recording person directly, it is the top live album that greatly updated the highest peak sound.
In addition to its quality, speaking of Jeff’s first visit to Japan, he is also famous for having a series of troubles due to poor health. First, let’s look back on the circumstances at that time from the outline.

到 着 August 3, 15:00 past Haneda arrival 羽
・ August 3 “SAPPORO 1975”
× August 6: Maruyama Park Amphitheater (Kyoto: Canceled)
・ August 7: Korakuen Stadium ← ★ This work ★
出 Go out to London on the night of August 7》
× August 9: Yayoi trail land (Sendai: canceled)

【One complete complete recording】
This is the schedule of those days. He came to Japan as the main act of “1st WORLD ROCK FESTIVAL EASTLAND” sponsored by late Uchida Yuya, and initially all five performances were planned. However, I was caught in a rain at the New Orleans show just before coming to Japan, which caused a cold, and I was not happy with the medical treatment in Hawaii, and the two shows were canceled. It has become only 3 performances. And, the 3 performances are also disturbed. Jeff, who was recovering in Hawaii until the last moment, came to Japan on the afternoon of the first day of the Sapporo performance (!). Therefore, appearances of other artists are over here, and I was waiting for Jeff’s arrival in Sapporo now.
After that, Nagoya, the second performance, will leave a great performance that will become a real show, but the physical condition worsens again due to unreasonableness. Kyoto performances will be doctor stop due to acute pneumonia, and will highlight Tokyo (Korakuen) performances. Here too Jeff did not get high fever and was originally scheduled to shoot as a main act, but I changed everything and was on stage 2nd (it’s said to be 15 o’clock). Jeff who went straight to the hospital after the Tokyo performance, returned home as it is. The Sendai performance, which was originally supposed to be the last, has also been cancelled. In other words, only the Nagoya performances were the full set of the 3 performances realized. The late Sapporo and the early leaving Tokyo (this work) ended in a short set.
Well, this work is the ultimate master of Korakuen performances on such last day. It is the ultimate quality board of the only known full recording. First of all, the reason for the lack of full recording is also due to the above-mentioned circumstances. It is not well known that Jeff appears in second place, and the audience is a big mess. Most of the tapers failed, such as being unable to make it into the venue in time or setting up in time for the sudden appearance of Jeff. Among them, a complete recording that can be called a miracle appeared from Masterport in 2001. After that, it was a traditional name recording that was complemented by other recordings and loved by the remastering board, but the actual product of the original cassette was offered from the recording house himself this time. It is what made the press CD without exhausting all the sounds sucked into the cassette of the miracle.

[Omotomoto cassette which became the highest in sound aspect] It is the sound of shock that has flowed out from such Omoto cassette. So far, the best thing about this recording has been thought to be “perfectly consistent,” but it wasn’t. Actually, it was the best in terms of sound. In fact, compared to the same recording of the old Masterport, this work is overwhelmingly superior to the separate recording “WORLD ROCK FESTIVAL (Wardour-095)” that has been regarded as the highest peak so far. The core is strong everywhere and boasts crystal clear air and clear details, yet the ringing holds the reality of touch feeling. Especially the old Masterport board of the recording is not something to compare with, the sound of the midrange that had been sloppy is rich, and the natural feeling without deterioration is completely different. After all it is the recording person himself, and it is no doubt that it is the same recording even if it confirms it from balance and fine cheering, but it is still a substantial upgrade so as to doubt the ear as “really the same recording?” The recordings that were incomplete but the goodness of the sound was also overtaken at once, and it is a superb sound that shines at the top in all aspects.
The highest peak update sound is drawn to the truth of the final performance that was actually great. As I mentioned earlier, my physical condition was far from perfect, but I can not feel it in my performance. Of course, this is a short show without “Air Blower”, “Power”, “Got The Feeling”, and “Thelonius” compared to Nagoya, which was a full set, but that selection is definitely correct. The concentration that is packed in about 45 minutes is wonderful, the melody to be spun is extremely beautiful, and there is squeezing up to one cutting. Even if it is a scheduled change for poor health, I will do everything I can to hold it on the stage. A performance is performed in which the will turns into a sound.

A well-known recording of the tradition that has been conveying the final performance of solo first visit to Japan from before. The original original cassette had a superb sound that was beyond the reach of other recordings. Even the length, quality, and realism unique to the consistent recording, the ultimate live album unbeatable. A historic new excavation beyond time of 44 years, here is a permanent preservation decision.

★ Direct use of the master cassette of the recording person. Best sound quality of all past Korakuen recordings.


・8月3日『SAPPORO 1975』
・8月7日:後楽園球場 ←★本作★

これが当時のスケジュール。故内田裕也氏が主催する“第1回WORLD ROCK FESTIVAL EASTLAND”のメインアクトとして来日し、当初は全5公演が予定されていました。しかし、来日直前のニューオーリンズ公演で雨に祟られたことで風邪をひき、ハワイでの療養も芳しくなく、2公演がキャンセル。たった3公演だけになってしまいました。そして、その3公演も波乱含み。ギリギリまでハワイで回復を期していたジェフが来日したのは初日の札幌公演当日(!)の午後。そのため、現地では他アーティストの出演が終わっており、ジェフの札幌到着を今や遅しと待っていたのです。

そんな大元カセットから流れ出てきたのは、衝撃のサウンド。これまで、この録音最大の凄味は「完全なる一貫記録」だと思われてきたのですが、そうではなかった。実はサウンド面でも最高峰だったのです。実際、旧Masterportの同録音と比較しても、現在まで最高峰とされてきた別録音『WORLD ROCK FESTIVAL(Wardour-095)』と比べても、本作は圧倒的に上。芯はどこまでも力強く、クリスタル・クリアな空気感と鮮明なディテールを誇り、それでいて鳴りは手触り感のリアリティを宿している。特に同録音の旧Masterport盤とは比べものにならず、スカスカしていた中音域の鳴りはリッチに轟き、劣化のないナチュラル感もまったく別物。何しろ提供は録音者本人ですし、バランスや細かい声援から確認しても同録音なのは間違いないのですが、それでも「本当に同じ録音?」と耳を疑ってしまうほどの大幅なアップグレード。不完全でも音の良さが売りだった他録音たちも一気に追い抜き、すべての面で頂点に輝く極上サウンドなのです。
その最高峰更新サウンドで描かれるのは、実は素晴らしかった最終公演の真実。前述した通り、体調は万全とはほど遠かったわけですが、演奏にはそれが感じられない。もちろん、フルセットだった名古屋と比べると「Air Blower」「Power」「Got The Feeling」「Thelonius」がない短いショウですが、その選択は確実に正解。約45分間に詰め込まれた集中力は素晴らしく、紡がれるメロディは極めて美しく、カッティング1つに至るまでキレがある。体調不良のための予定変更ではあっても、ステージに立てば持てるすべてを尽くす。その意志が音に姿を変えたような名演が繰り広げられるのです。




1. Intro.
2. Constipated Duck
3. She’s A Woman
4. Freeway Jam
5. Definitely Maybe
6. Superstition
7. Keyboard Solo
8. Cause We’ve Ended As Lovers
9. You Know What I Mean
10. Diamond Dust

Jeff Beck – Guitar Wilber Bascomb – Bass Bernard Purdie – Drums
Max Middleton – Keyboards


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