Jeff Beck / Wired / 1CDR

Jeff Beck / Wired / 1CDR / Non Label

Taken From The Original UK LP (EPC 86012).

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A great album of guitar instrumental “WIRED”. One piece that reprints the original original sound of the original is the gift release decision.
In our shop, we have delivered a masterpiece group that digitized the analog board of the masterpiece in search of the ultimate sound. PINK FLOYD, LED ZEPPELIN, DEEP PURPLE, RAINBOW, and more recently BLACK SABBATH’s initial works are gaining popularity. This work is that “WIRED” edition. It is a digital version of the UK original initial press LP “EPC 86012”.
Of course, it is different from mere board raising. This is a master produced by overseas audiophiles, and the analog board used is the best mint condition board among the first press LPs. It is played back in a high-est environment, but it also has equipment specialized for analog sound generation and records the sound of the first playback of the first shot. It’s a very fine and detailed work, but the sound of this work is as beautiful as proving the process. Usually, a needle-grip is attached to an analog raising, and it is common to cut it by mastering after digitizing. However, although this work does not add any processing after digitization, it can not find a needle pachi as one and can not feel the rotation unevenness of the player. Glossy and beautiful playback sound is constantly penetrating the whole movie.
It’s a wonderful finish, but it is due to the precision of the work. What is important is the sound of the first press LP that I had made so much. This is already amazing. When it comes to the “WIRED” CD, there is a lumpy feeling that each instrument collides with, and even after remastering, only the peaks emphasize and fly out. In particular, the attack sound was emphasized in the snare sound, and there was an image that a lump of thorns was jumping out. On the other hand, this work is extremely natural, and each musical instrument is separated vividly. Moreover, it does not sound just separate, and each note draws a beautiful mountain from the rise to the muffling, and there is no discomfort that only the peak pops up. There is a sense of reality in one sound and one sound, and the presence of strings and drumheads that shake beyond the sound is felt.
Such a feeling is a privilege of the analog cause, but more surprising is the vividness. Usually, even if the analog sound is beautiful, the edge tends to be round and mild. However, the British original LP of “WIRED” has a very sharp outline and edges. Currently, the highest peak of “WIRED” is the SACD version released in 2016, but the clearness of this work is comparable to that of the latest one, or does it say that depending on the song, this work is more vivid than this work is. Of course, this work is not a separate mix of the Quadraphonic of SACD, but the original 2ch stereo mix. This work is not only more natural than a remastered CD, but it is also an amazing sound that a British original LP has been so sharp and crisp.

It is a masterpiece “WIRED” that symbolizes the instrument itself called guitar, rather than a masterpiece of Jeff Beck. The original sound of the original is a piece that overseas audiophiles let their passion do their best. This was only heard in England at that time … Yes, “real sound” drawn by the high-end environment not possible at that time. Please take a look and experience.

★ It is a great noise. It is one of the best in a series of board raising projects.

当店では、これまで究極サウンドを求めて大名盤のアナログ盤をデジタル化した名作群をお届けしてきました。PINK FLOYD、LED ZEPPELIN、DEEP PURPLE、RAINBOW、最近ではBLACK SABBATHの初期作品も人気を博しています。本作は、その『WIRED』編。英国オリジナルの初回プレスLP『EPC 86012』をデジタル化したものなのです。



1. Led Boots 2. Come Dancing 3. Goodbye Pork Pie Hat 4. Head For Backstage Pass
5. Blue Wind 6. Sophie 7. Play With Me 8. Love Is Green

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