Jeff Beck / What Mama Said In Tokyo/ 1DVDR

Jeff Beck / What Mama Said In Tokyo/ 1DVDR / Non Label

Translated Text:
Live at Tokyo International Forum, Tokyo, Japan 2nd June 1999 PRO-SHOT



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Large classic image of the 1999 Japan tour is resurrected as a gift title. Broadcast video identity of this work that contains the “June 2, Tokyo International Forum concert 1999” in a multi-camera professional shot. Myriad of video from the broadcast initially, DVDR, but is a big classic that gave birth to sound off CD, this work is the best version of the master quality.

To begin with, the original master was the source of this work came out into the world in 2003. Broadcasting I at that time was still the era DVD recorder was not common, but this work of the master is stored in a digital image that does not pass through the analog, it had wiped out many of the video recording title. In this work, further remastering such a original master. The only drawback was to correct the broken “Psycho Sam” 41 th second of sound, but the whole of the sound pressure is also a carefully adjusted Perfect version.
Then large classic image that became a full form, the very official-class quality. Broadcasting as it is, beautiful to look at the image quality and sound quality without deterioration is just perfect. Editing and camera work that out spilled the affection of the Japanese staff are integrated perfectly with the song, to ride to beat in the lively song, reflects the Jeff fingertips as if as possible immersed and thoroughly in the mellow songs To go. Its visual beauty is beautiful enough to want to say “strange”, the sound enough to overwhelm rather than not lose to the screen, can you fully convey the tone and the ensemble to be ever-changing. In the Jeff’s band even referred to as a “virtuoso only be a member”, powerful advanced techniques to support the casually Beck without confronted Randy & Steve of rhythm, until the gorgeous colors on the stage not only the technique It cut also beautifully played Jennifer baton to accompany.
Tomosureba just playing of success or failure is but a live of spoken are prone Jeff, there series of notes flowing is filled with beauty of Forrest Gump, the appearance of the performers, which spun out of it, through the flesh and blood to the melody It tells us that you are. Of course, music is what no doubt will be an important leading role more than anything, the video is their appearance, movement, precisely because facial expression is visible to the eye, even in the life force of the moment to the born is disappearing “sound” the it is being noticed.

Even Jeff Beck and the history of Japan’s long-standing, ultra-best of the video title to be one of the best. Despite before no longer 16 years, it is a masterpiece video to forget moonily time to be beauty in the modern standards. If the you have never touched on the video, if not has only watched “anyway Any wonder the same” as the old title, please try this work of apex quality by all means. Glare of only continue to shine in your collection shelf, because we are dwells in this work.


そもそも、本作の元になったオリジナルマスターが世に出たのは2003年。放送当時はまだDVDレコーダーが一般的でなかった時代だったのですが、本作のマスターはアナログを経由しないデジタル映像で保存されており、幾多のビデオ録画タイトルを一掃してしまったのです。本作では、そんなオリジナルマスターをさらにリマスタリング。唯一の欠点だった「Psycho Sam」41秒目の音切れを補正し、全体の音圧も丁寧に調整したパーフェクト版なのです。


1. What Mama Said 2. Psycho Sam 3. Brush With The Blues 4. Star Cycle 5. Savoy
6. Blast From The East 7. A Day In The Life 8. Declan 9. THX 138 10. The Pump
11. ‘Cause We’ve Ended As Lovers 12. Space For The Papa 13. Angel (Footsteps) 14. Even Odds
15. You Never Know 16. Blue Wind 17. Big Block 18. Another Place (Outro.)

Jeff Beck – Guitar Jennifer Batten – Guitar & Guitar-Synthesizer
Randy Hope-Taylor – Bass Steve Alexander – Drums


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