Jeff Beck / US Tour 2006 Definitive Selection / 4CDR

Jeff Beck / US Tour 2006 Definitive Selection / 4CDR / Non Label

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Hampton Beach Casino Ballroom, Hampton Beach, NH. USA 13th September 2006


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To celebrate the release of “DEFINITIVE OSAKA 2005”, will be re-released the name sound of Jeff Beck in the 2000s mid-term. 2005, except for the one-off performances in London RAH, other than Japan is live tour was Jeff Beck was found line, the 2006 of April west coast, of July Europe and Japan, the United States Metropolitan of September expand the energetic live activities, but it did not greatly please the fans. This board is, September 6 to October 1, 2006, from the North American tour of all 20 performances have been performed, in particular that the high-quality sound, then release, the two works that called big topic among fans , it is what it was coupled release.

Line-up Vinnie Colaiuta (Ds), Jason Rivero (Kbd), is the organization that Beth Heart of female vocalist is applied to the members of the 2006 Japan tour of Randy Hope-Taylor (B).

Seventh day tour to disk 1, September 13, complete recording of the Hampton Beach Casino Ballroom performance in ultra-high quality audience recording. The ones that have been released under the title called “A CHANGE IS GONNA COME” from Trial label, release beatleg in review (vol.78) at the time “in the sound quality best audience recording, the sound of each instrument is well-balanced recording is to you are “and it has been rave reviews. Besuwa show off the vocals in five songs. Sam Cooke of standard number A Change cover of Is Gonna Come have set in, soulful vocals of Beth in this song has become a really nice part must listen. Arrangements Got The Feeling is included in the second half of Going Down the thing from this day. Just buried name sound source. It is a masterpiece master enough out re-release is worthy of the original if press CD.

September 24 of the final stage tour to disk 2, Auckland is complete recording of the Paramount Theater performance in ultra-high quality audience recording. The ones that have been released under the title called “OAKLAND 2006” as Uxbridge Initial Catalog, also released in beatleg review at the time (vol.102) “incomplete recording of its outstanding board and another master. It is, yet quality full version of uncut balance of good. the sound is very nice, and it is the sound of the keyboard is impressive, such as on a rampage its center in the drum and guitar flowing to the left and right stereo “and is this also rave reviews. As the review, but in this performance had been there already issued board is, in it to the recording opening of Beck’s Bolero is from the second half of the song, there is a cut in the first half of the second half and Star Cycle of Two River in addition or it was, however, the present board master separate from it. Since the sound quality is also missing part of its outstanding has also been recorded perfectly on top good, I can say that definitely decision version of this performance. Balance of each instrument is also good, at the highest level also Tsubudachi of sound, this is also a masterpiece master enough out again release is worthy of the original if press CD. Jeff at the intro of Scatterbrain has unveiled the improvisation of country style, Vinnie is thrilling deployment of around that lead to well opening put the accent to suit it’s part must listen. In addition, this day Diamond Dust, A Day In The Life, such as attention to in the first half of the fall of the US tour has a built-in number that has not been played. Because (the Hampton performance of the disk 1 & 2 accrued) Somewhere Over The Rainbow of to listen this day stunning guitar-control evaluation is higher between mania fan is must listen. The contents by superimposing the tour has reached the maturity of the region, including vocal number, you will be able to listen to the best performance.

Both performances, content and sound quality, wonderfully enough any more do not, even now that eight years from the tour has elapsed, the fan is probably the best and ultra-high-quality sound source title of definitely must listen. 2005 of “DEFINITIVE OSAKA 2005” as well to capture the best of the stage of Jeff, this work was gorgeous coupling the Best Selection sound source two from the 2006 North American tour, is definitely a fan must-have!

「DEFINITIVE OSAKA 2005」のリリースを記念して、2000年代中期のジェフ・ベックの名音源を再リリース致します。2005年はロンドンRAHでの単発公演を除けば、日本以外はライヴ・ツアーは行わかったジェフ・ベックでしたが、2006年は4月の西海岸、7月のヨーロッパ・日本、9月の全米と精力的なライヴ活動を展開し、ファンを大いに喜ばせてくれました。本盤は、2006年9月6日から10月1日まで、全20公演が行われた北米ツアーより、特に高音質ということで、リリース当時、ファンの間で大きな話題を呼んだ2作品を、カップリングリリースしたものです。


ディスク1にはツアー7日目、9月13日、ハンプトン・ビーチ・カジノ・ボールルーム公演を超高音質オーディエンス録音で完全収録。Trialレーベルから「A CHANGE IS GONNA COME」と言うタイトルでリリースされていたもので、リリース当時のbeatlegレビューでも(vol.78)「音質最高のオーディエンス録音で、各楽器の音がバランスよく録れている」と大絶賛されています。べスは5曲でボーカルを披露。サム・クックのスタンダードナンバーA Change Is Gonna Comeのカバーがセットインしており、この曲でのベスのソウルフルなボーカルは実に素晴らしく必聴パートになっています。Going Downの後半にGot The Feelingがインクルードされるアレンジはこの日からとのこと。まさに埋もれた名音源。本来ならプレスCDの出し直しリリースが相応しい程の傑作マスターです。

ディスク2にはツアー終盤の9月24日、オークランドはパラマウント・シアター公演を超高音質オーディエンス録音で完全収録。Uxbridge初期カタログとして「OAKLAND 2006」と言うタイトルでリリースされていたもので、リリース当時のbeatlegレビューでも(vol.102)「不完全収録の既発盤とは別マスター。ノーカットの完全版でしかも音質が良い。音のバランスが非常に素晴らしく、キーボードの音がステレオで左右に流れるその中央でドラムとギターが暴れ回っているような印象だ」とこれまた大絶賛されています。そのレビューの通り、この公演には既発盤が存在していましたが、それにはオープニングのBeck’s Boleroが曲後半からの収録で、加えてTwo Riverの後半およびStar Cycleの前半にもカットがありましたが、本盤はそれとは別マスター。音質も良いうえに既発の欠落部分も完璧に収録されているので、間違いなくこの公演の決定版と言えます。各楽器のバランスも良く、音の粒立ちも最高レベルで、これもまた本来ならプレスCDの出し直しリリースが相応しい程の傑作マスターです。Scatterbrainのイントロでジェフがカントリー風の即興演奏を披露しており、ヴィニーがそれに合わせてアクセントを入れ上手くオープニングに繋げる辺りのスリリングな展開は必聴パートです。また、この日はDiamond Dust、A Day In The Lifeといった秋のUSツアーの前半ではプレイされなかったナンバーが組み込まれているのにも注目。(ディスク1&2のハンプトン公演には未収)見事なギター・コントロールが聴けるこの日のSomewhere Over The Rainbowはマニア間でも評価が高いのでファンは必聴です。ツアーを重ねることで内容も円熟の域に達しており、ボーカルナンバーも含め、最高の演奏を聴くことができます。

両公演ともに、内容・音質、これ以上はない程に素晴らしく、ツアーから8年が経過した今でも、ファンは間違いなく必聴の最優秀・超高音質音源タイトルと言えるでしょう。2005年のジェフの最良のステージを捉えた「DEFINITIVE OSAKA 2005」同様に、2006年北米ツアーからのベスト・セレクション音源2種を豪華カップリングした本作は、間違いなくファン必携です!

Live at Hampton Beach Casino Ballroom, Hampton Beach, NH, USA 13th September 2006 

Disc 1
1. Beck’s Bolero 2. Stratus 3. You Never Know 4. ‘Cause We’ve Ended as Lovers
5. You Shook Me 6. Morning Dew 7. Behind The Veil 8. Two Rivers 9. Star Cycle 
10. Big Block 11. Nadia 12. Angel (Footsteps) 13. Blast From The East
14. I Ain’t Superstitious

Disc 2
1. A Change Is Gonna Come 2. Scatterbrain 3. Led Boots 4. Goodbye Pork Pie Hat
5. Brush With the Blues 6. Blue Wind 7. Going Down/Got The Feeling
8. Scottish One 9. Somewhere Over The Rainbow 

Live at Paramount Theater, Oakland, CA. USA 24th September 2006 PREFECT SOUND

Disc 3
1. Beck’s Bolero 2. Stratus 3. You Never Know 4. Cause We’ve Ended As Lovers 5. You Shock Me
6. Morning Dew 7. Behind The Veil 8. Two River 9. Star Cycle 10. Big Block 11. Nadia
12. Angel (Footsteps)

Disc 4
1. I Ain’t Superstitious 2. Going Down 3. I Got A Feeling 4. Diamond Dust 5. Scatterbrain
6. Led Boots 7. Goodbye Pork Pie Hat 8. Brush With The Blues 9. Scottish One
10. Blue Wind 11. A Change Is Gonna Come 12. A Day In The Life 13. Somewhere Over The Rainbow

Jeff Beck – Guitar Randy Hope-Taylor – Bass Vinnie Colaiuta – Drums
Jason Rebello – Keyboards Beth Hart – Vocals 

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