Jeff Beck / Tokyo 1980 1st Night / 2CD

Jeff Beck / Tokyo 1980 1st Night / 2CD / Wardour

Translated Text:
Live at Budokan, Tokyo, Japan 4th December 1980


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Impact work a volley to have Kinney recording original cassette series, Nantes this time is completely unpublished master Jeff Beck concert in Japan has been excavated. The are contained in this work, is the fourth visit to Japan and made in 1980 of the Japan tour the first day, “December 4, Budokan” performances. Those most at the time of Kinney recording but was released as analog boot leg, this master is also without having to become LP, which had been secretly sleeping for 35 years. Who ever even now without being heard, it is the perfect first appearance master to be this time all the world public.
At the time, Jeff Beck has just released a Daimyo board “THERE AND BACK” is a popular peak, great success one of the best in this year of the Japan tour 11 performances and Jeff of Japan history. Moreover, live this first day recording has not been known for a long time, it is the 2000s “decent sound” of the “FIRST BUDOKAN 1980” CDR appeared such as “TOO MUCH TO LOSE”, began to finally grasp the whole picture . Despite the ferocious demand over the years, … Why did it become shelved.
The further deepening the mystery is, the quality of this work. I think only in or failure recording shelved, it’s a great sound hitting the highest in Kinney recording. Contour of each instrument is tightening Kirili, core also bold. Tend bass missing in the audience recording of the time also sounded rich, never blurred by excessive reverberation to say whether. If you say live for this day, but the master of the wonders of the box set “CYCLONE” which appeared in 2010 have been the highest, Quality of this work, it even that ultra-clear sound has also surpassed .
Kano is a large masterpiece was also there is a direct feeling does not feel a sense of distance, this work further Gugutsu and musical tone is looming around the corner, almost zero distance. What great cheer, such as of the blaring sound of rain that in between songs us reflects the spectacle of the Budokan, but does not exist at all intended to interfere with quiet and Singh during a performance. 1 I Kainanto recordings from the stand, but so the distance is not felt, beautiful sound that I do not think hardly the prior acoustic construction Budokan is Do not shake even specks over the full length (the texture part of the “Blue Wind” last Because there was a cut by the tape change, we supplemented with 49 seconds about its outstanding master. Most of them in the cheers, the musical tone part is about 8 seconds). Why, why so much sound was not out into the world of ……… really question just raise.

While wrapped in a mystery, even, this work is definitely recording by “that” Kinney. And’s the Jeff Beck just give create a feudal lord board “THERE AND BACK.” Its quality is highest effortlessly update the past, the “1980 of the first day” is a live album that will be the most beautifully reproduced on Earth. It is in this hand. Although the sound was introduce under the guise of calm to strive …… come flowing into the ear, it can not suppress the upset to be honest. Please, you also take in their hands, please clenching the impact of all the world’s first appeared in the ear and sensibility.

当時、大名盤「THERE AND BACK」をリリースしたばかりのジェフ・ベックは人気絶頂であり、この年のジャパンツアーも11公演とジェフの来日史でも屈指の大盛況。しかも、この初日録音は長い間知られておらず、2000年代になって“まずまずサウンド”の「FIRST BUDOKAN 1980」「TOO MUCH TO LOSE」といったCDRが登場し、やっと全貌がつかめるようになったライヴ。長年にわたって猛烈な需要があったにもかかわらず、なぜお蔵入りになっていたのか……。
かの大傑作も距離感を感じさせないダイレクト感がありましたが、本作はさらにググッと楽音が間近に迫り、ほとんどゼロ距離。曲間で鳴り響く雨音のような大歓声こそ武道館のスペクタクルを映し出してくれますが、演奏中はシンと静まりかえって邪魔するものは一切存在しない。1階南東スタンドからの録音なのですが、とてもその距離は感じられず、音響工事前の武道館とは到底思えない美しいサウンドが全編にわたって微塵も揺るがないのです(「Blue Wind」ラストのキメ部分にテープチェンジによるカットがありましたので、49秒ほど既発マスターで補完いたしました。そのほとんどは歓声で、楽音部分では8秒ほどです)。なぜ、なぜ、これほどのサウンドを世に出さなかったのか………本当に疑問は募るばかりです。

謎に包まれながらも、本作は間違いなく“あの”キニーによる録音。そして、大名盤「THERE AND BACK」を創りあげたばかりのジェフ・ベックなのです。そのクオリティは過去最高を軽々と更新し、“1980年の初日”を地球上でもっとも美しく再現してくれるライヴ・アルバムです。それがこの手の中にある。そのサウンドが耳に流れ込んでくる……努めて冷静を装ってご紹介しましたが、正直なところ動揺を抑えきれません。どうぞ、あなたもその手に取り、その耳と感性で全世界初登場の衝撃を噛みしめてください。

Disc 1 (38:07)
1. Intro. 2. Star Cycle 3. El Becko 4. Too Much To Lose 5. The Pump 6. Cause We’ve Ended As Lovers
7. Space Boogie 8. Led Boots

Disc 2 (54:12)
1. Freeway Jam 2. Diamond Dust 3. Scatterbrain 4. Drum Solo/Scatterbrain(reprise)
5. Blue Wind 6. Goodbye Pork Pie Hat 7. You Never Know 8. Going Down
Wardour 166

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