Jeff Beck / Tokyo 2009 2nd Night / 2CD

Jeff Beck / Tokyo 2009 2nd Night / 2CD / Wardour

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Live at International Forum, Tokyo, Japan 7th February 2009


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From taper collection that tipped the common sense of “audience recording” “LIVE TOGETHER (Tricone 095-100)”, the second day of the live album in 2009 tour is the exclusive appearance. impact when “LIVE TOGETHER” has appeared, but defer to the commentary of “TOKYO 2009 1ST NIGHT” of this week simultaneous release, that taper alone performances of Jeff Beck has also recorded, NHK Hall concert third day The continuation of the “TOKYO 2009 THIRD NIGHT (Wardour-118)”, the first day of “TOKYO 2009 1ST NIGHT”, the second day “TOKYO 2009 2ND NIGHT” it also became the appearance. Such that the present work has been recording “February 7, 2009 Tokyo International Forum performances”. It is the next day in the same venue as the first day.
And also, ultra-high-quality up to tremendous even this work. Saitama Arena “LIVE TOGETHER”, “TOKYO 2009 THIRD NIGHT” of NHK Hall, and with this work of the Tokyo International Forum, in spite of the sound is different though, if you do not remove the superb sound stick of “super” at any venue …… it is. However, even in the same performance taper the same venue, the next day, different are also nuances and “TOKYO 2009 1ST NIGHT”. Of course, it is no different in that it is a super-high-quality of the extraordinary, but there was a feature on the sound of the bass for “TOKYO 2009 1ST NIGHT”, this work is wonderfully growth of middle and treble, like Crystal glass like wine glasses. Guitar sound to the unevenness of the string also is felt likely as a delicate, direct feeling is I’m proud of the glare that does not say only the very “shining”. Also, have the audience of the site also highlights the clear of, direct feeling. To listen to the cheers that occur between songs, the great success the first time, enthusiasm can be seen I, you do not make a sound at all when the emergency performance begins. Even likely sound silence the sound of rustling of clothes is not just a silence. Concentration to Kikiiru to play, it’s the silence that conveys even tension that Mai miss even one note. The dance inside of such air, tearing, sound over Jeff’s guitar. Although it is Jeff the performance of facial expression is ever-changing in one day a day, or partly because of the sound, this day, it makes me feel the inspiration of the more likely to break if touches.
Of course, it is not the only guitar. 2009 type Jeff Beck Group, the highest level in history. The virtuoso Vinnie Colaiuta which is not enough even gave the words of any praise, cute looks incongruous not Tal Wilkenfeld that shook the world in arms, And Peter Gabriel and “musicians in the musician”, Stanley Clarke and John McLaughlin, Billy Cobham even the coveted David Sanshasu. Any inferior unexpected genius us, we dance to the sound world that shines in crystal-clear. During this live, active of barrel was slightly 22-year-old is amazing. Kariuta that was stacked with plenty of performance-career of glory in their 50s, will not budge even one step to Sanshasu, in the “‘Cause We’ve Ended As Lovers” middle of the solo, as the floats the figure of admire Jeff and spectators expressive. In the “TOKYO 2009 1ST NIGHT”, and it had been rich bass the world of Jeff to scale up, a delicate to picking nuances in this work, is intertwined bewitching and Jeff of the guitar. In the “Brush With The Blues”, Kariuta base continues to cymbals of play that was put, but I was playing with a smile each other, such a margin is coming transmitted with the MGA from this work of only the sound. Especially Jeff and the same age when it was announced the “ROGER THE ENGINEER” Speaking of 22-year-old. And she is also continue working after this live, but now also do me leave much of Meien, it is more ominous.

Also in the history of the “JEFF BECK IN JAPAN”, it is surrounded by the highest level of the musicians, in 2009 Japan tour that made me listen to the pinnacle of enhancement. Not only co-starring two days with Clapton, even the first day, second day, third day of the single concert has been recorded in the ultra-superb sound. While this taper has just last year appeared in the boot leg boundary, break the common sense of “audience recording” each time to announce this one by one, it continues to expand the possibilities. gem such genius taper and genius guitarist and genius musician, was born precisely because you share the same space. yet the recorded “net in private” recordings did not intend to publish the time, Chow superb live album that has shaken even to the sound source history. You too, please experience the genius by all means we bring together “space”.

“オーディエンス録音”の常識をひっくり返した「LIVE TOGETHER(Tricone 095-100)」のテーパー・コレクションから、2009年ツアー2日目のライヴアルバムが独占登場です。「LIVE TOGETHER」が登場した際の衝撃は、今週同時リリースの「TOKYO 2009 1ST NIGHT」の解説に譲りますが、あのテーパーはジェフ・ベックの単独公演も記録しており、3日目NHKホール公演の「TOKYO 2009 THIRD NIGHT(Wardour-118)」に続き、初日「TOKYO 2009 1ST NIGHT」、2日目「TOKYO 2009 2ND NIGHT」も登場となったのです。そんな本作が録音されたのは「2009年2月7日東京国際フォーラム公演」。初日と同じ会場の翌日です。
そしてまた、本作も凄まじいまでの超・高音質。埼玉アリーナの「LIVE TOGETHER」、NHKホールの「TOKYO 2009 THIRD NIGHT」、そして東京国際フォーラムの本作と、音響がまるで違うにも関わらず、どの会場でも“超”の付く極上サウンドを外さないとは……。とは言え、同テーパー・同会場・翌日公演であっても、「TOKYO 2009 1ST NIGHT」とはまたニュアンスが違う。もちろん、異常なほどの超・高音質であることには変わりありませんが、低音の響きに特徴があった「TOKYO 2009 1ST NIGHT」に対し、本作は中・高音域の伸びが素晴らしく、まるでクリスタル・ガラスのワイングラスのよう。ギターサウンドは弦の凹凸までもが感じられそうなほど繊細で、ダイレクト感はまさに“輝く”としか言えない眩しさを誇っている。また、現場の観客もそのクリアさ、ダイレクト感を際立たせている。曲間に起きる歓声を聞くに、その大盛況ぶり、熱狂ぶりは分かるのですが、いざ演奏が始まるとまったく音を立てない。衣擦れの音でさえ響きそうな静寂は、ただの無音ではない。演奏に聴き入る集中力、1音も逃すまいという緊張感さえも伝える静寂なのです。そんな大気の中を踊り、切り裂き、響き渡るジェフのギター。1日1日で演奏の表情が千変万化するジェフですが、サウンドのせいもあってか、この日は触れれば壊れそうなほどの閃きを感じさせてくれるのです。
もちろん、ギターだけではありません。2009年型ジェフ・ベック・グループは、歴代でも最高レベル。どんな賞賛の言葉を贈っても足りない名手ヴィニー・カリウタに、キュートなルックスに似つかわしくない腕で世界を揺るがしたタル・ウィルケンフェルド、それにピーター・ガブリエルが「ミュージシャンの中のミュージシャン」呼び、スタンリー・クラークやジョン・マクラフリン、ビリー・コブハムさえもが欲しがるデイヴィッド・サンシャス。いずれ劣らぬ天才たちが、クリスタル・クリアに輝く音世界に踊るのです。このライヴの時、若干22歳だったタルの活躍は凄い。50代で栄光の実績・経歴をたっぷりと積み重ねていたカリウタ、サンシャスにも1歩も譲らず、「’Cause We’ve Ended As Lovers」中盤のソロでは、見とれるジェフや観客の姿が浮かんでくるほど表情豊か。「TOKYO 2009 1ST NIGHT」では、豊かな低音でジェフの世界をスケールアップさせていましたが、本作ではピッキング・ニュアンスまで繊細で、ジェフのギターと妖艶に絡み合う。「Brush With The Blues」では、カリウタが入れた遊びのシンバルにもベースが続き、互いに微笑みながら演奏していたのですが、そんな余裕は音だけの本作からもアリアリと伝わってくるのです。特に22歳と言えば「ROGER THE ENGINEER」を発表した時のジェフと同年齢。このライヴの後も活躍を続ける彼女ですが、これからもどれほどの名演を残してくれるか、末恐ろしいほどです。

“JEFF BECK IN JAPAN”の歴史でも、最高レベルのミュージシャンに囲まれ、充実の極みを聴かせてくれた2009年の来日公演。クラプトンとの共演2日間だけでなく、単独コンサートの初日・2日目・3日目までもが超・極上サウンドで記録されていた。このテーパーは去年ブートレッグ界に登場したばかりでありながら、1本1本発表するごとに“オーディエンス録音”の常識を壊し、可能性を広げ続けている。そんな天才テーパーと天才ギタリストと天才ミュージシャンが、同じ空間を共有したからこそ生まれた逸品。記録した際には公表するつもりがなかった“純にプライベート”な録音でありながら、音源史までも揺るがしている超・極上のライヴアルバム。あなたも、ぜひ天才たちが一堂に会する“空間”をご体験ください。

Disc 1 (43:51)
1. Intro 2. Beck’s Bolero 3. The Pump 4. Eternity’s Breath 5. You Never Know
6. ‘Cause We’ve Ended As Lovers 7. Behind The Veil 8. Blast From The East
9. Stratus 10. Angel 11. Drum Solo 12. Led Boots

Disc 2 (40:32)
1. Nadia 2. Space Boogie 3. Goodbye Pork Pie Hat 4. Brush With The Blues
5. Blue Wind 6. A Day In The Life 7. Band Introduction 8. Where Were You
9. Scottish One 10. Big Block

Jeff Beck – guitar Tal Wilkenfeld – bass Vinnie Colaiuta – drums David Sancious – keyboards


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