Jeff Beck / Tokyo 2009 1st Night / 2CD

Jeff Beck / Tokyo 2009 1st Night / 2CD / Wardour

Translated Text:
Live at International Forum, Tokyo, Japan 6th February 2009


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Greatly Japan tour of 2009 became a hot topic in co-star Eric Clapton and Jeff Beck. Chow best album of matches and the first day in a completely original recording is the appearance. Of the Japan tour was a total of nine performances (11 performances to put a co-starring date), of this work has been recorded is “February 6, 2009 Tokyo International Forum performances”.
In “2009 + Japan + original sound source”, it might be sharp person Irassharu come with the pin. That’s right. Last year, it ran a shock to the industry in the “LIVE TOGETHER (Tricone 095-100)”, it’s a collection of that taper. 2009 tour has a high degree of attention there is also costarring with Clapton, various recording has been announced in large quantities from time. It in 2014 after five years from, appeared around that long ago became the season off “LIVE TOGETHER” is, I at a phenomenal super-high-quality had to surpass many of its outstanding. Moreover, surprisingly, that the “LIVE TOGETHER” was the debut of this taper. Pop and out of rookie taper, each trader master craftsman taper we are ……… this impact that wiped out the recording group who left competing did sufficient to shake the industry. Moreover, this was not even a mere beginner’s rack. Since then, it matches and February 9 in the 3 performances eyes “TOKYO 2009 THIRD NIGHT”, and was recorded international forum performances of 2010 “TOKYO 2010 FINAL NIGHT”, announced one after another unusual ultra-high-quality collection I went. This work, that in the latest bombs, is something that was recorded the first day of origin and also to say “2009 Tour”.
And, still sound …… flowing from this work, and tremendous also this time. Collection of until now is also has received a rave of like “epithet hard to ultra-high quality”, “figure of ultimate audience recording,” “modern audience recording of the highest peak”, this work is also the same words gifts It’ll be to be. Well-balanced in clear neat, treble is a relaxed bass is delicate enough to tell even the amplitude of the air. And yet, another …… beauty that will meet the space of the venue blow up even sound board, and a I and harder sound you are searching for a word of praise. In particular, the present work is the sound of hard bass is great in the audience recording. All without blurring, rich and glossy of the bass that spread to scale enough feeling is a rarity.
Jeff Beck is a 2009 type from being drawn in such a sound. Condition of Jeff and delicate enough to be affected to jet lag, but the first day I not uncommon also be departing, this time it is doing the Oceania tour just before, No its influence does not appear to speck also playing It is. Also, the “Snake Oil” which was debuted at the Oceania tour is playing, the point of this work. Tony Newton of songs that had been recorded in the “BELIEVE IT” Tony U~iamusu. This “Snake Oil”, it was played in 2009 in the Japan tour, it was only on this day. It begins with bass solo of Tal Wilkenfeld, but through the jam drum is applied is the arrangements that going into the song, on even the song itself great, is also extremely good introduction of bass solo or jam. Although I thought the great even in its outstanding, rich and solo that was decorated with clear bass of this work, she forgets that it is a cute girl (then) 22-year-old. this might be due to some was also mistake, but it is indeed, it is indeed a pity that had been cut in performances after this.
Also, there was only of special this day is also a member introduction. “Happy birthday, Vinnie Colaiuta” When you introduce Kariuta to say, and laugh venue singing Jeff in voice breaking as “Happy birthday to you ♪”. As symbolized in the scene, with Jeff throughout Gokigen of the day, are you full of even the sense of fulfillment in the performance.

Was even overturned common sense of the audience recorded “LIVE TOGETHER”. Taper collection that was obtained without the ultra-superb sound is is also one appeared. Jeff people of fans, of course, those who want to know whether the audience recording get used to how far high-quality sound, please try this work by all means.

“2009年+日本+オリジナル音源”で、鋭い方はピンと来ていらっしゃるかも知れませんね。そうです。昨年、「LIVE TOGETHER(Tricone 095-100)」で業界に衝撃を走らせた、あのテーパーのコレクションなのです。2009年ツアーはクラプトンとの共演もあって注目度が高く、当時から各種の録音が大量に発表されました。それから5年後の2014年、とっくに時季外れになった頃に登場した「LIVE TOGETHER」は、驚異的な超・高音質で幾多の既発を凌駕してしまったのです。しかも驚くべきは、「LIVE TOGETHER」がこのテーパーのデビュー作であったこと。ポッと出の新人テーパーが、各業者・名匠テーパー達が競い合って残した録音群を一掃した………この衝撃は、業界を震撼させるに十分なものでした。さらに、これが単なるビギナーズ・ラックでもなかった。その後も、3公演目の2月9日を収めた「TOKYO 2009 THIRD NIGHT」、2010年の国際フォーラム公演を記録した「TOKYO 2010 FINAL NIGHT」など、異常な超・高音質コレクションを次々と発表していった。本作は、その最新弾にして、原点とも言うべき“2009年ツアー”の初日を記録したものなのです。
そんなサウンドで描かれるのが2009年型のジェフ・ベック。ジェフのコンディションは時差ボケにも影響されるほど繊細で、初日は外れることも珍しくないのですが、この時は直前にオセアニア・ツアーをこなしており、その影響は微塵も演奏に現れていないのです。また、そのオセアニア・ツアーで初披露された「Snake Oil」が演奏されているのも、本作のポイント。トニー・ウィアムスの「BELIEVE IT」に収録されてたトニー・ニュートンの曲。この「Snake Oil」、2009年のジャパンツアーで演奏されたのは、この日だけでした。タル・ウィルケンフェルドのベースソロから始まり、ドラムが加わったジャムを経て曲に入っていくアレンジなのですが、曲そのものも素晴らしい上に、導入のベースソロやジャムがまたすこぶる良い。既発でも素晴らしいとは思いましたが、本作の豊かでクリアな低音で彩られたソロは、彼女が(当時)22歳のキュートな女の子であることを忘れてしまう。多少ミスもあったせいかも知れませんが、この後の公演で削られてしまったのは実に、実に残念です。
また、メンバー紹介にもこの日だけのスペシャルがありました。カリウタを紹介する際に「Happy birthday, Vinnie Colaiuta」と言って、ジェフが変声で「Happy birthday to you♪」と歌って会場を笑わせる。そのシーンにも象徴されるように、この日のジェフは終始ゴキゲンで、演奏にもその充実感が溢れているのです。

客席録音の常識さえ覆した「LIVE TOGETHER」。その超・極上サウンドをなし得たテーパー・コレクションがまた1本登場です。ジェフのファンの方々はもちろん、オーディエンス録音がどこまで高音質になれるのか知りたい方は、ぜひ本作をお試しください。

Disc 1 (44:56)
1. Intro 2. Beck’s Bolero 3. The Pump 4. Eternity’s Breath 5. You Never Know
6. Cause We’ve Ended As Lovers 7. Behind The Veil 8. Blast from The East 9. Stratus
10. Angel 11. Drum Solo 12. Led Boots

Disc 2 (42:07)
1. Nadia 2. Bass Solo/Snake Oil 3. Goodbye Pork Pie Hat 4. Brush With The Blues
5. Blue Wind 6. A Day In The Life 7. Band Introduction 8. Where Were You
9. Big Block 10. Scottish One

Jeff Beck – guitar Tal Wilkenfeld – bass Vinnie Colaiuta – drums David Sancious – keyboards


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