Jeff Beck / Summer Tour In USA 2014 / 4CDR

Jeff Beck / Summer Tour In USA 2014 / 4CDR / Breakdown

Translated text:
Live At The Greek Theater, Los Angeles, CA August 13th 2014. Audience


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Appeared as early as 2014 Jeff Beck latest live recordings are collectively 3 performances!

Live from the latest US tour of the topic by double-building and ZZ Top.

August 19 Albuquerque performances and August 13 Los Angeles Greek Theatre performances, complete recording from high-quality audience recording master the Kansas concert August 23.

Included on a bonus disc with the co-star of ZZ Top further. I have a set list of vocal music of BBA since such as “superstition” has been increased in the organization, which celebrated vocalist, Jimmy Hall new band line-up so far.

We will deliver the latest sound source to tell now of 2014 Jeff Beck!





Live At The Greek Theater, Los Angeles, CA August 13th 2014
01. Loaded
02. Nine
03. You Know You Know
04. Yesmin
05. You Never Know
06. Big Block
07. Day In The Life
08. Morning Dew
09. Why Give It Away
10. A Change Is Gonna Come
11. Little Wing
12. Going Down
13. Danny Boy
14. Rollin’ And Tumbin’

Live At Sandia Casino Amphitheater, Albuquerque, NM August 19th 2014
01. Loaded
02. Nine
03. Morning Dew
04. You Know You Know
05. Why Give It Away
06. A Change Is Gonna Come
07. Yesmin
08. You Never Know
09. A Day In The Life
10. Superstition
11. Big Block
12. Jeff’s Boogie (Last Part)
13. Rollin’ And Tumblin’
14. Going Down

Live At Starlight Theatre,Kansas City,MO August 23rd 2014
01. Loaded
02. Nine
03.Morning Dew
04. Why Give It Away
05. A Change is Gonna Come
06. Yemen
07. You Never Know
08. A Day in the Life
09. Superstition
10. Big Block
11.Danny Boy
12. Rollin’ and Tumblin’
13. Going Down
14. Band Introduction

Live At The Greek Theater, Los Angeles, CA August, 13th, 2014
DISC 4 (with ZZ TOP)
01. Rough Boy – Tush – Fifteen Tons




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