Jeff Beck / Osaka 1986 First Night / 2CD

Jeff Beck / Osaka 1986 First Night / 2CD / Wardour

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Live at Koseinenkin Kaikan, Osaka, Japan 3rd June 1986


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Finally, came out Osaka the first day of 1986! It also I might even some people you think that! … The ultra-ultra-high sound quality “thing of what suddenly?”. Let’s step-by-step your description.
This work is the audience album that contains the Osaka the first day of “FLASH TOUR 1986”. The first place, “FLASH TOUR 1986” is not only implemented in Japan, all seven performances was all. Jeff Beck among them, Santana, became a co-star of Steve Lukather, “June 1, 1986 Karuizawa Prince Hotel performance” is also broadcast on the radio and television, early in life and is famous, this work of the next live “June and the 3rd Osaka Welfare Pension Hall” is the performance. Again to organize the dates and ……

June 1: Karuizawa Prince Hotel outdoor special venue
June 3: Osaka Welfare Pension Hall [this work] June 5: Fukuoka Sun Palace Hall
June 6: Osaka Festival Hall
June 8: Nagoya City Public Hall
June 10: Tokyo Nippon Budokan
June 11: Tokyo Nippon Budokan

This tour, but recording of most of the schedules have been excavated, live in this day and there was no one until now. This year from it after ’29, finally, it came out finally, “June 3”!
It’s a feat just been excavated, but the high quality of the sound is terrifying. This tour, including the large Ketteiban “THANK THE LORD (Wardour-082)” and “WILD THING (Wardour-029)”, but any live even’s a high-quality complete set that I think “How did you record doing?” ( If those who are that it is now to hear you, it will able to experience it not an exaggeration), in the midst of such a super masterpiece recording full, this work does not take the sink. Of course, audience recording because there is a very strong one single personality, but not relative merits are decided lightly, personality of this work is located in the intense clear of. A cassette was handed from the recording who because we have to master, but it’s an audience recording I no doubt, any instrument is also full of direct feeling, such as do not think only the sound board, the outline of each note also is the extremely vivid ( After a review of our ticket stub that had been enclosed in the master cassette, seat of recording who was “the first floor I column No. 12”.). As I listened, and “Yes, I Did was audience recording” Become a cheer of between songs settlement to begin to think. Especially treble vivid sense, will not let terrible even drifted. The flurry in so much high-quality sound, Guru phrase tapestry …… really great!
Precious excavation and super sound that is not the only. After all, “FLASH TOUR 1986” it was only Japan tour, Japan second day of this work is also in all the world second day. It’s a plenty of fresh sense of groping part of the performance. In addition, even in all seven performances, this film special. Although it tracks what is much the same with other performances, feeling song order is the difference between bold, if there only next live of Karuizawa “Karuizawa extended version”. It is even fresh to suddenly begin from the “Star Cycle”, but long keyboard solo is from the “Star Cycle”! Other is played also “Led Boots” rather than “You Never Know”, moreover, such as Dattari intro keyboard (the other day guitar), we enjoy novelty is in many places. There is a lack of tape change in the “Cause We’ve Ended As Lovers” at the beginning portion of the “Freeway Jam”, but it is full inclusion otherwise. Vocalist Jimmy Hall also narrowing sing hot, Jeff Beck also quite buoyant. You listen to free Starring defeat playing really comfortably.

If Recall, discovered “June 11, Budokan, 1986” on the final day was not yet excavated, had caused a sensation as “THANK THE LORD”, it was in 2010. Five years since then, it is a never again meet on equal shock. If you come this happens what was left at the end of the last “June 8, Nagoya” is when discovered, the first place to listen to what is being recorded at the level will become concerned about, but it is God only knows It is the place. But, certainly reality because in 2015 that was passed in ’29, large Ketteiban of a new tour appeared. Now just single-mindedly, I want to be immersed in this good fortune. To you it will deliver a press 2CD to leave 29 years of achievement in forever!


ついに、1986年の大阪初日が出てきました! それも超・超高音質で!!……「いきなり何のことだ?」と思われる方もいらっしゃるかも知れませんね。順を追ってご説明しましょう。
本作は「FLASH TOUR 1986」の大阪初日を収めたオーディエンス・アルバムです。そもそも「FLASH TOUR 1986」は日本でしか実現せず、全7公演が総てでした。その中でもジェフ・ベック、サンタナ、スティーヴ・ルカサーの共演となった「1986年6月1日・軽井沢プリンスホテル公演」はラジオやテレビでも放送され、つとに有名ですが、本作はその次のライヴ「6月3日・大阪厚生年金会館」公演です。改めて日程を整理しますと……

6月3日:大阪厚生年金会館 【本作】

発掘されただけでも快挙なのですが、そのサウンドが恐ろしいほどの高音質。このツアーは、大決定盤の「THANK THE LORD(Wardour-082)」や「WILD THING(Wardour-029)」をはじめ、どのライヴも「どうやって録音したのか?」と思う高音質ぞろいなのですが(お聴きになった事のある方なら、それが誇張ではないことは実感していただけるでしょう)、そんな超傑作録音だらけの中にあって、本作も引けを取っていません。もちろん、オーディエンス録音は1本1本の個性が極めて強いため、軽々に優劣は決められませんが、本作の個性は強烈なクリアさにあります。録音者から譲り受けたカセットをマスターにしていますから、客席録音なのは間違いないのですが、どの楽器もサウンドボードとしか思えないようなダイレクト感に溢れ、1音1音の輪郭も極めて鮮やかなのです(マスターカセットに同封されていたチケットの半券を確認したところ、録音者の座席は「1階 I 列12番」でした。)。聴き入っていると、曲間の歓声になって「そうだ、客席録音だったっけ」と思い出す始末。特に高音のビビッド感は、凄みすら漂わせています。これほどのハイクオリティ・サウンドで飛び交う、達人フレーズのタペストリー……本当に素晴らしい!
貴重な発掘&スーパー・サウンドなだけではありません。なにしろ、「FLASH TOUR 1986」はジャパン・ツアーしかなかったのですから、日本2日目の本作は、全世界2日目でもある。演奏のフレッシュ感も手探りな部分もたっぷりなのです。しかも、全7公演の中でも、本作は特別。曲目こそ他公演と似たり寄ったりですが、曲順は大胆に違い、軽井沢の次のライヴだけあって“軽井沢の拡張版”といった感じ。いきなり「Star Cycle」から始まるのも新鮮ですが、その「Star Cycle」からしてキーボード・ソロが長い! 他にも「Led Boots」ではなく「You Never Know」が演奏され、しかもイントロがキーボードだったり(他の日はギター)など、新味が各所で味わえるのです。「Cause We’ve Ended As Lovers」「Freeway Jam」の冒頭部分でテープチェンジの欠けがありますが、それ以外は完全収録。ジミー・ホールのヴォーカルも熱く歌い込み、ジェフ・ベックもかなりの好調。実に気持ちよく弾き倒す快演が聴けます。

思い起こせば、未発掘だった最終日の「1986年6月11日・武道館」が発見され、「THANK THE LORD」としてセンセーションを巻き起こしたのは、2010年でした。あれから5年、まさか同等の衝撃に再び出会えるとは。こうなってくると最後の最後に残された「6月8日・名古屋」がいつ発見されるのか、そもそも聴けるレベルで録音されているのかが気になってしまいますが、それは神のみぞ知るところです。しかし、29年経った2015年に、新たなツアーの大決定盤が登場したというのは確かな現実。今はただひたすら、この幸運に浸っていたい。29年目の快挙を永遠に残すプレス2CDであなたにお届けします!

Disc 1 (43:47)
1. Intro. 2. Star Cycle 3. Love Will 4. Ambitious 5. Ecstasy 6. Miami Vice Theme
7. Goodbye Pork Pie Hat 8. Stop, Look And Listen 9. The Pump 10. Escape

Disc 2 (59:45)
1. Cause We’ve Ended As Lovers 2. You Never Know 3. Miami Vice: New York Theme
4. Gets Us All In The End 5. Blue Wind 6. People Get Ready 7. Freeway Jam 8. Wild Thing
9. Band Introductions 10. Going Down

Jeff Beck – Guitar Jimmy Hall – Vocal Jan Hammer – Keyboards Doug Wimbish – Bass
Simon Phillips – Drums


Wardour – 149

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