Jeff Beck / Loaded First Night Japan Tour 2014 / 2CDR

Jeff Beck / Loaded First Night Japan Tour 2014 /2CDR / Non Label

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Live at NHK Hall, Tokyo, Japan 4th April 2014


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From the original master , and full inclusion in the high-quality audience recording of the best level , the first day of Japan tour in 2014 , the NHK Hall concert April 4 . High-quality sound board donated by recording in person . This is a sound and feel a moderate sense of distance , but the minute , you can have a sense of stability to the sound , very comfortable , so you can focus on your sound . That it is a recording of through the use of advanced equipment and taper , was Tenare recording is clear , we are caught firmly until details of the details of the sound output . Goodness of the sound of a quiet part is, of course , sound even if the dense , all parts of hear to clear it is characteristic . Grasp of the tone because I do it well anyway , audience or raised , even if the storm of hand-clapping , You can listen without a problem at all . From the first shot first tour , high-quality sound board of considerable appeared in gift title ( . It is different from the point of Dylan concerts around here ) !

( The following , will be posted from the person who was seen the day of the concert , so I had a great report . )

It is hard to expect the repertoire and there itself Tour and the start of from Japan , Japan this performance of 2010 since , although the joint tour with Brian Wilson that took place at the end of last year was convinced without permission and exceptional , After all , it was of the same content almost except the addition of the two songs mini album 3 songs of Japan commemorative Edition from ” YOSOGAI ” When I opened the lid .
Beck of the day appeared wrapped around a flashy breath in the right arm to design a black jacket that nifty . Appearance does not change as you may say at all , was a coolness to forget the fact that the same age and the same Stones Steve Hackett of last year .
Beck in fully open mode from the intro , it was me showing off play Kamigakari exactly why Anna sound that would leave even have a closer look at the finger it will be every time . Apart from the base of Ronda and player of jazz – fusion system , band members other than Beck was the non-participation women violinist that had planned probably unfamiliar almost . Since the sound showed an elegant unity there is no clash of energy which can Beck in recent years , the lock just like Stanley Clarke era and Cozy Powell in the past , it was also followed now Tour, Mahavishnu Orchestra basis non-participation of the violin was a little disappointing to those who were expecting something .
The thought of as a highlight of this time set list into Jimi Hendrix of the third song of ” Little Wing ” , the venue was a great deal to show a surge in the intro . There is no grumpiness former , Beck on this day , was happy from beginning to end , such as laughter is to the ear a hand to cheer the audience of the ” Jeff ! ” . It was a shame of ” You Had It Coming ,” ” Nadia ” is is did I fall set personally , but fantastic to use the bottleneck of transparency from the ” Who Else “, ” Angels (Footsteps) ” in playing to be playing with sound , using this bottle neck to pick instead of just before the curtain was amazing no matter how many times look . ( . , Which has been concerned about the jacket hanging many times playing the way Jeff ) , Beck after completion once in ” A Day In The Life ” , was re- appeared in the encore , the older styles intro off your jacket black just as expected it was fueled audience continued in the ” Rollin And Tumblin ” . Play ” ( lovers of sorrow ) Cause We Ended As Lovers ” last . It was to reproduce the original song to play carefully than ever ( ?) Now surprisingly . Jeff relaxing mood completely and clown around to face the one back in the greeting of studded last , it was a concert of mature I do not think the first day .



2010年以来の今回の日本公演は、Tourそのものが日本からスタートするとあって演奏曲目が予想しにくく、昨年末に行われたBrian Wilsonとのジョイント・ツアーは例外的と勝手に思い込んでいたものの、ふたを開けると結局、来日記念盤の3曲入りミニアルバム「YOSOGAI」から2曲を加えた他はほぼ同内容のものでした。
3曲目のジミヘン「Little Wing」のセット・リスト入りは今回の目玉とも言え、そのイントロに会場が大いに盛り上がりを見せました。この日のベックは、かつての気難しさは無く、観客の「ジェフ!」との掛け声に手を耳に当てて笑いを誘うなど終始ご機嫌でした。個人的には『You Had It Coming』の「Nadia」がセット落ちしてしまったのが残念でしたが、『Who Else』からの「Angels (Footsteps)」で透明のボトルネックを使い幻想的な音色でプレイをし、終演間際のピックかわりにこのボトルネックを使った演奏は何度見ても驚異的でした。「A Day In The Life」で一旦終了後、アンコールで再登場したベックは、案の定先ほどの黒いジャケットを脱ぎ(ジェフは演奏途中で何度も垂れ下がるジャケットを気にしていた。)、オールディーズ風イントロに続き「Rollin And Tumblin」では観客を煽っていました。最後は「Cause We Ended As Lovers(哀しみの恋人たち)」をプレイ。意外にも(?)今までになく丁寧に弾き原曲を再現していました。最後の勢ぞろいの挨拶でひとり後ろを向いておどけるなどすっかりリラックスムードのジェフで、初日とは思えない完成度の高いコンサートでした。

Disc 1(48:08)
1. Loaded 2. Nine 3. Little Wing 4. You Know You Know 5. Hammerhead 6. Angel (Footsteps) 
7. Stratus 8. Yemin 9. Where Were You 10. The Pump

Disc 2(43:51) 
1. Goodbye Pork Pie Hat 2. Brush With The Blues 3. You Never Know 4. Danny Boy 5. Blue Wind
6. Led Boots 7. Corpus Christi 8. Big Block 9. Day In The Life 10. Rollin’ And Tumblin’
11. Cause We Ended As Lovers

Jeff Beck – Guitar Rhonda Smith – Bass, Vocal Jonathan Joseph – Drums Nicolas Meier – Guitar

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