Jeff Beck & Jan Hammer Group / Palladium 1976 / 2CD

Jeff Beck & Jan Hammer Group / Palladium 1976 / 2CD / Wardour

Live at Palladium, New York City, NY, USA 8th October 1976

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THE From the 1976 tour, which is very popular due to intense improvisation with JAN HAMMER GROUP, a new masterpiece has been born for the first time in a while. Introducing the permanent storage press 2CD.
“October 8, 1976 New York performance” is included in this work. It’s an audience recording of a night at the traditional venue “Palladium” … maybe. I’m sorry I suddenly became bearish. Actually, it’s a mistake of the guest record of 2nd Gene whose microphone is known, but it is a superb recording that makes me think “Is this really the audience?”
Before the content that interests me, first of all, the position of the show. Let’s look back at the outline of 1976/1977, which was a co-star tour of the century.

● 1976
“April” OH YEAH? “Completed”
“May” WIRED “released”
・ May 8-23 : UK (3 performances)
・ May 29-September 13: North America # 1 ( 42 performances)
・ October 7-19: North America # 2 (12 performances) ← ★ Coco ★
・ November 12-11 : North America # 3 (8 performances)
● 1977
・ January 23-February 5: Oceania (5 performances)
・ February 18-21 : North America # 4 (3 performances)
<< March “Live Wire” released >>

This is the outline of 1976/1977 .. As a matter of fact, there are many ambiguities in the data at that time, and the above is also a combination of the three materials. Don’t believe in the details such as the number of performances (I’m sure there are), even if there are no omissions or duplications. However, I think you can imagine the general flow and scale. Among them, the Palladium performance of this work is about the same time as the official live album “Live Wire” of the joint tour. In other words, it was the second performance of “North America # 2”, and it was a concert two days before the super-famous board “BOSTON 1976 DEFINITIVE EDITION (Wardour-074)” which is very popular in our shop.
This work recorded at such a show is exactly the best sound with “super”. The aforementioned “BOSTON 1976 DEFINITIVE EDITION” was also a famous recording that was treated as an FM broadcast in some parts, but this work is superior in terms of sound board feeling. Extra-thick core, sound without a sense of distance, extremely delicate details, official board-grade luster … Certainly, the lively cheers seem to be an audience, and as I mentioned at the beginning, I know the microphone used, so it should be a guest record. However, the sound that flows into your ears can only be heard on the sound board directly connected to the mix table (as if you overdubbed the cheers).
Moreover, the greatness of this work is not limited to sound. The content of the show is ridiculous. Of course, since it was a 1976 tour, there was plenty of intense improvisation, but the songs that became the motif are also rare. Speaking of the standard of this tour, it will be the official board “Live Wire”, so let’s organize it while comparing.

● Jeff Beck (9 songs)
・ BLOW BY BLOW: You Know What I Mean (★) / Freeway Jam / Scatterbrain / She’s a Woman / Diamond Dust (★)
・ WIRED: Goodbye Pork Pie Hat (★) / Come Dancing ( ★) / Blue Wind / Led Boots (★)
● Jan Hammer (7 songs)
・ LIKE CHILDREN: Givig In Gently / I Wonder (★) / Earth (Still Our Only Home) / Full Moon Boogie
・ THE FIRST SEVEN DAYS: Darkness / Earth in Search of a Sun
・ OH YEAH ?: Magical Dog (★) / Evolove (★) / Oh Yeah? (★)
* Note: “★” marks are songs that cannot be heard on the official version “Live Wire”.

… And it looks like this. It is natural that there are more songs than “Live Wire”, which was about 1/44, but the number of songs is doubled and the long length of over 112 minutes is intense. What’s more, there is plenty of repertoire, such as “Goodbye Pork Pie Hat,” “Come Dancing,” “Magical Dog,” and “Evolove,” which are hard to record even on bootlegs.
Moreover, it is quite different from “BOSTON 1976 DEFINITIVE EDITION” two days later, and “Givig In Gently / I Wonder”, “Oh Yeah?”, And “Led Boots” that can not be heard even on that daimyo board are also shown. Especially the best one is “Givig In Gently / I Wonder” sung by Jan Hammer. We have archived the 1976 tour with a number of live albums at our shop, but this is the first song. It’s a song in which Yang plays the leading role, and Jeff feels like he’s going out with a light cut, but in the middle of the song, he listens to a phrase that slowly gets hot as if it were fanned by the keyboard.

Length, sound, rare songs, enthusiastic performances … Anyway, everything is overwhelming. It is a masterpiece of a live album where you can fully enjoy a different set with the best sound equal to or better than that masterpiece “BOSTON 1976 DEFINITIVE EDITION”. A new masterpiece of the wonderful “JEFF BECK with THE JAN HAMMER GROUP”. Please fully experience with the permanent storage press 2CD.

★ Amazing ultra-high sound quality. The performance is also amazing!

THE JAN HAMMER GROUPとの即興演奏が盛んな1976年のツアーから、久々に新しい名作が誕生しました。パーマネントストレージプレス2CDのご紹介。

「4月」OH YEAH? 「完成」
<< 3月「ライブワイヤー」発売>>

これが1976年・1977年の概要です。実は、当時のデータには実はあいまいさが多く、上記も3つの資料の組み合わせです。記載漏れや重複がない場合でも、公演数(きっとあると思います)などの詳細は信じないでください。しかし、一般的な流れと規模は想像できると思います。このうち、本作のパラジウム公演は、合同ツアーの公式ライブアルバム「Live Wire」とほぼ同時期。つまり、「北米#2」の2回目の公演であり、当店で大人気の超有名盤「BOSTON 1976 DEFINITIVE EDITION(Wardour-074)」の2日前のコンサートでした。
そんなショーで収録された本作はまさに「超」で最高のサウンド。前述の「BOSTON 1976 DEFINITIVE EDITION」も一部FM放送として扱われた有名なレコーディングでしたが、本作は響き感に優れています。極太の芯、距離感のない音、非常に繊細なディテール、公式のボード級の光沢…確かに、元気な歓声は聴衆のようで、冒頭で述べたように、マイクが使われていることを知っているので、それはゲストのレコードでなければなりません。ただし、耳に流れ込む音は、ミックステーブルに直接接続されたサウンドボードでしか聞こえません(歓声をオーバーダビングした場合と同様)。
また、この作品の素晴らしさは音だけではありません。ショーの内容はばかげています。もちろん1976年のツアーだったので激しいインプロヴィゼーションが盛りだくさんでしたが、モチーフとなった曲もレアです。今回のツアーの基準といえば、オフィシャルボード「Live Wire」になりますので、比較しながら整理しましょう。

・BLOW BY BLOW:ユア・ノウ・アイ・ミー(★)/フリーウェイ・ジャム/スキャッターブレイン/彼女は女/ダイヤモンド・ダスト(★)
・WIRED:Goodbye Pork Pie Hat(★)/ Come Dancing(★)/ Blue Wind / Led Boots(★)
●Jan Hammer(7曲)
・LIKE CHILDREN:Givig In Gently / I Wonder(★)/ Earth(Still Our Only Home)/ Full Moon Boogie
・OH YEAH?:Magical Dog(★)/ Evolove(★)/ Oh Yeah? (★)
※注:「★」マークは、正式版「Live Wire」では聴けない曲です。

また、2日後の「BOSTON 1976 DEFINITIVE EDITION」とはかなり違い、「Givig In Gently / I Wonder」、「Oh Yeah?」、そしてその大名盤でも聞こえない「Led Boots」も示されています。特にベストなのは、Jan Hammerが歌う「Givig In Gently / I Wonder」です。当店では1976年のツアーを数々のライブアルバムと共にアーカイブしていますが、これが最初の曲です。ヤンが主役でジェフは軽いカットで出かけるような曲だが、曲の途中でキーボードのようにゆっくり熱くなるフレーズを聴く。

長さ、音、珍しい曲、熱狂的なパフォーマンス…とにかく、すべてが圧倒的です。その名作「BOSTON 1976 DEFINITIVE EDITION」と同等以上の最高のサウンドで別のセットを存分に堪能できるライブアルバムの名作です。素晴らしい「JEFF BECK with THE JAN HAMMER GROUP」の新作傑作。パーマネントストレージプレス2CDを十分に体験してください。



Disc 1 (77:41)
1. Intro
2. Magical Dog
Evolove 4. Givig In Gently / I Wonder
5. Oh Yeah
6. Band Introductions
7. Darkness / Earth in Search of a Sun
8. You Know What I Mean
9. Freeway Jam
10. Goodbye Pork Pie Hat
11. Earth (Still Our Only Home)
12. Scatterbrain
13. Come Dancing

Disc 2 (34:49)
1. She’s a Woman
2. Diamond Dust
3 Rice Pudding Intro
4. Full Moon Boogie
5. Blue Wind
6. Led Boots

Jeff Beck –Guitar
Jan Hammer –Keyboards, Vocal
Tony Smith –Drums, Vocal
Fernando Saunders
–Bass Steven Kindler –Violin


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