Jeff Beck Group / Quadraphonic Mixes / 2CD

Jeff Beck Group / Quadraphonic Mixes / 2CD / Non Label

Translated text:
Various Mixes And Instrument Recordings From The Original Quadraphonic Master Reels. Stereo


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Caused a sensation in 2003 “ORANGE ALBUM WORKING TRACKS” is also newly re-appearance attire. Kano name board “JEFF BECK GROUP”, commonly known as “ORANGE ALBUM” of (4) In addition to the channel master reel you have recorded songs, front and also track which was played in full separate the sound of the rear plenty of recording. Threatening him of this work, rhea a take of, but is not that many, even further goodness of the sound unprecedented. Far kind of needle Pachi-hiss is not at all, high-quality ultra stick of impossible levels in record dropped. “ROUGH AND READY REEL MASTERS” “BLOW BY BLOW 8 TRACK QUADRAPHONIC TAPE” but also there was a similar concept, the goodness of the sound of this work, we have surpassed them. Upon re-releases, But remastered also been considered, it is enough to not be able to put in too much of perfection, the hand.

The contents of this work is divided into three parts roughly. The first is, four-channel mix songs that were recorded at the beginning of the disk 1. Some are different is take the original album in, especially “I Can not Give Back The Love For You,” “I Got To Have A Song” guitar of “Definitely Maybe” is brilliant.
Second, the 4-channel mix, such as rear-front, is take that separated playback for each channel. This is what, is a rhea in rhea, this work a maximum of listening stations. …… You Let’s listen in detail.

★ DISC 1: 10. I Can not Give Back The Love For You # 1
Most in the base-less take that only the main melody and drum guitar. Normally, this is kind of part-take I do not indescribably also interesting, but about playing here, genius Jeff Beck and Cozy Powell. Since sympathetic of the subtleties and sensibility I listen to vivid, it is Tondemonaku impressive.
★ DISC 1: 11. I Got To Have A Song
We have a drum-less, without any main vocal. It is a very interesting take that only guitar and female chorus. At the time, the sound that had been drawn on the mind of Jeff that had been affected by the Motown will emerge in real.
★ DISC 1: 12. Sugar Cane # 1
take the drum of the hi-hat, the rim-shot does not contain. That amount, very simple and basic groove is direct. After this, delicate one side of Cozy you want to sell power in the HR field is fully open.
★ DISC 1: 13. Ice Cream Cakes # 1
Valuable take only guitar to listen. Etc. “frayed or damaged me Starring this kind of obbligato” is a masterpiece take breathtaking to truly sense of goodness.
★ DISC 1: 14. Glad All Over # 1
As large as this take it is not the difference, and the base of the volume is smaller.
★ DISC 1: 15. Highways # 1
There is no lead or solo, backing guitar only. Exploded the first time in backing Kosha is, is this also transcendence take that can experience the numerous real exquisite phrase. You Habakare too late even to the words, I Jeff is really genius.
★ DISC 1: 16. Tonight I’ll Be Staying With You
Reversal Now, the main melody guitar and backing vocals only that interesting to take. Jeff melodious sense of comes out in front.
★ DISC 1:. 17-19 Going Down # 1-3
Hear base vividly in the drum-less take one, take two of drum and back chorus only, drum & clapping take 3. Take 1, to understand to Katsuaki the base nuances of Clive, surprising that the running of the grain are not aligned. It is why had led to variations of these phrases is rich groove. Take 2 – 3 in like drum solo, Cozy fan must listen! Completely different delicate drumming and power focus of RAINBOW later, sportiness too !!
★ DISC 2:. 1-4 Definitely Maybe # 1-4
4 Take the classic Jeff cry to cry. Take 1 obbligato emerges in vivid in Doramuresu, gem of the main melody and base vividly blubber take 2, only Jeff and Cozy in silence of the studio is blaring take 3, Jeff atmosphere plenty, Cozy, Middleton of genius trio in take 4 to play. Hit the spot in any of the versions of Jeff guitar, is a gem of moments super tour de force is going to show a variety of facial expressions.
★ DISC 2: 5. I Can not Give Back The Love For You # 2
And all tracks of guitar, bass only take of. Rich of strings Corps entanglement is vivid to ear.
★ DISC 2:. 6-7 Sugar Cane # 2-3
Take 2 in the center drum & percussion and vocals, take 3 rhythm guitar and drums only. Though differences drum pattern and regular board, has become a simple shuffle beat. This is a surprise!
★ DISC 2: 8. Highways # 2
This is almost the same as the regular board.
★ DISC 2:. 9-10 Glad All Over # 2-3
Take 2 and the backing guitar only take 3 of only guitar solo. Goodness of the cutting of this cutting! Still of Takumii !! exquisite gem transcendence take !!!
★ DISC 2: 11. Ice Cream Cakes # 2
In Rhodes piano and wah guitar only of light take, separate mix exits.

Finally the third, I recorded two or sound board Live of JBG # 2 as a bonus track. Among the few species with only JBG # 2 of sound board, conclusive, along with “POP SPECTACULAR” of the BBC, impregnable sound quality is not lose to this volume. Especially “1971 Helsinki performances” Jeff has also earnestly dull to dull, it is tour de force of even during high Call of “JBG # Best Live 2” tour de force.
This work, decisive live from another mix of name board, and to rhea a separate, is a 2-Disc that Gyuu justified the vertex of every charm of JBG # 2. Even good listen by analyzing the tour de force, even good listen to stick to the player individuals, and also good as possible immersed just as another version. Underground album name board in name board of. Now, back to your original.

2003年にセンセーションを巻き起こした「ORANGE ALBUM WORKING TRACKS」が装いも新たに再登場です。かの名盤「JEFF BECK GROUP」、通称「ORANGE ALBUM」の4チャンネル・マスター・リールから全曲を収録しているほか、フロントとリアの音を完全セパレートで再生したトラックもたっぷりと収録。本作の凄みは、激レアなテイクの数々なわけですが、さらに音の良さも空前絶後。針パチ・ヒスノイズの類が一切ないどころか、レコード落としでは不可能なレベルの超が付く高音質。同じようなコンセプトの「ROUGH AND READY REEL MASTERS」「BLOW BY BLOW 8 TRACK QUADRAPHONIC TAPE」もありましたが、本作の音の良さは、それらを凌駕しています。再リリースにあたり、リマスターも検討されたのですが、あまりの完璧さに、手をつけることができなかったほどです。
本作の内容は大きく分けて3つのパートに分かれています。1つめは、ディスク1の冒頭に収録された4チャンネル・ミックス全曲。一部にオリジナル・アルバムとはテイクが違っており、特に「I Can’t Give Back The Love For You」「I Got To Have A Song」「Definitely Maybe」のギターは鮮烈です。

★DISC 1: 10. I Can’t Give Back The Love For You #1
★DISC 1: 11. I Got To Have A Song
★DISC 1: 12. Sugar Cane #1
★DISC 1: 13. Ice Cream Cakes #1
★DISC 1: 14. Glad All Over #1
★DISC 1: 15. Highways #1
★DISC 1: 16. Tonight I’ll Be Staying With You
★DISC 1: 17-19. Going Down #1-3
ドラム・レスでベースが生々しく聴こえるテイク1、ドラムとバック・コーラスのみのテイク2、ドラム&手拍子のテイク3。テイク1は、クライヴのベースニュアンスが克明に分かり、ランニングの粒が揃っていないのが意外。こうしたフレーズのバラつきが豊かなグルーヴにもつながっていたわけですね。テイク2・3はまるでドラムソロで、コージーファン必聴! パワー重視なRAINBOW以降とはまるで違う繊細なドラミング、かっこよすぎ!!
★DISC 2: 1-4. Definitely Maybe #1-4
★DISC 2: 5. I Can’t Give Back The Love For You #2
★DISC 2: 6-7. Sugar Cane #2-3
★DISC 2: 8. Highways #2
★DISC 2: 9-10. Glad All Over #2-3
ギター・ソロだけのテイク2とバッキング・ギターだけのテイク3。このカッティングのキレの良さ! やはり巧い!! 絶品逸品の超絶テイク!!!
★DISC 2: 11. Ice Cream Cakes #2

最後に3つめ、ボーナス・トラックとしてJBG#2のサウンドボード・ライヴを2種を収録しました。わずか数種しかないJBG#2のサウンドボードの中でも、BBC放送の「POP SPECTACULAR」と並ぶ決定的なもので、音質は本編にも負けない鉄壁サウンド。特に「1971年ヘルシンキ公演」はジェフも冴えに冴えまくっており、「JBG#2のベスト・ライヴ」との呼び声も高い名演中の名演です。

Disc 1(76:57)
Quadraphonic Mix

1. I Can’t Give Back The Love For You 2. I Got To Have A Song 3. Sugar Cane 4. Ice Cream Cakes
5. Definitely Maybe 6. Glad All Over 7. Highways 8. Tonight I’ll Be Staying With You 9. Going Down

Separate Mixes

10. I Can’t Give Back The Love For You #1 11. I Got To Have A Song 12. Sugar Cane #1
13. Ice Cream Cakes #1 14. Glad All Over #1 15. Highways #1 16. Tonight I’ll Be Staying With You
17. Going Down #1 18. Going Down #2 19. Going Down #3

Disc 2(75:47)

Separate Mixes

1. Definitely Maybe #1 2. Definitely Maybe #2 3. Definitely Maybe #3 4. Definitely Maybe #4
5. I Can’t Give Back The Love For You #2 6. Sugar Cane #2 7. Sugar Cane #3 8. Highways #2
9. Glad All Over #2 10. Glad All Over #3 11. Ice Cream Cakes #2

Ruis Rock Festival, Turku, Finland 22nd August 1971

12. New Ways/This Train 13. I Got To Have A Song 14. I’ve Been Used 15. Situation
16. Jody/Ice Cream Cakes

Palace Theatre, Waterbury, Connecticut, USA 17th May 1972

17. Jeff’s Boogie 18. Beverly Hillbillies/Jeff’s Boogie Reprise

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