Jeff Beck / Greek To Me / 1CDR

Jeff Beck / Greek To Me / 1CDR / Non Label

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Live at Greek Theatre, Los Angeles, CA. USA 9th September 1980


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“TOKYO 1980 1ST NIGHT” full Kinney cassette was unpublished, it was ruled out by shocking quality of hyper recording even its preciousness. Its new name board in Japan performances had been recorded, December performance of that Oshitsuma~tsu also in 1980. Say to even the 5 there performances next in 1981, it was late in the performance in masterpiece “THERE AND BACK” tour. So, in the bonus, I you gift a masterpiece recordings that convey the dynamism of the tour very early in reverse.
This work, yellow two sets of original LP has become a legendary presence along with the jacket “GREEK TO ME (Monomatapa Records 34-010)” which was reprinted from. There to have been recorded is “September 9, 1980 in Los Angeles performances”. Masterpiece “THERE AND BACK” was released in June 1980, Simon Phillips, which also participated in the album, Mo Foster, to August 31 was to start the North American tour is followed by a Tony Hymas. Los Angeles performances of this work is the six performances eyes it hits its very early. This day, but I was able to listen in “LA NIGHTS”, this work is a completely different record.
Its sound even while full of analog-specific warm, wonderfully clear ones. For outdoor venue to accommodate the site that became “Greek Theater” is about 6,000 people, compared to the main press CD I do not deny there is a little sense of distance, speaking Conversely, I think so much of the huge space about the musical tone Some firmly Tsubuda~tsu no. Nuances of guitar, of course, smooth even Todorokaseru synth vibe bass. The original that became analog board also use the one of the country as good as new state LP collector had been treasured, scratch noise also one one carefully removed. Although the original LP had been recorded approximately semitone high, it was also revised to correct pitch. Unfortunately, the recording itself serving as cassette master has not been found, I was aiming to currently available on Earth the highest quality.

Original LP is not a show of full-length even a 2-Disc, stuffed between songs, “Led Boots” to “Going Down” is unreleased (original LP is credit as missing since the “Blue Wind” is whole ton have you, but this is the time of the mistake). With the advent of the same day another recording of the full “LA NIGHTS”, but there was also feeling that finished a role anymore, still listening to this sound and another irrigation is Bubbly. Come flowing out from the speakers is a sound that every day you have put on many times turntable revives, it is also a beautiful reproduced sound enough to not even anywhere in the memory.
Riding on Jeff examine the prime-top form, one of the strange feeling that mingle is “nostalgia” and “freshness”. New name board of shock, such as the main press CD is certainly brilliant. However, long long audience recording history, Jeff of history, and the history of mania who has continued love, are also deep its weight and feelings jammed tradition recording. “Tour very early” and “late tours,” “thinner board” and “tradition recording”. I would like you to exhausted taste with plenty micelles “1980 Jeff Beck” in a different facial expression. Live album packed with the thought 78 minutes and 15 seconds, now we will deliver weekend to your handy.

完全未発表だったキニーカセットの「TOKYO 1980 1ST NIGHT」は、その貴重さを度外視しても衝撃的なクオリティのハイパー録音でした。その新名盤に記録されていた日本公演は、1980年も押し詰まった12月の演奏。翌1981年にも5公演あるとは言え、名作「THERE AND BACK」ツアーでも後期のパフォーマンスでした。そこで、そのボーナスには、逆にツアー極初期の躍動を伝える代表作録音をお贈りします。
本作は、黄色いジャケットと共に伝説的な存在となっている2枚組のオリジナルLP「GREEK TO ME(Monomatapa Records 34-010)」から復刻したもの。そこに記録されているのは「1980年9月9日ロサンゼルス公演」です。名作「THERE AND BACK」は1980年の6月にリリースされ、アルバムにも参加したサイモン・フィリップス、モー・フォスター、トニー・ハイマスを従えて北米ツアーを開始したのは8月31日。本作のロサンゼルス公演は、その極初期にあたる6公演目なのです。この日は「L.A. NIGHTS」でも聴くことができましたが、本作はまったくの別録音です。

オリジナルLPは2枚組と言えどもショウの全編ではなく、曲間を詰め、「Led Boots」「Going Down」が未収録(オリジナルLPには「Blue Wind」以降がごっそり抜けているようにクレジットされていますが、これは当時のミスです)。同日フルの別録音「L.A. NIGHTS」の登場により、もはや役目を終えた感もありましたが、やはりこの音を聴くとまた別の感慨が沸き立つ。スピーカーから流れ出てくるのは、幾度となくターンテーブルに乗せた日々が蘇るサウンドであり、記憶のどこにもないほど美しい再生音でもあるのです。

1. Star Cycle 2. El Becko 3. Too Much To Lose 4. The Pump 5. Cause We’ve Ended As Lovers
6. Space Boogie 7. The Golden Road 8. Diamond Dust 9. Scatterbrain 10. The Final Peace
11. Blue Wind 12. Goodbye Pork Pie Hat 13. You Never Know

Jeff Beck – Guitar Tony Hymas – Keyboards Mo Foster – Bass Simon Phillips – Drums

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