Jeff Beck / Definitive Napa / 2CD

Jeff Beck / Definitive Napa / 2CD / Wardour

Live at Uptown Theater, Napa, CA. USA 1st November 2011 Ultimate Sound Highly Remastered 2011.

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Live at Uptown Theater, Napa, CA. Usa November 1st 2 011 ULTIMATE SOUND (HIGHLY Remastered) on November 1 and are booking a place in the final concert of the fall 2011 North American tour two-day tour Napa, California. Two days it has been recorded in the audience recorded a very good sound day in particular, that the highest quality tours, as well as good play, and calls talk about what music of all time was increased to limit the functionality of the band has earned a reputation among fans and not single instrument in the history of Beck.Source said, recently “Napa 2011” was released in groups of four, while CDR title, subject to call its high-quality content, until now, has continued to hit big. However, the sound quality so far, played so far, but of honest collectors that want to have a press CD again. Sound source space to enjoy the ultimate day full of exceptional, especially the absolute Dearimasu it anymore. Thus, the first day of the highest quality sound performance that Napa already overwhelming reputation by careful remastering treatment, sublimating higher dimensional sound, this is the title of the press imposed CD. Direct feel and sound can be represented as the ultimate audience recording, the sound spread like texture and crystal-clear sound is clear even highlight where, through the full length, full of sound like it took the sound of God “the ultimate sound “In, you can enjoy the best years of stage Jeff Beck 2011. Professional re-mastering is not due to receive a rating of excellent technicians in the industry from advanced sound processing Clapton and Beck, due to outstanding work in the sense that dense, originally, the master of the highest quality, incredible has been achieved as upgrades. Specifically, by adjusting the balance of the whole range, increased sense of separation of each instrument, but have not treated remastered to highlight the contours of the overwhelming wall of sound that is a masterpiece like如Shi respectively. This is precisely what, if Jeff’s fans, definitely a must, if claiming a rock fan, you may say the appearance of masterpieces may be cut to single family said. Future, no doubt a product of a different dimension or classic, 2012, appeared as the first press CD. Reached the end of 2011 to record a rock concert audience recording, just unprecedented, super recording another dimension of space. This is really awesome. Only the first 50 pages ★, will be released in numbered with a sticker into. A Disc (51:29) 1. Plan B 2. Stratus 3. Led Boots four. Rice Pudding five. MNA 6 Na Eireann. Hammerhead 7. Corpus Christi Carol 8. Bass Solo nine. People Get Ready ten. You Never Know 11 . Rollin ‘And Tumblin’ 12. Big Block Disc 2 (49:34) an. Over The Rainbow 2. Little Wing three. four Freeway Jam. Brush With The Blues 5. A Day In The Life six. How High The Moon 7 . I Want To Take You Higher (with Tyler Bryant)eight. Bad Romance 9. Nessun Dorma Jeff Beck – Guitar Jason Rebello – Keyboards Rhonda Smith – Bass, Vocal Narada Michael Walden – Drums, Vocal , June


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