Jeff Beck / Definitely Loaded / 4CD

Jeff Beck / Definitely Loaded / 4CD / Wardour

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Tokyo Dome City Hall, Tokyo, Japan 9th April 2014 & Yokohama National Convention Hall, Yokohama, Japan 14th April 2014.


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From Japan tour in 2014, complete recording to surpass its outstanding all previous, ultra-high-quality audience recording of full exceptional, and the Tokyo Dome City Hall final performance of April 9, the Yokohama show of the 14th. Recording who appeared that Beck and Clapton in “LIVE TOGETHER”, and due to the taper was greatly surprised fans in the recording of special.

I record Tokyo last day official shooting also contains the disk 1 & 2. Have sold out already, “TOKYO DOME CITY HALL 2014” (6CD), high-quality sound press the CD has been released “TDCH 2014 SECOND & THIRD NIGHT” or (4CD) In ​​addition, “Why, at this late hour, the performance on this day I think that it seems to be released? “in the press a CD, but I think this is seen in one shot and if you listen to this sound. Recording of miracle which is vivid face of “LIVE TOGETHER” taper is TDCH3 this day exactly. Recording location than slightly left from the center of the front row. Of the tapered from Tokyo show is not a “front row recording”, this will like The guaranteed exceptional in every sense anymore. The guitar sound is also great, but the sound of the base is the best part anyway. It is as it was not able to taste with same day other recording, direct feeling and scale, and this quality has become the contents of the strongest head missing one definitely. Recording of April 7 the first day it was recorded in the front row as well is I was amazing by another taper “TOKYO DOME CITY HALL 2014” is (6CD) but, in the third day, this take is have the quality of the same level we have. Good recording is not possible because it is the front row, I’m going I knew well from past experience, but for TDCH performance of Beck, I can affirm two recording sound source this front row is really great. It is great the performance of Tokyo last day when you hear this sound! It is the day of the performance sharp edge works as a whole, shooting only contains in particular, high-tension is followed from the beginning. The transcendence six consecutive tapping bursts of Ronda in You Know You Know, slide of Beck is in superb Angel (Footsteps). I will be or is impressed again that Beck is feeding a variety of phrasing in Stratus, drum of ending has been recorded with a tremendous sound. The theme of the last return in Yemin, there are two mistakes barrage of Jeff, still I will earnestly play. Phrase twist harmonics, such as intonation is excellent Where Were You. Solo of the last of Jeff is excellent also this also You Never Know. There are flying at the beginning of Jeff intro Led Boots, here will sore shooting only contains. Rhythm and heavier that put the weight on the back, contrast of Jeff rip is interesting in Big Block, rhythm-based implantation Why Give It Away of the last good-looking, a combination that was placed behind a slight point of beat bus (especially, has been recorded in the cool funky significant) plants to put in Dora.

I record the Yokohama show of April 14 at 3 & 4 disk. This one thing that’s the same recording was recorded from 18 row center. Compared to TDCH3 day of the front row recording, either due to the characteristics of the venue, I feel the distance to the sound indeed, but if you listen in this alone, the highest sound quality more than enough. There is a “YOKOHAMA 2014” for its outstanding of the day, but it is recorded in high-quality sound of outstanding tight to far from it. It is recorded in excellent sound exceeds the its outstanding in terms of all sense of stability and a sense of scale, direct feeling of sound. Some people it did not satisfied with the Yokohama show sound source until now, or will be happy surely satisfied if this take. Because of the structure of distance in the front row, the only recording to let you feel the space of absolutely, this take will also feel a sense of distance of some, but the Yokohama show sound source in the recording still far superior, far this venue It is collected in the best sound quality as much as you feel you’ve never heard. Compared to its outstanding panel of all, closer, there is also a sense of separation is sound, it is one piece that I can recommend to fans of any level if this. You can tell you that the definitive performance of Yokohama in 2014, which has been doing late. Than the intensity, the day of polite playing a rather overall this day. However, the workmanship of Where Were You the arming of Beck, harmonics, etc., craftsmanship fascinating delicate shines is the best does not mean performance is not good! ! I’m down to play beautifully Jeff full use of hammering, the harmonics. Beck burst, rolled full-length play in Brush With The Blues. Miss is a shame the ending of Danny Boy, but the real thrill of live as well. Accident that cut off the string of Beck in Cause We’ve Ended As Lovers of the last to occur, but it can be heard also how I started playing as is not nothing wrong replacement guitar, audience rise at that portion.

In two shows both, no doubt, the best take of the day. This is due to the same recording person, there is also a unity of sound, and finished a great set. I want you to enjoy what the fan who had heard another sound source in the two shows already, Disc 4 Press CD full of exceptional. Definitely title on behalf of Japan tour in 2014, it is this work! !

2014年日本ツアーより、4月9日の東京ドームシティ・ホール最終公演と、14日の横浜公演を、これまでの既発全てを凌駕する、完全別格の超高音質オーディエンス録音で完全収録。録音者はあのベック&クラプトン「LIVE TOGETHER」で登場し、その別格の録音でファンを大いに驚かせたテーパーによるもの。

ディスク1&2には公式撮影も入った東京最終日を収録。この日は既に完売している「TOKYO DOME CITY HALL 2014」(6CD)、更には「TDCH 2014 SECOND & THIRD NIGHT」(4CD)でも高音質プレスCDがリリースされており、「何故、今更、この公演をプレスCDでリリース?」と思われると思いますが、これはこの音を聴けば一発で判ると思います。まさに「LIVE TOGETHER」テーパーの面目躍如たる奇跡の録音がこのTDCH3日目です。録音場所は最前列のセンターからやや左より。このテーパーの東京公演「最前列録音」なわけですから、これはもうあらゆる意味で別格は保証されたようなものでしょう。ギターのサウンドも凄いですが、とにかくベースの響きが圧巻です。このクオリティとスケール、そしてダイレクト感は他の同日録音では味わえなかったものであり、間違いなく頭一つ抜けた最強の内容となっています。別テーパーによる「TOKYO DOME CITY HALL 2014」(6CD)は同じく最前列で録音された初日4月7日の録音が凄かったのですが、本テイクは3日目にして、同じレベルのクオリティを有しています。最前列だから良い録音ができるわけではないことは、これまでの経験からよくわかっていたつもりですが、ベックのTDCH公演に関しては、この最前列2種録音音源は本当に凄いと断言できます。この音で聴ける東京最終日の演奏の凄いこと!全体的にエッジが効いてシャープな演奏の日であり、特に撮影が入っているだけに、最初からハイ・テンションが続きます。 You Know You Know ではロンダの超絶6連タッピング炸裂し、Angel (Footsteps)ではベックのスライドが見事。Stratusではベックが多彩なフレージングを繰り出し、エンディングのドラムが凄まじい音で録れていることに改めて感動させられたりします。Yeminではラストのテーマ戻りで、ジェフのミス2連発があり、それでも弾きまくります。Where Were Youはハーモニクス等、抑揚を効かせたフレーズが秀逸。You Never Knowもこれまたジェフのラストのソロが秀逸です。Led Bootsは冒頭イントロでジェフのフライングがあり、ここは撮影が入ってるだけに痛いところでしょう。Big Blockでは後ろに比重を置いた重めのリズムと、突っ走るジェフの対比が面白く、ラストのWhy Give It Away 打ち込み系のリズムが格好良く、拍のポイントを後ろ気味に置いたコンビネーション(特にバス・ドラの入れ所)がかなりファンキーで格好良く録れています。

ディスク3&4には4月14日の横浜公演を収録。こちらは同じ録音者が18列目中央から収録したもの。最前列録音のTDCH3日目に比べると、会場の特性によるものか、流石に音に距離を感じさせますが、これ単体で聴けば、十分過ぎるほどの最高音質。この日の既発には「YOKOHAMA 2014」がありますが、それより遥かに締まった抜群の高音質で収録されています。音の安定感・スケール感・ダイレクト感と全ての点で既発を上回る優れたサウンドで収録されています。これまでの横浜公演音源に満足いかなかった方も、このテイクならきっとご満足いただけるのではないでしょか。この会場は最前列でも距離のある構造のため、どうしても空間性を感じさせる録音ばかりで、本テイクも若干の距離感は感じますが、それでもここまで優れた録音での横浜公演音源は、これまで聴いたことがないと感じるほどの最高品質なサウンドで収録されています。全ての既発盤に比べ、音がより近く、分離感もあり、これならどれのレベルのファンにお薦めできる1枚です。遅れてやってきた2014年横浜公演の決定版と断言できます。この日は全体的に激しさよりも、どちらかと言うと丁寧な演奏の日。とは言え、演奏が良くない訳ではなくベックのアーミング、ハーモニクス等、繊細で艶やかな職人技が光るWhere Were Youの出来栄えが最高!!ジェフがハンマリング、ハーモニクスを駆使し見事に弾き倒しています。Brush With The Bluesではベック炸裂、全編弾きまくり。Danny Boyのエンディングでミスは残念ですが、これもまたライヴのだいご味。ラストのCause We’ve Ended As Loversではベックの弦が切れるというアクシデントが発生するものの、ギターを取り換え何事も無かったように弾き始め、その部分でオーディエンスが盛り上がる様子も聴くことができます。



Live at Tokyo Dome City Hall, Tokyo, Japan 9th April 2014 

Disc 1 (47:19)
1. Introduction 2. Loaded 3. Nine 4. Little Wing 5. You Know You Know 6. Hammerhead
7. Angel (Footsteps) 8. Stratus 9. Yemin 10. Where Were You 11. The Pump 

Disc 2 (49:39)
1. Goodbye Pork Pie Hat 2. Brush With The Blues 3. You Never Know 4. Danny Boy 5. Blue Wind
6. Led Boots 7. Corpus Christi Carol 8. Big Block 9. A Day In The Life 10. Rollin’ And Tumblin’ 
11. Cause We’ve Ended As Lovers 12. Band Introductions 13, Why Give It Away 

Live at Pacifico Yokohama National Convention Hall, Yokohama, Japan 14th April 2014 

Disc 3 (49:11)
1. Introduction 2. Loaded 3. Nine 4. Little Wing 5. You Know You Know 6. Hammerhead
7. Angel (Footsteps) 8. Stratus 9. Yemin 10. Where Were You 11. Egyptian

Disc 4 (53:35)
1. Goodbye Pork Pie Hat 2. Brush With The Blues 3. You Never Know 4. Danny Boy
5. Why Give It Away 6. Led Boots 7. Choral 8. Big Block 9. A Day In The Life
10. Band Introductions 11. Rollin’ And Tumblin’ 12. Cause We’ve Ended As Lovers

Jeff Beck – Guitar Rhonda Smith – Bass, Vocal Jonathan Joseph – Drums
Nicolas Meier – Guitar





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