Jeff Beck / Sapporo 1975 / 1CD

Jeff Beck / Sapporo 1975 / 1CD / Wardour

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World Rock Festival Eastland. Live at Okunai Kyogijo, Makomanai, Sapporo, Japan 3rd August 1975


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The second in 1975, also became the unrivaled Haran in Japan history of Jeff Beck. Becomes the first day, “August 3, 1975 Sapporo makomanai ice arena” was revived at the highest sound of the press CD.
The point of this work, but is not in its great sound, let’s look back at the time of the situation before that. Japan tour of this year, now lock event that is even with the legend “1st WORLD ROCK FESTIVAL EASTLAND” to the accompanied by what was planned. Jeff Beck has just released a Daimyo board “BLOW BY BLOW” is a translation was one of the highlights of the event, but I essential cornerstone of Jeff has become in poor physical condition. Beginning of things, it was one week before and it is July 26 visit to Japan. It is was a stadium concert in New Orleans, but unfortunately the rain. So Jeff I’ve caught a cold, while working to recover by canceling the Atlanta performance, to Hawaii. However, where it was forced Hawaii performance of July 30 while not recover intention street person, it physical condition got worse. If the original, but is where you face in the ready in Japan a few days ago, to return the physical condition, even a little, recuperation in Hawaii until the last minute. Although other members had been Sapporo entering earlier, the Jeff arrived at Haneda Airport, I was 15:00 too Sapporo day of the performance to be a first day (!). And, it rushes from Haneda to Sapporo Jeff.
In one of the venue, what was the whether. In the modern sense it is where it is in cancellation, but was waiting and impatiently for the arrival of Jeff. Jeff’s turn, let alone playing all the bands end long ago, long, long break time. The hall, “Jeff had been delayed airplane arrives at the Chitose Airport, is heading to Sapporo” is a monk announcement to the effect flows that. And, finally rushed was Jeff makes a sound alignment for about 10 minutes, and was standing on the stage, when I was that really 70 minutes have passed since the show of all the bands. venue this work begin narrative, it was such a moment.
“Although there were many, Jeff Beck! That came finally” by the famous event organizer this work that begins with the voice of. Its sound, really really wonderful. Recording of this day does not exist only about the legendary analog “JEFF BECK LIVE IN JAPAN (POTK-001)”, but this work is what turned into CD directly from the original LP. This is from the LP was also its outstanding CD such as “WORLD ROCK 1975”, harsh noise was not in the original LP covers the whole volume, it was intended to sound out also found here and there. On the other hand, use of the present work is superb panel that domestic core collector had been treasured as good as new. Even subjected to mastering to treatment carefully to one one of the scratch noise, we song order also fixes that had been changed by the constraint of each LP one side (Superstition and Air Blower). Of course, originally natural sound that original LP had been sealed, but will remain excessive equalizing absolutely we do not do. And it finished in one to reproduce faithfully as long as the day of possible full-length concert. In fact, wonderfully clear while full of warmth the sound of analog-specific. Groove rhythm Corps solidified with black members out to play is vividly, also extremely vivid selfish guitar of Jeff dancing on it. Beautiful is Max Middleton keyboard sounds best while understated.
Such beautiful to look at live drawn by sound, it has proven to be that it had been recuperating until the last minute was not a mistake. Not yet thorough, even while engaged in a Meien in Nagoya, but it deteriorated to the acute pneumonia Kyoto performances will be forced to cancel, the performance of this work is not very think physical condition of such last minute. Vividness of its sweet tone, sharp cutting, go ballistic phrase expired. Although it is a great Jeff any music any age, but whether the Daimyo Edition “BLOW BY BLOW” was raised to create a “1975” was how special, eloquent guitar is me telling than a thousand words. At that time in the field, and so the audience had to wait in the waiting was a turbulent atmosphere, the air at the beginning of this work can feel. However, only Jeff has played only a few bars, deprived mind in that tone, how dead calm of Shin also I have been engraved clearly.

The only-delayed, but there is a live of about 44 minutes of no encore, best of the live album that was revived in the best sound as possible its full length. Because the field of air eventful is a document album that will tell the performance of what the modern. And an analog board that kept the music beyond the time of ’40, the highest quality obtained without precisely because modern technology. By all means, please experience the name recordings revived.

本作の要は、その素晴らしいサウンドにあるわけですが、その前に当時の状況を振り返ってみましょう。この年の来日公演は、今や伝説とさえなっているロックイベント“第1回WORLD ROCK FESTIVAL EASTLAND”にともなって企画されたもの。大名盤「BLOW BY BLOW」をリリースしたばかりのジェフ・ベックはイベントの目玉の1つだったわけですが、肝心要のジェフが体調不良になってしまったのです。事の発端は、来日の1週間前となる7月26日でした。ニューオーリンズでのスタジアム公演だったのですが、あいにくの雨模様。そこで風邪をひいてしまったジェフは、アトランタ公演をキャンセルして回復を図りつつ、ハワイへ。ところが、本人の意向通りに回復できないまま7月30日のハワイ公演を強行したところ、体調はさらに悪化してしまったのです。本来であれば、数日前に来日して準備万端で臨むところですが、少しでも体調を戻すため、ハワイでギリギリまで療養。他のメンバーは先に札幌入りしていましたが、ジェフが羽田空港に到着したのは、初日となる札幌公演当日(!)の15時過ぎだったのです。そして、羽田から札幌へ急ぐジェフ。
かの有名なイベント主催者による「いろいろありましたけれども、遂にやってきましたジェフ・ベック!」の声で始まる本作。そのサウンドは、実に実に素晴らしい。この日の録音は伝説的なアナログ「JEFF BECK LIVE IN JAPAN(POTK-001)」くらいしか存在しませんが、本作はそのオリジナルLPからダイレクトにCD化したものです。このLPからは「WORLD ROCK 1975」といった既発CDもありましたが、オリジナルLPにはなかった耳障りなノイズが全編を覆い、音切れも散見するものでした。その一方、本作は国内のコアコレクターが新品同様で秘蔵していた極上盤を使用。さらにはスクラッチ・ノイズの1つひとつまで丁寧にトリートメントするマスタリングを施し、LP片面ずつの制約で変えられていた曲順も修正いたしました(SuperstitionとAir Blower)。もちろん、元来オリジナルLPが封入していたナチュラルなサウンドはそのままに、過剰なイコライジングは一切行っておりません。当日コンサートの全編を可能な限り忠実に再現する1枚に仕上げたのです。実際、そのサウンドはアナログ特有の暖かみにあふれながらも素晴らしくクリア。黒人メンバーで固めたリズム隊が弾き出すグルーヴは生々しく、その上で踊るジェフのわがままギターも極めて鮮やか。控えめながらも美しいマックス・ミドルトンのキーボード・サウンドも最高です。
そんな見目麗しいサウンドで描かれるライヴは、ギリギリまで療養していたことが間違いではなかったことを証明しています。まだ万全ではなく、名古屋では名演を繰り広げつつも、急性肺炎にまで悪化して京都公演がキャンセルせざるを得なくなりますが、本作の演奏はそんなギリギリの体調とはとても思えない。その甘いトーン、鋭いカッティング、キレにキレるフレーズの鮮やかさ。いつの時代もどんな音楽でも素晴らしいジェフではありますが、大名盤「BLOW BY BLOW」を創りあげた“1975年”がいかに特別であったのかを、千の言葉よりも雄弁なギターが物語ってくれる。当時の現場では、待ちに待たされた観客が騒然とした雰囲気だったそうで、本作の冒頭にもその空気は感じ取れる。しかし、ジェフがほんの数小節弾いただけで、そのトーンに心奪われ、シンの静まりかえる様子もまた、はっきりと刻まれているのです。


1. Intro 2. She’s A Woman 3. Freeway Jam 4. Definitely Maybe 5. Superstition
6. Air Blower 7. ‘Cause We’ve Ended As Lovers 8. You Know What I Mean

Jeff Beck – Guitar Wilber Bascomb – Bass Bernard Purdie – Drums Max Middleton – Keyboards

Wardour 164


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