Jeff Beck / 2nd Night Of Napa Remastered Edition / 2 CDR

Jeff Beck / 2nd Night Of Napa Remastered Edition /2 CDR / Non Label

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Notice of Spice ★ JEFF BECK – 2ND NIGHT OF NAPA: Remastered EDITION (2Cdr ) Live at Uptown Theater, Napa, CA. Usa Truly 2,011 PERFECT SOUND November 2nd , January 06 (Friday) to January 10, 2009 (Tuesday) period, at the store or mail order, Beano general system, Tricone, Uxbridge, TRIAL, Wardour, ZION, MP, like LUXOR, Amity progressive system, Gravy Train, Virtuoso, Sigma, Sirene, Ayanami, Windmill, Shades of metal systems, Power Gate, Rising Arrow, DTB, Langley, this corner also “Import Title” item is an introduction to your gift-items purchased two items. You wish, DEEP PURPLE – EURO-POP 70 (CDR s) or, VA – MONSTERS OF ROCK 1990 IN GERMANY (DVDR free) or, GILLAN – ON TV 1978-1982 (2DVDR free) or, BERNIE MARSDEN – HOME FOR CHRISTMAS (2CDR free) or, JEFF BECK – 2ND NIGHT OF NAPA: REMASTERED EDITION (2CDR free) or, RUSH – POWER WINDOWS DEMO (CDR s) or, RUSH – FRESNO 1976 MASTER CLONE (CDR s) or, ERIC CLAPTON & STEVE WINWOOD – HAD TO CRY TODAY: NAGOYA 2011 (2CDR free) or, BLACK SABBATH – DEHUMANIZING NETHERLANDS (DVDR free) or, RAINBOW – ROCK FEVER 1982 (CDR s) or, THE OLD GREY WHISTLE TEST – 70’S GOLD (DVDR free) Please select one of the. However ★, and we will only subject you wish. When you purchase the phone, shop, order forms, please tell us by email.Wish more of the same title ★ Please do not. ★ Gift At reaching the planned number of exits. When sold out, please forgive me. This week was finally press releases, the inevitable may go down in history of Jeff Beck live audio, ultra-high quality CD of all time “Definitive Napa” on the next day, November 2, performances and two days in Napa , the last day tours, high quality audience recorded tracks from the level at best. CDR title “Napa 2011” is written the same thing, in fact, “Premiere Napa is great! Great!” Second day of the second day of November has become so overshadowed had fueled the In the sound, you listen to the ordinary recording date as the board is much higher quality than enough. I have to remove the timing or interspersed with Jeff, it is also fun. “High Quality version of normal” definitely worth adding to the collection if there are items as absolutely.  more appropriately treated remastered sound, the sound was transformed Semashita of core clean. Clear crystal clear sound is great indeed, the impression on the sound of the second day of the first day was often hidden in maturity, quality is high enough the first time that changed. It may be tedious, I already have a development board, the means, please try to compare this disc. Tasteful, equalizes right and would be surprised how far transformed into a different sound. Rather, the sound was a slight Mossari, crisp, and transformed into the perfect sound. On this day or partly to say that last day, bands even Beck, the feeling you are playing relaxed than usual, and after the show Led Boots of track 3, “Good Evening, Ladies & Gentlemen” that this position There are MC and Beck’s unusual greeting. Thus, even among many of the MC song is characteristic of this day. As the first day, the I Want To Take You Higher, Brandt Taylor has飛Bi入Ri. Equalizes high technology, reborn “Napa Day 2”, please enjoy superb sound with plenty of the best! A Disc 1. Plan B 2. Stratus three. Led Boots 4. Rice Pudding five. MNA 6 Na Eireann. Hammerhead seven. Corpus Christi Carol 8. Bass Solo nine. People Get Ready ten. You Never Know eleven. Rollin ‘And Tumblin ’12. Big Block Disc two an. Over The Rainbow 2. Little Wing 3. Freeway Jam 4. Brush With The Blues five. A Day In The Life six. How High The Moon 7. I Want To Take You Higher (with Tyler Bryant) eight. Bad Romance nine. Nessun DormaJeff Beck – Guitar Jason Rebello – Keyboards Rhonda Smith – Bass, Vocal Narada Michael Walden – Drums, Vocal 

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