Jeff Beck / Definitive Austin 2018 / 2CD

Jeff Beck / Definitive Austin 2018 / 2CD / Wardour

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Live at the Moody Theater, Austin, Texas, USA 26th July 2018

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Jeff Beck of the 2018 type who received female cellist, Vanessa · Freeburn · Smith. Ultimate live album tells its true value is the ultimate specification of press 2CD.
Currently, Jeff is off after completing all the schedule planned for 2018. In our shop, we have reported the latest Jeff’s trends with various live albums / images since the beginning of the tour so far. However, they are all CDR / DVDR. Although they were all masterpieces of wonderful quality, they did not reach the super-decision board “Kolei, a symbol of 2018”. However, as of the end of the tour, maniacs all over the world have entered the sound source summary and are fighting the No. 1 decision. This work is the conclusion that such maniacs issued. It is a supreme audience recording which vacuum packed “latest Jeff of 2018”.

[Only full scale performance only a few times] It is recorded in such a work “July 26, 2018 Austin Show”. It is a scene of a joint tour “STARS ALIGN TOUR” with Paul Rogers and Ann Wilson. First of all, let’s check the position of the show in the 2018 tour schedule where the latest Jeff appeared publicly.

· June 8 – July 9: Europe (19 performances)
· July 18 – August 26: North America (27 performances) ← ★ Coco ★

Over, all 46 performances. The Austin performance of this work was a concert that corresponds to “North America” ​​7 performances. The European leg of the early summer is a single tour, the midsummer North American leg was “STARS ALIGN TOUR”, but not all the performances were couplings. Paul Rodgers did not participate in several performances (weak in 10 performances). On that day Jeff ‘s holding time was long and it became a full – scale show. And this work was also one such fullshow.

【Ultimate sound drawing the latest ensemble】
Such a long show is also nice, but again the biggest point is overwhelming sound quality. We have introduced a number of masterpiece live albums so far, but, to be honest, this work is a different case. Sound adopting the famous machine of the world’s favorite “Schoeps MK 4” is furiously direct and powerful, yet it is glossy. Even if you listen carefully with the headphones, you can not hear the meeting echoes at all, but it is far more beautiful than the output sounds outlined. The guitar is felt by Vivid even even a small arming fluctuation, and the drum draws a beautiful mountain from the rising of a bus drum 1 to the silencing. And the newly joined cello of Vanessa. Sometimes Jeff’s mischievous guitar is supported sexy and sometimes solemnly involved, but the vividness of the line, the depth of the vive … …. It is exactly the beauty of sound. It is a sound of art.
This vividness and colorfulness is “as if it is an official work” rather than a soundboard. Moreover, natural. While it is a beautiful sound of the official item level precisely polished, while the ringing is not felt, there is a reality that can only be thought of as the site itself. Although it is an official level in audio terms, it is a recording of a strange insignia with even a single-record quality.
It is such an outstanding sound, but it is not recorded and it keeps recording. Actually, the original sound that appeared on the net was biased slightly to the bass, and the volume adjustment of the recording was done since the performance began. In addition, the sound pressure balance on the left and right was delicately unnatural, and the original clearness was not fully utilized. I could hear the performance slightly withdrawal in total. Therefore, in this work we carried out meticore remastering that maximizes the possibility of the original sound. Do not touch the original natural feeling, carefully adjust the range, stereo feeling, and the volume that changes to it. As a result, stable stability and natural balance well improved. The performance was also felt on the front, realizing ultra-loud sound that can fully enjoy “official grade” which the recording itself had.

【Best performances suitable for ultimate sound】
In 2018 performance that is portrayed with such extreme sounds. Even though I went around Europe earlier, I also went through an ensemble, and since the North American rebranding I went through seven shows and the engine was also warming up exactly. In addition, the main tour was a short set of couplings, and no fatigue. Jeff’s guitar which is the key point is also crisp, but the whole band is doing great. The base of Ronda Smith, who is going to battle with that drum with the drumming of the tremendous Vinnie Carita roaring with “Stratus”, “Just for Fun”, also has a tremendous dynamism. As if the other performances were short for this work, it runs through the full set of about 93 minutes with perfect conditions.
And five songs added from the short version are “Star Cycle”, “A Change Is Gonna Come”, “You Never Know”, “Blue Wind” and “Corpus Christi Carol”. It is the same set as “WOLF TRAP 2018 (Uxbridge 883)” which has been popularly released the other day, but it is even wonderful if it is drawn with the ultimate sound. Although the real enthusiasm of the site is sucked in, there is no conversation voice during playing, and Matumo is enthralled by the enthusiasm of the performance being fostered.

Tour No.1 sound, long set, and enthusiastic entertainment … …. It is an extremely superb live album suitable for symbolizing the “2018 Jeff Beck”. Will you keep off the current new ensemble from now on, will you officially leave it as a studio and live board? Although it is unknown even at this stage, even if it does not realize this work is.
The newest Jeff Beck, born again with a cello, more grandly, more solemnly, more romantically reborn. Press CD 2 set which permanently preserves its wonderful sound world. Please, enjoy yourself to your heart’s content.



そんな本作に記録されているのは「2018年7月26日オースティン公演」。ポール・ロジャースやアン・ウィルソンとの合同ツアー“STARS ALIGN TOUR”の一幕です。まずは、最新型ジェフが公に姿を現した2018年ツアー日程の中でショウのポジションを確認してみましょう。


以上、全46公演。本作のオースティン公演は「北米」7公演目にあたるコンサートでした。初夏の欧州レッグは単独ツアーで、真夏の北米レッグは“STARS ALIGN TOUR”だったわけですが、全公演がカップリングだったわけでもない。数公演(10公演弱)ではポール・ロジャースが不参加。その日はジェフの持ち時間も長く、フルスケールのショウとなりました。そして、本作もまたそんなフルショウの1つだったわけです。

そんなロングショウも嬉しいのですが、やはり最大のポイントは圧倒的なサウンド・クオリティ。当店ではこれまで幾多の傑作ライヴアルバムをご紹介して参りましたが、正直言って本作は格が違う。世界の名手が愛用する名機「Schoeps MK4」を採用したサウンドは猛烈にダイレクトで図太く、それでいて究めて艶やか。距離がまったく感じられず、ヘッドフォンで耳を澄ませても会場反響が聴き取れないのですが、だからと言って出力音丸出しよりも遙かに美しい。ギターはささやかなアーミングの揺らぎさえもビビッドに感じられ、ドラムはバスドラ1発の立ち上がりから消音まで綺麗な山を描く。そして、新加入したヴァネッサ嬢のチェロ。時にジェフの悪戯ギターを色っぽく支え、時に厳粛に絡んでいくのですが、そのラインの鮮やかさ、ヴァイヴの深みと言ったら……。まさに音の美。芸術のサウンドなのです。

そんな極めつけサウンドで描かれる2018年の熱演。先にヨーロッパを巡っただけにアンサンブルもこなれ、北米の仕切り直しからも7公演を経てきっちりエンジンも暖まっている。さらにツアー本編はカップリングのショートセットだったこともあって、疲れもなし。肝心要のジェフのギターもキレッキレですが、バンド全体が絶好調。「Stratus」で轟く凄まじいヴィニー・カリウタのドラミング、「Just for Fun」でそのドラムとバトルを繰り広げるロンダ・スミスのベースも凄い躍動感。まるで本作のために他公演が短く済ませていたかのように、万全のコンディションで約93分のフルセットを駆け抜けるのです。
そして、ショート版から追加されたのは「Star Cycle」「A Change Is Gonna Come」「You Never Know」「Blue Wind」「Corpus Christi Carol」の5曲。先日リリースされて大好評となっている『WOLF TRAP 2018(Uxbridge 883)』と同じセットですが、究極サウンドで描かれると更に素晴らしい。現場のリアルな熱狂は吸い込んでいるものの演奏中の会話声がなく、醸成されていく演奏の熱気をマトモに浴びられるのです。


Disc 1 (52:01)
1. Pull It 2. Stratus 3. Nadia 4. You Know You Know 5. Morning Dew 6. I Have to Laugh
7. Star Cycle 8. Lonnie on the Move 9. Mna na h-Eireann 10. Just for Fun
11. Little Wing 12. A Change Is Gonna Come

Disc 2 (40:43)
1. Big Block 2. Cause We’ve Ended as Lovers 3. You Never Know 4. Brush With the Blues
5. Blue Wind 6. Superstition 7. A Day in the Life 8. Band Introductions
9. Corpus Christi Carol 10. Going Down

Jeff Beck – Guitar Rhonda Smith – Bass Vinnie Colaiuta – Drums
Jimmy Hall – Vocal Vanessa Freebairn-Smith – Cello


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