Jeff Beck / Yokohama 2017 / 2CD

Jeff Beck / Yokohama 2017 / 2CD / Wardour
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Live at Pacifico Yokohama, Yokohama, Japan 25th January 2017

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Clapton & Beck’s superstar “LIVE TOGETHER” once shook the industry. The latest work of that recording man who achieved the ultra-high sound board which is also no longer legendary is appearing in press 2CD.
This work includes the first day “Jeff Beck ‘s latest Japan tour” January 25, 2017: Pacifico Yokohama “. The show which I introduced in the press report soundboard ‘s fastest reporting board “LIVE IN YOKOHAMA 2017 (Uxbridge 637)”, but it is one of super and superb sounds that greatly exceeds it. The title of Tokyo performance will be released at the same time this week, so let’s check it on a schedule.

· January 25: Pacifico Yokohama 【this work】
· January 26: Sendai Sun Plaza
· January 28: Iwate Prefectural Civic Center
· January 30 + 31: Tokyo International Forum “LIVE IN TOKYO 2017”
– February 2: Grand Cube Osaka
· February 3rd: Fukuoka Sun Palace
· February 4: Hiroshima Ueno Gakuen Hall
· February 6: Nagoya City Auditorium
· February 7: Amakashi Archaic Hall

Thus, the latest tours are all 10 performances. It is going to be acclaimed now and it will be the final performance even when this paperwork is released. This work ‘s Yokohama performance is its kick – off performance.
Such a work is one that is overwhelming by a legendary recordingist as mentioned above. Recordings from the latest tour have arrived one after another since “LIVE IN YOKOHAMA 2017” the other day, but it is the No. 1 sound out of it. This is not ‘this day’ but ‘all shows’. Of course, there is a gap between the recordings of the final performances being held tonight, and it is still early to make the final answer for “this work = No.1”. However, even with all recordings arriving at the moment, it is top. That is also super-superb sound of “1st above”.
The wonderfulness is shocking, not to compare with various recording groups. The core of the musical sound which makes it feel great even though it is extremely thick, the fine detail of the details to escape with barefoot by line recording, the beauty of “ringing” that echoes at the venue where it calm down. The richness of the bass, the glossiness of the middle tone, the brightness of the treble … …. I’m sorry. It can not be helped how it seems to be obsolete even if it expresses it. How do you tell this super high sound quality … …. Even the “purely sound board” or “official grade audience” which is usually the highest grade praise word is only insulting. It is not a dimension of a method such as “line, audience or the like” but a beauty world that becomes “one extreme north of a concert record”. It can only be said that the miracle of “LIVE TOGETHER” has happened again.
Yes, this work is a work by a recordingist of Kana’s super name board “LIVE TOGETHER”. It specializes in Clapton & Beck …… Is it saying that it is a recording man who is betting life in the recording of these two people, and that work group is out of the common sense of so-called “auditorium recording”. Even if it was debut “LIVE TOGETHER”, it was a transcendent sound that shook the industry despite being released after various recordings came out. After that, we also continued a series of sounds that will explore the top points of each tour, such as “TOKYO 2009 THIRD NIGHT (Wardour – 118)”, “TOKYO 2010 FINAL NIGHT (Wardour – 119)”, “DEFINITELY LOADED (Wardour – 121) It was. This work is the latest work of that legendary taper, and it is a goblin board which is one of the best in his collection.

When it is drawn with the luxury sound of that different dimension, the live sounds even more wonderful. I’ve already reported “LIVE IN YOKOHAMA 2017” and I’m going to talk about it in various titles from now on. So, avoid repeating here. More than that, the biggest point of this work is this sound. Beautiful, powerful, rich, glossy, mystifying, delicate … …. the world of beautiful sounds that can not tell you to keep a thousand words together. And because Jeff’s guitar does not show the same expression even for a moment, this sound is also reflected.
Perhaps you are looking for a live album as memories of concerts many people have experienced. But it is not even that dimension. I have told you about “LOUD HAILER TOUR” by recording all over the world, but this recording is … no, “near recording” was not even. Unmistakable, and uneven, “album in the world” album. We will deliver it to you at hand over this weekend.

かつて、業界を震撼させたクラプトン&ベックの超名盤『LIVE TOGETHER』。もはや伝説的ともなっている超・高音質盤を成し遂げた、あの録音家の最新作がプレス2CDで登場です。
本作に収められているのは、ジェフ・ベックの最新ジャパンツアーより初日「2017年1月25日:パシフィコ横浜」。先日もプレス級サウンドの最速レポート盤『LIVE IN YOKOHAMA 2017(Uxbridge 637)』でご紹介したショウですが、それを大きく上回る超・極上サウンドの1本なのです。今週は東京公演のタイトルも同時リリースされますので、日程で確認していきましょう。

・1月25日:パシフィコ横浜 【本作】
・1月30日+31日:東京国際フォーラム『LIVE IN TOKYO 2017』

そんな本作は、先述の通り伝説の録音家による超絶なる1本。先日の『LIVE IN YOKOHAMA 2017』以降も最新ツアーからの録音が次々と到着しておりますが、その中でもズバ抜けたNo.1サウンドなのです。これは「この日の」ではなく、「全公演の」です。もちろん、今夜行われている最終公演の録音が到着するまで間がありますし、「本作=No.1」のファイナル・アンサーを下すにはまだ早い。しかし、現時点で到着している全録音でもトップ。それも、「1格上」の超極上サウンドなのです。
その素晴らしさは、各種録音群と比較するまでもなく衝撃的。極太でありながら格調まで感じさせる楽音の芯、ライン録音も裸足で逃げ出すディテールの細やかさ、静まり返る会場に響く“鳴り”の美しさ。低音の豊かさ、中音の艶やかさ、高音の輝き……すみません。どう表現しても陳腐に思えて仕方がない。この超・高音質をどうお伝えすれば良いというのか……。普段なら最上級の褒め言葉である「まるでサウンドボード」や「公式級オーディエンス」でさえ、侮辱にしかならない。「ラインか、オーディエンスか」等という手法の次元ではなく、「コンサート記録の1つの極北」となる美世界。『LIVE TOGETHER』の奇跡が再び起きたとしか言いようがないのです。
そう、本作はかの超名盤『LIVE TOGETHER』の録音家による作品。クラプトン&ベックに特化して……と言いますか、この2者の録音に人生を賭けているような録音家で、その作品群はいわゆる“客席録音”の常識外。デビュー作の『LIVE TOGETHER』にしても、各種録音が出きった後にリリースされたにも関わらず、業界中が震撼した超絶サウンドだったのです。その後も『TOKYO 2009 THIRD NIGHT(Wardour-118)』や『TOKYO 2010 FINAL NIGHT(Wardour-119)』『DEFINITELY LOADED(Wardour-121)』等々と、それぞれのツアーでも頂点を究めるようなサウンドを連発してきました。本作は、その伝説テーパーの最新作にして、彼のコレクションでも屈指という超絶盤なのです。

その異次元の高級サウンドで描かれると、ライヴも一層素晴らしさを増して聞こえる。すでに『LIVE IN YOKOHAMA 2017』でもレポートしていますし、これから各種タイトルでお話しすることになるでしょう。ですから、ここで繰り返す事は避けます。それより何より、本作最大のポイントは、このサウンドこそある。美しく、力強く、豊かで、艶やかで、妖しく、繊細……たとえ千の言葉を連ねようと伝えきれない美音の世界。そして、ジェフのギターが一瞬たりとも同じ表情を見せないからこそ、このサウンドも映えるのです。
恐らく、多くの方が実体験されたコンサートの想い出としてライヴアルバムをお探しでしょう。しかし、その次元ですらない。世界中の録音で“LOUD HAILER TOUR”をお伝えしてきましたが、これほどの録音は……いえ、“近い録音”さえなかった。紛れもなく、そして段違いで“世界一”のアルバム。今週末、あなたのお手元にお届けいたします。
Disc 1 (45:26)
1. Introduction 2. The Revolution Will Be Televised 3. Freeway Jam 4. Lonnie on the Move
5. Live in the Dark 6. Thugs Club 7. You Know You Know 8. Morning Dew
9. A Change Is Gonna Come 10. Big Block

Disc 2 (58:36)
1. Cause We’ve Ended as Lovers 2. O.I.L. (Can’t Get Enough of That Sticky)
3. The Ballad of the Jersey Wives 4. Scared for the Children 5. Beck’s Bolero
6. Little Brown Bird 7. Rollin’ and Tumblin’ 8. Superstition 9. Right Now
10. A Day in the Life 11. Going Down 12. Band Introductions


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