Jeff Beck / Vienna 2016 / 2CDR

Jeff Beck / Vienna 2016 / 2CDR / Non Label

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Live at Filene Center at Wolf Trap, Vienna, VA. USA 27th July 2016


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Welcomed the female duo BONES, in buzz “LOUD HAILER TOUR 2016”. The latest live album is a gift-release decision. This week, a new project of the premiere of the live album “PORT CHESTER 2016 (Uxbridge 586)” and, but 3 will be performances eyes “MASHANTUCKET 2016 (Uxbridge 587)” is released, this work is also almost appeared at the same time, troubled the current net and finest quality goods are. Is the audience album “July 27, 2016 Vina performance”.
From the fact that the best sound is also appear at once three, but Ukagaemasu how of this project has been attracting attention, Let’s try to organize the three that in the schedule.

– July 19, Port Chester “PORT CHESTER 2016”
– July 20, New York
– July 22, Mashantucket “MASHANTUCKET 2016”
– July 23 in Atlantic City
– July 24, Bethlehem
– July 26, Holmdel
– July 27, Vina [this work] – July 29, Kanandeigua
– July 30, Rochester Hills
– July 31, Ravinia Festival

Currently, “LOUD HAILER TOUR 2016”, but have been published 23 performances, the July schedule is beginning its. Became the normal release “PORT CHESTER 2016”, “MASHANTUCKET 2016” was a tour 1 & 3 performances eyes, this film will hit a little 7 performances eyes that go ahead.
You might think “that I turned to gifts useless sound?”, But not rough to be. Two above despite a suitable best sound to be referred to as “like a sound board”, this work can also be half a step not to be outdone. Air of clarity plenty, thick tone, most line recording such a close feeling ……. Also in progress remarkable modern standards of digital equipment, it sounds to call with more than enough “best”. Honestly, It was also a plan to to 6 Disc with a set of 3 performances of the appearance this week, it was also fully possible quality. However, an unknown area to only “female vocals Live”, suddenly of 6 Disc is too heavy. As much as possible, feel free to think like you enjoy, it became the introduction of one performance.
And, there is a reason for this veena performances became a gift. The first, still sound. It lies in the words that were raving about, but truly is not you, enter the noise, such as the microphone was touched in some places of the taper clothes. I just a little of Hong between the one song changed the attitude, noise is noise. 2 performances of the beautiful remains gulp penetration I was supposed to go around to the normal release. However, other than the very little noise, there is no drawback to this work. On the contrary, shine of musical sound itself, sharp of goodness, is not much when the beauty of the sound to the poor can not exceed the “PORT CHESTER 2016”, “MASHANTUCKET 2016”.
The second reason that this work has become gifts, essential live is great! Only in the “PORT CHESTER 2016”, “MASHANTUCKET 2016” tour at the beginning of a document, but also felt stiffness in a little performance, this work has been loosened to feel good, glue is also good, has become the ensemble was lively . Set list also has solidified from the three performances eyes “MASHANTUCKET 2016” around (down the “Blue Wind”, the song order is slightly changed), gradually “2016 model year JEFF BECK GROUP” that has been completed by a little is.
Might be “good tone live is a gift?” Is felt to conflict with, but this is a decision of thinking that they would report the tour in the future. In the future, when the customer is interested and “tour very early How was it?”, But you can pick up casually it would normally release at any time, not the case in the limited gift. And the customer that this week “Let’s try the latest Jeff,” “your, latest tour not it may be” in performance, who came up the tone I would like you to know that. I gift-release that put such a thought.

In fact, this film is perfect to know “Now Jeff” the installation is further increased the specific gravity of the song material by fell one song. How the show will transfer it to the commentary of “PORT CHESTER 2016”, “MASHANTUCKET 2016”, but the contrast of husky and a little coquettish Rosie Bones and bluesy Jimmy Hall reminiscent of Marianne Faithfull in the 1970s is also a vivid, “involving the song Jeff” can taste plenty. Of course, it is still Kirekkire also installation of specialty, such as to connect between them.
Currently in progress tour, yet only in the project to challenge the new world, we do not know to evolve if future. After all, only to the other party that Jeff, It might this remains steadily to accelerate their own evolution, is no wonder become quickly “tired”. However, this “uncertainty” feeling also seems to Jeff. And in your year 72-year-old, still Jeff Beck to keep only ran true to his own sensibility. Its cutting-edge live, this weekend to your handy.

女性デュオBONESを迎え入れ、話題沸騰中の“LOUD HAILER TOUR 2016”。その最新ライヴアルバムがギフト・リリース決定です。今週は、新プロジェクトの初演のライヴアルバム『PORT CHESTER 2016(Uxbridge 586)』や、3公演目『MASHANTUCKET 2016(Uxbridge 587)』がリリースされますが、本作もほぼ同時に登場し、現在ネットを騒がせている極上品。「2016年7月27日ヴィーナ公演」のオーディエンス・アルバムです。

・7月19日ポートチェスター 『PORT CHESTER 2016』
・7月22日マシャンタケット 『MASHANTUCKET 2016』
・7月27日ヴィーナ     【本作】

現在のところ、“LOUD HAILER TOUR 2016”は23公演が公表されていますが、上記はその冒頭である7月日程。通常リリースとなった『PORT CHESTER 2016』『MASHANTUCKET 2016』はツアー1&3公演目でしたが、本作はちょっと先に進んだ7公演目にあたります。
そして、このヴィーナ公演がギフトになったのにも理由がある。第1には、やはりサウンド。褒めちぎった言葉に嘘偽りはないのですが、ところどころテーパーの服にマイクが触ったようなノイズが入る。姿勢を変えたのか曲間にホンのちょっとだけなのですが、ノイズはノイズ。美麗なまま一気貫通の2公演が通常リリースに回ることになったのです。しかし、その極わずかなノイズ以外、本作にも欠点はない。それどころか、楽音自体の輝き、キレの良さ、鳴りの美しさは下手をすると『PORT CHESTER 2016』『MASHANTUCKET 2016』を超えかねないくらいです。
そして、本作がギフトになった第2の理由は、肝心のライヴが素晴らしい! 『PORT CHESTER 2016』『MASHANTUCKET 2016』はツアー冒頭のドキュメントだけに、やや演奏に堅さも感じられましたが、本作は良い感じにほぐれてきており、ノリも良く、活き活きとしたアンサンブルなっている。セットリストも3公演目の『MASHANTUCKET 2016』辺りから固まってきて(「Blue Wind」が落ちて、曲順が若干変更)、徐々に“2016年型JEFF BECK GROUP”が少しずつ完成してきているのです。

実際、インストが1曲落ちたことで更に歌物の比重が増した本作は、“今のジェフ”を知るにはピッタリ。ショウの様子は『PORT CHESTER 2016』『MASHANTUCKET 2016』の解説に譲りますが、70年代のマリアンヌ・フェイスフルを思わせるハスキー&ちょっとコケティッシュなロージー・ボーンズとブルージーなジミー・ホールの対比も鮮やかで、“歌と絡むジェフ”がたっぷりと味わえる。もちろん、その間を繋ぐような十八番のインストも相変わらずキレッキレです。

Disc 1(41:50)
1. The Revolution Will Be Televised 2. Freeway Jam 3. Lonnie On The Move 4. Live In The Dark
5. Ballad Of The Jersey Wives 6. Morning Dew 7. A Change Is Gonna Come 8. Big Block
9. ‘Cause We’ve Ended As Lovers

Disc 2(41:37)
1. O.I.L. 2. Scared For The Children 3. You Never Know 4. Rollin’ And Tumblin’
5. Superstition 6. Right Now 7. Little Brown Bird 8. A Day In The Life

Jeff Beck – Guitar Rosie Bones – Vocal Carmen Vandenberg – Guitar Rhonda Smith – Bass
Jonathan Joseph – Drums Jimmy Hall – Vocal



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