Jeff Beck / Definitive Paris 2016 / 2CD

Jeff Beck / Definitive Paris 2016 / 2CD / Wardour

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Live at Salle Pleyel, Paris, France 24th October 2016


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Three days to the historical co-star with Jimmy Page The latest live album that fully enjoy such “now” is appearing.
It is just the audience album of “Paris Performance on October 24, 2016” that just jumped in and slipped into. Jeff who completed the new work “LOUD HAILER” started the tour from July, and in our shop “PORT CHESTER 2016 (Uxbridge 586)” and “MASHANTUCKET 2016 (Uxbridge 587)” “50 YEARS OF JEFF BECK: HOLLYWOOD BOWL 2016 (Uxbridge 595) “and” SANTA ROSA 2016 (Uxbridge 596) “as a masterpiece recording. This tour will be announced until January’s Japan tour until next year, so let’s check the outline.

· July 15, 2016 “LOUD HAILER” released
· July 19 – 2016 – August 21: North American tour (24 performances)
“Two months later”
· October 22 – 30, 2016: European tour (6 performances) ← ★ Coco ★
· November 11, 2016: Both sides Kokugikan
“Two and a half months later”
· January 25, 2017 – February 7: Japan tour (10 performances)

This is the schedule from “LOUD HAILER” to the next performance in Japan. It was “North America” ​​that we have delivered so far, but this work is a masterpiece of the first report of “Europe” which will be the day before coming to Japan.
Perhaps, most people who have read this slogan are expected to be “the best sound quality version of LOUD HAILER TOUR 2016”. In fact, it’s half correct, half wrong. Even in the album “LOUD HAILER”, she collaborated with the female duo BONES and surprised me with “pretty female voice vocals”, but the tour which followed was a collaboration with BONES. However, on this day, BONES is absent and it is back to the traditional style of “Trio + Jimmy Hall”. There are days when BONES participated in “Europe”, so it does not seem to be a kind of funs or misunderstanding … …. Along with that, the set list also suddenly changed. No repertoire of “LOUD HAILER” sung by Rosie Bones is playing at all.
“Well, as usual?”, It is not it. Rather, delicious songs are played with Tappuri more than the main part of the tour. “Big Block” “Little Wing” “Going Down” is supposed to be within, furthermore “Led Boots” “People Get Ready” is restored. More surprisingly I’m playing “Over Under Sideways Down” and “Shapes of Things” of THE YARDBIRDS era! The number which became the first solo show in Hollywood performance “50 YEARS OF JEFF BECK: HOLLYWOOD BOWL 2016” celebrating the 50th anniversary of the career has been rehearsed with the finest sound. Even more extreme is Jimi Hendrix’s cover “Red House”! Although it also plays in 2005, it is a very rare performance with little other live record in addition to that.
I have forgotten to write about all the important things with a series of too tasty numbers, but the sound of this work, including such a rare show, is also wonderful. As you can imagine from the fact that it was pressed, its quality is superb. In recent years, the progress of digital equipment has improved the sound without ceiling, but among them special grade. It is a type of recording which can be called “pearly sound board” for not complaining, direct feeling is preeminent with preeminent details. “Saru Prael” which became the site was a traditional concert venue which was once also a franchise hall of the Paris Orchestra and the French radio Philharmonic Orchestra. In addition to that wonderful acoustics, not only the picking nuances but also the “ringing” of one sound is extremely glossy from treble to heavy bass. Of course, the lively cheer which gets in between the songs is also a proof of the audience recording, but it is also only between songs. Unlike the North American audience that is making noise while playing, European audiences who listen carefully are as if they are performing in Japan. I wrote as “just like a soundboard”, but it is a wonderful name recording that should be said “just like an official”.

It was also announced that BONES will accompany the Japanese performance in January of next year, and if it was originally planned to deliver the best recording with BONES. However, such a superb and superb sound that also blows out such circumstances, I can listen to the super valuable “Over Under Sideways Down” “Shapes of Things” “Red House”. I am no longer worried about visiting Japan. It is a must-have live album which exceeds beyond when it is recording. On the weekend that will be doing a historical collaboration with Jimmy Page, the masterpiece of the latest Jeff is handed to you

ジミー・ペイジとの歴史的共演まであと3日! そんな“今”を満喫する最新ライヴアルバムが登場です。
まさに直前になって滑り込んで飛び込んできたのは「2016年10月24日パリ公演」のオーディエンス・アルバム。新作『LOUD HAILER』を完成させたジェフは、7月からツアーを始めており、当店では『PORT CHESTER 2016(Uxbridge 586)』や『MASHANTUCKET 2016(Uxbridge 587)』『50 YEARS OF JEFF BECK: HOLLYWOOD BOWL 2016(Uxbridge 595)』『SANTA ROSA 2016(Uxbridge 596)』といった傑作録音で逐次レポートしてきました。このツアーは来年1月の来日公演まで発表されていますので、その概要を確認してみましょう。

・2016年7月15日『LOUD HAILER』リリース
・2016年10月22日-30日:欧州ツアー(6公演) ←★ココ★

以上が『LOUD HAILER』から来年の日本公演までのスケジュールです。これまでお届けしてきたのは「北米」でしたが、本作は来日直前となる「欧州」の第一報にして代表作なのです。
恐らく、この駄文をお読み頂いているほとんどの方は「LOUD HAILER TOUR 2016の最高音質バージョン」を期待されているのではないでしょうか。実際、半分正しくて、半分間違っているのです。アルバム『LOUD HAILER』でも女性デュオBONESとのコラボレーションで“可愛らしい女声ヴォーカル物”で驚かせてくれましたが、続くツアーもBONESとの共演でした。ところが、この日はBONESが不在で「トリオ+ジミー・ホール」の従来スタイルに戻っているのです。「欧州」にはBONESが参加した日もあるのでクビや仲違いの類ではないようですが……。それに伴ってセットリストも激変。ロージー・ボーンズが歌う『LOUD HAILER』のレパートリーは一切演奏されていません。
「じゃあ、いつも通り?」かと言うと、さにあらず。むしろ、ツアー本編以上に美味しい曲がタップリと演奏されているのです。「Big Block」「Little Wing」「Going Down」は想定内として、さらに「Led Boots」「People Get Ready」も復活。それ以上に驚きなのがTHE YARDBIRDS時代の「Over Under Sideways Down」や「Shapes of Things」を演奏している! キャリア50周年を祝ったハリウッド公演『50 YEARS OF JEFF BECK: HOLLYWOOD BOWL 2016』でソロ初披露となったナンバーが極上サウンドで再演されているのです。さらにさらに極めつけなのが、ジミ・ヘンドリックスのカバー「Red House」! 2005年にも演奏してはいるものの、それ以外にほとんどライヴ記録のない激レア演奏なのです。

来年1月の日本公演にはBONESが同行することもアナウンスされており、本来であればBONESとの最上録音をお届けするつもりでした。しかし、そんな事情も吹っ飛ばすほどの超・極上サウンドで、超貴重な「Over Under Sideways Down」「Shapes of Things」「Red House」まで聴ける。もはや来日うんぬんも度外視。いつの録音なのかも超えて、必携・必聴のライヴアルバムです。ジミー・ペイジとの歴史的な共演に沸いているであろう週末、最新ジェフの大傑作をあなたのお手元に。


Disc 1(46:00)
1. Freeway Jam 2. Lonnie 3. Morning Dew 4. Little Wing 5. Even Odds 6. You Know You Know
7. Shapes of Things 8. A Change Is Gonna Come 9. Stratus 10. Over Under Sideways Down

Disc 2(52:45)
1. Blue Wind 2. Led Boots 3. Red House 4. People Get Ready 5. Big Block 6. Rollin’ & Tumblin’
7. Superstition 8. A Day In The Life 9 Little Brown Bird 10. Going Down

Jeff Beck – Guitar Rhonda Smith – Bass Jonathan Joseph – Drums Jimmy Hall – Vocals


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