Jeff Beck / Osaka 2015 / 2CD

Jeff Beck / Osaka 2015 / 2CD / Wardour

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Live at Zepp Namba, Osaka, Japan 28th September 2015


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2015, is the emergence is “Live In Japan” the latest Jeff Beck. Last year of the national Japan tour also is a place still fresh in our minds, but this time in Japan for the “Blue Note JAZZ FESTIVAL in JAPAN” appearance, Tokyo and Osaka real clubhouse scale of Special gig realized. This work is the audience album that contains the “9 月 25 日 年 2015 ZEPP TOKYO performances” of the first day of the total three times. The other day, another record, but also a gift-title “ZEPP TOKYO 2015” has been released, this work that arrived late one step from it. Of course, we’ve used the original master by providing recording in person to direct.
“ZEPP TOKYO 2015” also was a extremely great recording, this work is tremendous clear sound over the wheel. “ZEPP TOKYO 2015”, the bass up to chatter verge even in an ultra-clear but was a strong force, by comparison, here are middle and treble in the well-proportioned balance has been out in front and a jerk. Of course, not bass is thin, I picking nuances of each sound than support thicker even if the base is crisp type. The Revitalizing In this sound, the leading role of this work is Jeff Beck that person. In “ZEPP TOKYO 2015”, It was the image that comes by cutting from the plump bass, here, such as guitar subdue the entire instrument brightness. More guitar sound stands out to detail, and are listening on headphones to learn the illusion is playing like at the ear. Field of experience who had been told that “guitar sound was just beautiful to big”, the very sound of the word street comes flowing into the ear, it is exactly the recordings worthy of press CD of permanent preservation.
Tone, exactly a rarity made of a sound also said such a “guitar for recording”. By from “Even Odds” of opening that represents the figure from the sound that chaos of each instrument, is the sudden Kirekkire. dance dance phantasmagoric guitar in the sound world that synth sound forge, as if the bass and drums serve as the dance partner. Dance of the lead will always taken guitar but, besides just tag along stunning sound …… you hear and clearly to the base of the universal first time not only. It is a gem that really want to charmed.
2014 Japan tour, the format, but you have with official work “LIVE IN TOKYO 2014”, is this tour plus Jimmy Hall of vocals in the same band. Installation is 10 songs that were carried over from the previous tour, the less-plus vocal song 7 songs, there previously described “Even Odds,” “Lonnie On The Move” and “Nadia”. Play the ears Is it vocal number. Jimmy Hall is a hot singing sore that is accordance with the tradition of the lock, it is always brew a unique view of the world and by columns and Jeff to continue to update the possibility of a guitar. As I wrote in the gift of the commentary, for the installation of “listen in sensibility”, “listen with emotion” such a contrast is drawn, and I have given rise to great relief to the entire show.
And, again also hear what installation group. Because often the same song as the tour last year, but that storage is is why revives the brilliant, precisely because the impression is intense but, also I will be attacked somewhere different feeling. Last year’s tour was a hall class, club scale of special gig this time. The degree of adhesion-closeness is I digit off. Quiet hiss even like echoing out of the amplifier, in Tayutau vivid that even the vibration of the air come even transmitted the spot. Coupled also tremendous high-quality the first time, it is there behind closed doors feeling like me playing just for yourself by entering the Jeff and studio.

2015 Jeff Beck, which became the only only three times. If Arinaga in “of 2014 continued”, also homeopathic also is also different live album cover taste. Listen as siblings work of last year’s gem group title also good, and also good walk the cutting edge along with Jeff. This is the one that becomes the best of today. Day by day deepens autumn, please enjoy the luxury long night in the best along with the Jeff Beck.

2015年、最新ジェフ・ベックの“Live In Japan”が登場です。昨年の全国的なジャパンツアーも記憶に新しいところですが、今回は「Blue Note JAZZ FESTIVAL in JAPAN」出演のための来日で、東京・大阪のみクラブハウス規模のスペシャル・ギグが実現。本作は、全3回のうち初日の「2015年9月25日ZEPP TOKYO公演」を収めたオーディエンス・アルバムです。先日、ギフト・タイトルでも「ZEPP TOKYO 2015」がリリースされましたが、本作はそれより1歩遅れて届いた別録音。もちろん、録音者本人の提供によるオリジナルマスターをダイレクトに使用しました。
「ZEPP TOKYO 2015」も極端に素晴らしい録音でしたが、本作は輪をかけて凄まじいクリアサウンド。「ZEPP TOKYO 2015」は、ウルトラクリアな中にもビビリ寸前までの低音がド迫力でしたが、比較すると、こちらは均整の取れたバランスで中・高音がグッと前に出てきている。もちろん、低音が痩せているわけではなく、ベースにしても太く支えるより1音1音のピッキング・ニュアンスが鮮明なタイプなのです。このサウンドで活きるのが、本作の主役はジェフ・ベックその人。「ZEPP TOKYO 2015」では、ふくよかな低音の中から切り込んでくるイメージでしたが、こちらはギターが全楽器を従えるような明度。より細部までギターサウンドが際立ち、ヘッドフォンで聴いているとまるで耳元で弾いているような錯覚を覚える。現場の体験者は「ギターサウンドがとにかくデカいのに美しかった」と語っていましたが、まさにその言葉通りのサウンドが耳に流れ込んでくる、まさに永久保存のプレスCDに相応しい録音なのです。
そんな“ギター用録音”とも言えるサウンドで鳴るトーンは、まさに絶品。各楽器の混沌したサウンドの中から姿を表すオープニングの「Even Odds」からして、いきなりのキレッキレです。シンセサウンドが築く音世界の中で変幻自在なギターが舞い踊り、ベースとドラムがダンスのパートナーを務めるかのよう。ダンスのリードは常にギターが執っていきますが、それにただ付き従うだけではないベースの自在ぶりまでクッキリと聞こえる見事なサウンド……。本当に惚れ惚れする逸品です。
2014年の来日公演は、オフィシャル作品「LIVE IN TOKYO 2014」ともなっていますが、今回のツアーは同じバンドにヴォーカルのジミー・ホールを加えた形式。前回ツアーから引き継がれたインストが10曲、ヴォーカル曲が7曲、そこに先述の「Even Odds」「Lonnie On The Move」「Nadia」を加えたショウです。耳を惹くのはヴォーカル・ナンバーでしょうか。ジミー・ホールはロックの伝統に則った熱い歌いっぷりで、それが常にギターの可能性を更新していくジェフと絡むことで独特の世界観を醸している。ギフトの解説にも書きましたが、“感性で聴く”インストに対し、“感情で聴く”ようなコントラストが描かれ、ショウ全体に大きな起伏を生んでいるのです。


Disc 1 (57:35)
1. Intro 2. Even Odds 3. Hammerhead 4. You Know You Know 5. Stratus 6. Morning Dew
7. A Change Is Gonna Come 8. Yemin 9. Lonnie on the Move 10. Nine 11. Nadia
12. Little Wing

Disc 2 (47:02)
1. ‘Cause We Ended as Lovers 2. Superstition 3. Big Block 4. A Day In The Life
5. Corpus Christi Carol 6. Rollin’ and Tumblin’ 7. Going Down 8. Danny Boy
9. The Thrill Is Gone

Jeff Beck – Guitar Nicolas Meier – Guitar Rhonda Smith – Bass Jonathan Joseph – Drums
Jimmy Hall – Vocals, Harmonica

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