Jeff Beck / Fuji Speedway 2006 / 1DVD

Jeff Beck / Fuji Speedway 2006 / 1DVD / Non Label
Fuji Speedway, Shizuoka, Japan 22nd July 2006 PRO-SHOT

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Jeff Beck in 2006 who came back to Japan to participate in the “UDO MUSIC FESTIVAL” that left the legend of Japanese Western music. The best multi-camera pro shot is now available on the permanent preservation press DVD.

[Ultimate version with the only defects completely repaired] Included in this work is “July 22, 2006: Fuji Speedway Performance”. This day was a legend that remains in the history of Japanese Western music. A large-scale rock festival called “Woodstock’s excitement!” And a major music office up to the signboard. In two days, 30 bands / musicians appeared, and KISS, SANTANA, Paul Rogers, THE DOOBIE BROTHERS, ALICE IN CHAINS, etc., were the names of new and old representatives of the rock scene. . However, when I opened the lid, there was no record. Whether it was a location with poor access or the rainy weather, the lineup and the price setting were mismatched. There are many spectators who take out vinyl sheets and chairs for viewing, and even when they reach a minor younger stage, the audience may be single digits. KISS’s Paul Stanley also left a strange legend, such as MC, saying, “There are 40,000 people gathered. Hey, do n’t look around!”.
Anyway, Jeff also participated in such a legendary festival. Appeared in the semi-bird of the first day of the Mobilita stage. The pattern was shot on a pro shot and broadcasted on a popular broadcasting station. This is the highest version of such a multi-camera pro shot. In fact, the quality is an iron wall. At our store, we have archived numerous rock broadcasts with the finest masters from domestic record enthusiasts, but this work is one of them. At a level in the unexplained only say that deterioration is also not seen the screen is simply the 21st century broadcasting must be noise, is exactly overflowing without Domo stop is the official class visual beauty of. Of course, neither voice nor shooting. The camera work that perfectly understood the idea of ​​composition only in Jeff’s popular Japan is wonderful, and the places where the sun is still high are clear to every corner of the stage. It is a little too wide for a four-person organization, and you can feel the scale of the huge stage.
Such high-end master has been introduced as a gift title, but this work is further upgraded. The digital master provided by the recorder was used as it was on the gift board, but the aspect ratio of the screen was crazy. There was a sense of incongruity that the screen collapsed to the side and the bassdora became an ellipse. Of course, this work is corrected to a normal ratio suitable for permanent storage. You can enjoy the highest quality image ever in a true sight.

[Legendary Fes Official Pro Shot] The show depicted in the video beauty is really wonderful. This “UDO MUSIC FESTIVAL” was based on the theme of “Adult Summer Festival”, but it’s quite strange to say. In fact, Jeff had just performed a Japan tour in July 2005, a year ago, but in that case, Jimmy Hall accompanied the song. On the other hand, this work lets you listen to a lot of guitars on the complete instrument stage. The set is a short one for the festival, and since 2005, only the vocal number has been removed. Let’s organize here.

・ TRUTH (1 song): Beck’s Bolero
・ BLOW BY BLOW (2 songs): Cause We’ve Ended as Lovers / Scatterbrain
・ WIRED (2 songs): Goodbye Pork Pie Hat / Blue Wind
・ THERE & BACK (2 songs): You Never Know / Star Cycle
・ FLASH (1 song): People Get Ready
・ GUITAR SHOP (2 songs): Behind the Veil / Big Block
・ WHO ELSE! (2 songs): Angel (footsteps) / Brush With the Blues
・ YOU HAD IT COMING (1 song): Nadia
・ EMOTION & COMMOTION (1 song): Somewhere Over the Rainbow
・ Others: Stratus (Billy Cobham)

… and it looks like this. Speaking of 2006, the official live album “Live Beck ’06” was also released, but there is also “People Get Ready” that you can’t listen to. Another difference from 2005 is the members. The base changed from Pino Palladino to Randy Hope Taylor after coming to Japan last time. Randy is a great arm known for his work in Acid Jazz’s pronoun INCOGNITO, and enjoys the reborn ensemble in official quality.
In addition, this work also highlights the mood of the site. As mentioned earlier, this festival is known for its infamous legend, but its seats are … surprisingly normal. Jeff may be very popular, but there are still customers, and the legend was a legend or an urban legend. It seems like that. However, this may be the magic of a professional shot. If you look closely, the angle of the scenery of the audience seats is narrow, and similar angles are repeated. Probably it seems that it avoids the less popular places and edits the area near the front. There are some distant shots that lick the audience seats, but the population density suddenly drops, and the audience spreading the seats also flickers. Previously, there was also a TV commercial that says “Lens do not lie” However, you may be able to lie to the lens.

The festival left a strange legend, but Jeff’s performance was the best. This is a multi-camera pro-shot that allows you to enjoy all the details with the best quality of the official class. The legend is not a legendary official release, but it is a wonderful video work that the official should leave. Please thoroughly enjoy it with the permanent preservation press DVD.

★ Recorded in the best version with the correct aspect ratio.

日本洋楽史の伝説を残した“UDO MUSIC FESTIVAL”に参加するために再来日を果たした2006年のジェフ・ベック。その極上マルチカメラ・プロショットが永久保存プレスDVDで登場です。

そんな本作に収められているのは「2006年7月22日:フジスピードウェイ公演」。この日は、日本洋楽史に残る伝説でした。「ウッドストックの興奮が甦る!」と銘打ち、大手音楽事務所が看板まで掲げた大規模なロック・フェス。2日間で30組のバンド/ミュージシャンが登場し、そこにはKISSやSANTANA、ポール・ロジャース、THE DOOBIE BROTHERS、ALICE IN CHAINS等々、ロック・シーンを代表する新旧の大物たちが名を連ねていました。しかし、フタを明けてみると記録的な不入り。アクセスの悪すぎるロケーションのせいか、雨のパラつく天候のせいか、ラインナップと価格設定がミスマッチだったのか……原因はともあれ、会場はガラガラ。ビニールシートやイスまで持ち出して眺める観客も多数見かけ、マイナーな若手のステージに至っては観客が一桁のことも。KISSのポール・スタンレーも「4万人も集まったぜ。おい、見回すんじゃない!」とMCするなど、異形の伝説を残したのです。

その映像美で描かれるショウも実に素晴らしい。この“UDO MUSIC FESTIVAL”は「大人の夏フェス」をテーマに掲げていましたが、まさに言い得て妙。実のところ、ジェフは1年前の2005年7月にジャパンツアーを行ったばかりでしたが、その際はジミー・ホールも同行する歌入り。それに対し、本作では完全インスト・ステージでギターをたっぷりと聴かせてくれるのです。セットはフェス用の短めのもので、2005年からヴォーカル・ナンバーだけを抜いたスタイル。ここで整理してみましょう。

・TRUTH(1曲):Beck’s Bolero
・BLOW BY BLOW(2曲):Cause We’ve Ended as Lovers/Scatterbrain
・WIRED(2曲):Goodbye Pork Pie Hat/Blue Wind
・THERE & BACK(2曲):You Never Know/Star Cycle
・FLASH(1曲):People Get Ready
・GUITAR SHOP(2曲):Behind the Veil/Big Block
・WHO ELSE!(2曲):Angel (footsteps)/Brush With the Blues
・EMOTION & COMMOTION(1曲):Somewhere Over the Rainbow

……と、このようになっています。2006年と言えば公式ライヴアルバム『ライヴ・ベック’06』もリリースされましたが、そこでは聴けない「People Get Ready」も見られる。さらに2005年と異なるのはメンバー。前回来日後にベースがピノ・パラディーノからランディ・ホープ・テイラーにチェンジ。ランディはアシッドジャズの代名詞INCOGNITOでの活動でも知られるスゴ腕であり、その生まれ変わったアンサンブルをオフィシャル級のクオリティで楽しめるわけです。




1. Beck’s Bolero
2. Stratus
3. You Never Know
4. Cause We’ve Ended As Lovers
5. Behind The Veil
6. Nadia
7. Angel (Footsteps)
8. Scatterbrain
9. Big Block
10. Star Cycle
11. People Get Ready
12. Goodbye Pork Pie Hat
13. Brush With The Blues
14. Blue Wind
15. Somewhere Over The Rainbow

Jeff Beck – Guitar Vinnie Colaiuta – Drums Jason Rebello – Keyboards Randy Hope Taylor – Bass


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